Day 19: 5 Items I Lust After

So yeah, everyday I lust after a lot of fashionable items that could never be mine .. oops, well, at least not today. xD Here's my top 5 though :)


1. PUMPS/HIGH HEELED SHOES - Yes, those gorgeous heels that would catch my eye. They've been one of my must-haves ever since I, well, became interested in fashion. :)) Too bad I can't walk in these shoes though, but someday, I'll be able to practice walking in these and wear it in public. haha

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2. ROLLED-HEM DENIM SHORTS - This is indeed a must-have for me, now that it's on trend. Wherever you glance at the mall or somewhere else, there would always be girls who would wear these shorts, which look kinda cute. Well, I wasn't a fan of shorts until it got on trend, so yeah, I must go with the flow. LOL
3. CONVERSE SHOES - I'd love to have one of these shoes for casual wear! I can't go around wearing rubber shoes all the time in public since it simply wouldn't go with what I usually wear and with what my personality is, and I only wear them during PE class so yeah. xD I gotta have those shoes. I've had this long ago though, but I picked the wrong style that wasn't easy to wear for me.

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4. ANIMAL-PRINT BANGLES (or whatever you call it. LOL) - Oh yes, I'd really love to have one of these simply because it would look so cool if I wear it. waaaah. Enough said, I'm just lustful for this item. hahaha

5. CARDIGAN and BLACK TOP - These two items really do look good together when worn, so yeah, that's why I'm lusting over this wardrobe combo. xD

These are just some of the items that I lust after everytime I'm in the mood for fashion finds. I don't usually have these items because I'm not aiming to be a model, but since I'm a typical girl, I would surely be one of the other girls who also lust after these kinds of things. :D

Till here :* Maybe I could post 3 blog posts tomorrow to cope up with my 30-day challenge.

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  1. We have a same thought. Hahaha. Yeah, I'd love to have those shoes, shirts, dress, cardigans or even bangles. But I couldn't afford to buy them for now. *sob* Btw, yeah I agree with you. We have to follow the trend or else people would say anything bad about us. Fashion is everything.


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