Day 17: Something That I'm Proud Of

That "something" I'm proud of would be the fact that I've been consistently an honor student ever since Kindergarten, and I have pictures to prove you that. xD

This is me when I was Grade 1, and that's pretty much the same certificate I got when I was in Kinder 1 and Grade 2.

Then all my other elementary pictures are on a photo album. :))

Here are pictures of my medals and certificates that were saved on my hard drive.

1st Year :)

2nd year :)

3rd Year :) (I wonder what happened to the picture of this medal and the certificate with it o.O)

4th Year :)

So as you can see, I've studied very hard literally all my life since I was introduced to that place called "school". xD It's like determination has already been with me ever since so that I could reach this high everytime. :))) I'm one of the fortunate students who get to have achievements like these, and that's indeed something to be proud of, right? :D Of course, I don't credit these achievements all to myself, but also to God, to my family members who had been my first teachers, and to the teachers that taught me a lot in school.

Till here :*

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