Day 16: Something I Always Think "What if" About

Well, there are a lot of "What ifs" I think about, considering the fact that I often wonder about a lot of things, like for example, what if the future I'd get soon wouldn't be what I expected, regardless of it being good or bad, or what if something bad happens to me, or then again, what if I won't have any much significant meaning in my life?

But there's a "What if" that bothers me most every time.

Here's a song that comes to mind whenever I read or hear "What if". LOL

So that's the whole thing I've been trying to tell you, as what you can hear from the lyrics or what you can see from the video. That one "What if" that bothers me most would be about the future. Why? Because we spend our whole time planning for it, but we'll really never know what destiny would bring us. 

This always gets me thinking a lot of what ifs relating to it like, what if my future wouldn't be as great as what I've thought it would be? What if I mess up at some point that would destroy it or something? What if something even better, or even worse, comes? What if that someone I always dream about at night is really the one for me or something? What if college would be way too much harder than high school? What if I can't carry on studying Accountancy? What if I have to shift to some other course, wherein which that would be one of the worst that could happen next to failing a subject? What if?! 

These "What ifs" get me paranoid all the time, and I keep hoping that nothing really bad would happen soon. Looks like all I can do now is to study very hard and listen to my parents and other trusted adults, then do my best not to mess up at some point like doing my best not to fall too hard for a person and end up in a relationship with him or something. That's the only potential future-destroyer I know for now (engaging in a relationship while still studying), and also being lazy and not striving hard for attained goals. So, yeah.

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