Day 15: My Zodiac/Horoscope and if I Think it Fits my Personality

Before I would introduce you to my Zodiac sign, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog yesterday because I was too obsessed with Adam Lambert's music. HAHA. So yeah, I will just share to you about that in another blog post since this post is just for my 15th challenge of my 30-day challenge. :))

So, my Zodiac sign is Virgo, and here are the traits of a person having that Zodiac sign according to Buzzle:

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It owns the period between August 23 to September 22, and is pictorially depicted as a young woman. In astrology, Virgo is considered a "feminine", negative (introvert) sign. It is an earth sign and is traditionally ruled by the planet Mercury. While it is possible to find two people born under this sigh with opposing characteristics, often these differences are the same value manifested in different ways. However, you will almost always find in the person trademark Virgo qualities of cleanliness, fastidiousness, and attention to detail. Some good Virgo traits are that they are very trustworthy, and a friendship with them is genuine and lasting. While they may not be romantic, they are considerate and committed.

Characteristics and Personality

Perfectionism: The most commonly known Virgo trait is that of perfectionism. This can be both an asset and a fault, for while they may perform tasks with great attention to detail, they can also be unable to get a 'not so perfect' job done quickly. They can also expect the same high standard of work from others, that they set for themselves. As they are sticklers for detail, they are also well-organized, and you will seldom find a Virgo who does not make lists. They are also very hardworking.
-- This is really true! I am indeed a perfectionist and I always seem to make lists especially when I need to remember something, just like in school. You have no idea how my notebooks have so much lists and notes in them. LOL. And whenever I take notes, I take down every detail of what my teacher says and what he or she writes on the board. xD Then when in comes to grades, grades that are not even close to perfection would disappoint me really bad, I mean, really bad. hahah. It's like I always push myself hard on achieving perfection and all. :)

Practical: Virgos are very practical and rational. They are always more likely to take decisions with their heads than with their hearts. Most often, being practical mean not being romantic, which is a grouse of most people involved with Virgos. This also means they have little patience for those who lack common sense, or those who are easily influenced by popular opinions.
-- Yeah, this is pretty much true because I don't really hear my heart's opinion. HAHA. My mind's noisier. xD And yes, I do have little patience on people who lack common sense, but I'm not that impatient when it comes to people who are easily influenced by popular opinions because even I myself is one of them.

Cautious: One of the Virgo character traits is the tendency to veer more toward caution. Don't expect a Virgo to take a risky or rash decision, be it in financial aspects, or in their personal or professional lives. An extension of being practical and rational, you will always find a Virgo weighing the pros and cons (maybe even making a list) before making a decision. They are also more likely to be conservative in all matters of life, though once convinced on a controversial school of though, will stick to their guns.
-- Yes, this is pretty much true too. This kinda explains why I carefully choose the clothes I buy for example, and that in some situations or things that could possibly be done, I know for sure what the pros and cons are for them.

Shy: Many Virgos are introverts and prefer to keep to themselves. However, the situation equally often is that it they fail to find suitable company, they would rather keep to themselves than make small talk.
-- This is so true .. sometimes. xD With the social networking sites around, I usually share what's going on with me, and then I sometimes get in trouble with it. So yeah, being like that doesn't really work for me, and that trait of a Virgo should really be followed by me. haha. I am naturally an introvert though, and I am just influenced by the social networking sites, that's why I like expressing myself more.

Calm: Virgos always appear very calm and in control of their emotions. Nervousness or exuberant outbursts of emotion are not usually associated with Virgos. However, this outward calm is not always a reflection on their internal state of mind, as they are known worriers. They are known to spend much mental energy on worrying about anything and everything, and can easily over analyze a situation because of the number of times they turn it over in their heads. 
-- HAHA! Yeah, this is so true because indeed, I am a worrier and that I usually worry about anything and everything that comes to me, especially again in school. Well, one example would be that for the whole week before the final honors' list would be deliberated, I literally spent my whole time and mental energy worrying and praying for the honor rank I've wanted, and I've also over analyzed some things, that's why I ended up blaming some people (ouch! But he's worth blaming anyway. LOLjk) and that I cried, just when I can't take all these anymore. And oh, I'm not that sure if I do appear calm or not. o_O Hmm, maybe I do, because I usually need to tell people what I'm going through since it seems like they can't see it in me. LOL

Critical: Another quality that stems from being perfectionists, is being highly critical. They aren't tolerant of faults in others. However, this judgment is usually also directed towards themselves. This quality may make it difficult for them to work with others, as they may constantly question (or not accept) the plan or decision of other people.
-- Well, I am critical, but not up to the point that I can't tolerate faults in others, not unless it's a big fault. xD But I can really agree that I can't tolerate my own faults and I even criticize myself sometimes. And I don't usually question other people's plan since I am open to other's opinions, then I even would like to encourage them to express their ideas. But it seems like they do not see that in me because whenever I ask for their opinions, they prefer having my idea implemented. hahah. Maybe they do know what most Virgos are. :o

Possibly one of the most annoying Virgo traits is their level of cleanliness they maintain and require. While they don't wear their hearts on their sleeves or fall in love easily, once in relationships, they are loyal and devoted. A good way to describe Virgos is 'still waters that run deep'.
-- Hmm, I'm not that much of a neat-freak though, but I am in some cases. xD And indeed, I can be loyal and devoted when it comes to relationships, or I have no idea because I haven't been in one. LOL. But yes, if I were to be in a relationship that I'd love to be in, I would of course be loyal and devoted. :))
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As you can see, I agree with all these traits, therefore I think it really does fit with my personality. :D

Till here :*


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