Day 13: My Opinion About my Body and How Comfortable I am With It

My opinion about my body would be that it's not exactly the body that I wanted because I have fat arms, my right arm is bigger (though not noticeable from afar to people I guess) because of the muscle since I play badminton with it and I dribble the ball with the arm most of the time when playing basketball. I'm also not that slim because my waistline is somewhere between 26 to 28 inches. I can't wear shorts because I have noticeable stretchmarks on my knee and I have scars on my legs. I also think that I have dry skin, or maybe it just isn't that clear. And about my underarms? Nevermind about that. xD LOL, I was just kidding about the underarms though, they're not that dark as what you may be thinking while reading this blog post. I just don't wear sleeveless because I don't feel like it. :p And, I'm only 5 feet flat.

But even though I have these flaws, at least I don't have the worst conditions a body could have! :D At least I'm still not considered fat (or maybe I am to some people, but I don't care - I'll be caring if BMI says I'm overweight. LOL). And also, at least I could be proud of having a bigger right arm because it shows that it's indeed stronger and that I actually can play sports. hahah. (Yes, I can, but I'm not that good :p). Then, I know that my waistline would become smaller if I won't eat too much, and maybe that would really be possible in college - I hope. xD And for my knees and legs? That's okay, I can actually stand wearing skinny jeans all the time whenever I'm out. ^^, Plus, they make me look taller. LOL. Just don't make me stand beside a 6-footer guy or something. :p Even though I'm not that tall, at least I'm taller than most normal girls. :)) Or maybe just the same height.

So yeah, I could still be comfortable with my body despite these flaws, and who knows? Maybe some are even longing to have my body, though it would be pretty hard to imagine. haha. I know that we are all imperfect in many ways, but it would be up to us on how to cover them up, embrace them, or maybe even take advantage of them or something. I guess in everything, there would always be a disadvantage and an advantage. :)

Till here :*

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  1. Lol I do have a bigger right arm and I think it's okay. So glad I finally found the one who has the same thing with me.. :P


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