Day 11: My Family

Father: He works as a lawyer, and he disciplines us very well. He sacrifices everything just for the family, and that makes him a good father. :) Well, he's not exactly my closest family member though, because he seems too strict sometimes and I'm usually scared that I may do something that could make him mad all of a sudden (and trust me, it wouldn't be good), so yeah.

Mother: She stays at home, and she's usually the one who accompanies us to the grocery store and to the mall to buy stuff. She's also somewhat strict, but it can be tolerable (she doesn't spank me with a belt, LOL). I'm close with her, and we pretty much could relate to things. I can say she's a good mother because she can be patient with us even though we don't usually clean our room or our helping with the chores isn't satisfactory for her. And speaking of mother, it's Mother's Day tomorrow! :D Happy Mother's Day Mama! :))

Brother 1: He's 2 years younger than me, and he's a basketball varsity player in their school. Well, we could be somewhat close, though all he does to me is tease me with whatever I post on Facebook or whatever I tell him and my sister, and that's pretty annoying. Aside from that, he's pretty good at sharing funny stuff, which makes him someone who could cheer me and my sister and my other brother up. xD

Brother 2: He's 12 years younger than me (WOAH, that's a huge gap, right?), and he's one pretty smart lad. :D Like any other very young children, he's very annoying, or at least I think he's annoying since I'm not fond of taking care of children. He usually fights me with his karate skills (he learned those from Shadow Fight), and his kicks and punches are usually painful. But aside from that, he's actually very cute and there would always be a time that I would pinch his cheeks and hug him. xD

Sister: She's 5 years younger than me, and she's the one I could relate to the most among my family. She sleeps beside me, and we usually talk to each other before we go to sleep. But sometimes, like my other siblings, she could be annoying because she also teases me like my brother. But then again, we have our fair share since I tease her too. LOL. We even call each other names. xDD

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  1. What a lovely family. :)
    I don't know what it feels like to have a brother but it seems like it's pretty much annoying. :P I have an older sister whose 6 years older than me and we sleep beside each other too. :D


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