Day 10: Put my Music Player in Shuffle and Write the First 10 Songs that Play

  1. I Want You Back by NSYNC (I love this song!)
  2. On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez (\m/)
  3. Take a Bow by Rihanna (I'd dedicate this to people who betray me.)
  4. Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato (My recent fav song, along with many others.)
  5. Love You Like a Love Song (Selena Gomez FTW)
  6. Next to You by Justin Bieber ft. Chris Brown (Why is this even on my playlist? hahaha. It's a good song though.)
  7. Without You by AJ Rafael (Just another song with meaningful lyrics.)
  8. Saltwater Room by Owl City (This song makes me feel calm.)
  9. Love on Top by Beyonce (Another favorite of mine :D)
  10. I'm Not a Girl by Britney Spears (An old favorite song.)

* I changed the font because I thought it looks better. hahaha

I miss this font though. I once used it in my early months of blogging. :))

So what do you think? Which looks better? This (Trebuchet) or Verdana? :D

That's it for now. ^^,

Till here :*

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