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Hey there everyone! I'm back, again. Finally I got the guts to blog about some things. :) I don't know if these would interest you or not so, yeah, here it goes.

I got a new phone as my Graduation/Recognition gift! :D It was bought the day after my Graduation Day. It's the Nokia Asha 303, a touch and type phone. I got no problems with it so far. It perfectly fits my style, and my preference since I love touchscreen phones, but I don't exactly like a touch keypad. I was hesitant in buying a touch phone after realizing that, but then these touch and type phones came, and I was really happy. ^^, It has a touch menu and screen and a "type" or "non-touch" keypad (or whatever you call it. haha). To those who don't know how this phone looks like, here's a picture I found in Google for you:

To tell you guys, this phone takes good pictures too, since it has a 3.2 MP camera. Its sound quality is also nice, it's like that of my laptop (haha). I could also surf the net without charges since this phone has wifi. So, yeah, it's a really cool phone, and I could even recommend it to you. :)

Oh, I totally forgot to imply in here that it's finally SUMMER for me! But then again, here goes college, something to prepare early for. You know why this early? It's because I'm actually a candidate for Academic Scholarship and I need to meet the April 14 deadline of the university I'll be applying to, or else I won't get the scholarship. It's half pa naman (because I'm Salutatorian - they provide scholarships for High School Honors), and I can't afford to miss that since a half deduction of the tuition fee is already big for me. God, I hope you'll be good to me this time. :| It's for my future.

Well, the reason why I totally forgot about summer? It's because I was too busy thinking about college life. Yeah, it's almost finally here. I'm excited, at the same time, paranoid. I'm already stressing on it now.

Looks like I'll be very busy next week. Well, I was already busy this week, since I spent my Facebook hours chatting with friends from the university I'll be applying to about how the enrollment and admission goes and what I should do. Hmm, I could say I knew a lot about those because of their help, and I'm really thankful for them! The only problem I have is how to manage my time so that I could meet the deadline. May everything go as I expect them to be. *fingerscrossed*

So, you might be asking what my plans for summer would be? Well, preparing for college is already one. Others would be as follows:
  1. Preparing for college - For emphasis, I would be compiling requirements, going back and forth to school, the university, clarify for the requirements, and finally be able to submit them when they're complete. There would also be interviews, enrollment, and orientations. Yep, looks like these 2 months would really be busy for me, but luckily I'd still have a few days to have fun, be bored, and have some creativity going on, hopefully.
  2. Get some creativity going on - Like last year, I also want to do those creativity stuff all over again since I love doing masterpieces because I love being proud of them. I'll make the most out of my digital camera and my phone. xD
  3. Lose weight - I gotta admit, a few pounds were added to my weight already, and I know I gotta lose them. :p I know that would be hard because I'm lazy, but it's worth the try. hahah.
  4. Study accounting some more - Because I need it for college.
  5. Make sure I'll be First Honor in college 3:) - Or 2nd or 3rd would be fine, it would just be the start of my college life when I'll be in 1st Year, I don't need to pressure myself too much, bsta I should be an honor student because my soon to be resume lies in my good college performance. Every honor rank counts for me. hahaha. I don't want to break my record in being consistently on the honors' list. :))
I hope to achieve all these plans for summer. :D

By the way, it's Holy Thursday today, and all the malls and other business firms are closed for the employees to spend their holy day with their families. Catholics treat this week holy by recognizing what Jesus had gone through just to save us from sin, and by sacrificing as well. Well, I did sacrifice something - I minimized my hours in surfing the net. :) Then I helped in household chores, even though it was kind of against my will because it tires me, but still I did it.

Well, that would be all for now. I'll be visiting other blogs tomorrow (hopefully) because it's been so long since I've looked through other's blogs. I miss all of the people here in the blogging world! :)

Till here :*


  1. Nokia Asha 303 is the phone I want to have because of the same preference you mentioned.

    Anyway, congrats on graduating. What university are you going to enroll to and what course will you take? In college, there is nothing like first, second, third honor. There is only cumlaude, suma and magna cumlaude. But you will get that recognition on your last year. Have fun on your summer.

  2. That's my mom's dream phone. LOLOL. xD
    It's nice that you're aiming to be on top of your block. I hope you'll keep us posted on your journey with that! :D

  3. omg accounting. lol, when i was in high school, i really disliked that subject because of the account titles. and my head was always swirling with "assetsliabilitiesrevenueassets" lol.

    anyway, happy summer to you and good luck with your weight-losing scheme! i hope it goes well and i think i might need it too. haha.

  4. @Marinella: I'll be enrolling at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, and I'll be taking up BS in Accountancy. Well, for undergraduates, there is first, second, or third honor, and idk why. haha . I hope you'll have fun this summer as well. :D

    @AVA T.: yep, indeed :)

    @Rhea: I hope so too :D

    @Rainy: haha .. accounting also seems really hard for me as well, but since i want to work in the bank because i would earn a lot (lol), and i also love math then i'll enjoy learning more of it, i took accountancy anyway. xD

    happy summer to you too, and wishing you lots of luck as well for your weight-loss :)


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