I owe you a lot of posts already, do I?

"Hello there everyone", as my usual greeting goes. Yes, about the title, I thought that I owe you a lot of posts since I've been abandoning this blog for like 16 days already. I know, it's that long. It's just that I didn't feel like blogging these days, and that I've been busy with college requirements, then it's almost every day of the week that I've been going back and forth to my alma matter and to my soon-to-be college. Then, I've been sick for 9 days because of some sores on my throat which I thought at first as tonsillitis but it isn't, and it's actually some kind of mouth sores ... that I kinda forgot what it's called. hahah.

Anyway, these past few weeks were an adventure for me; getting to know what applying for college feels like, which is pretty tiring and fun at the same time for some reason, then I gained a lot of knowledge and developed some patience. Mine was even more tiring than the others since I have this scholarship and that it required more requirements than the regular admission. But you know what? All my hard work, along with my parents, paid off, since I finally finished everything and that the only things that I'm looking forward to would be the interview and enrollment, although there's just one tiny bit of something that's missing, but that's going to be easy to take care off.

You know, I've been sickly this year, and I don't know why. I observed that I had a chronic cough at the start of the year plus colds, then fever last January and then this month. I've been wondering what I did wrong from the start of the year. Oh well, I do hope this wouldn't get worse since I like it if my health was like that of last year wherein never was a day that I got sick, ... or maybe I just forgot since it didn't really affect me that much as compared to this year. Hmm, maybe I should take care of my health some more and get some exercise like my parents always told me. xD

And oh, I have new bangs. hahah. Here it is:

Does it suit me or not? xD

Then here's my report card! :)

What do you think? :D

That's it for this post. And another thing, I'll post the poems I made when I was bored later or tomorrow. :) I hope I'll never forget. *fingerscrossed*

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