How Will I Know?

Hello! Since I can't think of other blog titles, I instead made the title of the song I'm kind of addicted now as the title of the blog post. haha. Do you know the song How Will I know by Whitney Houston? That's the song I'm referring to. I heard it on American Idol this morning, and it was sung by my idol Jessica Sanchez ❤ ! Her voice is just so breathtaking, and I could just listen to her all day. And the fact that she's just sixteen like me amazes me since she has already gone very far despite being that young. Haha, this is one of the rarest times I become obsessed with a celebrity, honestly. xD So, pardon me with that. hahaha. I'm on fangirl mode right now.

Here's her Top 8 Performance I watched this morning:

Astonishing, isn't it? :) Here's another performance by her and Joshua Ledet. I think it was amazing too, since they sound good together.

So yeah, I'm done fangirling. hahaha

Moving on to what I had been up to today. When I visited my blog, I was surprised to see 4 comments on my latest post! I thank Marinella, Ava, Rhea, and Rainy for those, my comeback to the blogging world was warm because of you guys. ❤ Your comments inspired me to blog some more for some reason. haha. So hear I am, blogging again. :)

Well, I had been more active on Twitter than Facebook now, though I keep the Facebook tab open for notification purposes. Wanna follow me? Here's my Twitter: FOLLOW? :)

I'd really appreciate it if you follow me, but if you don't, that's okay. :D

Speaking of college, I'll resume getting busy with it on Monday, or Tuesday, because tomorrow until Sunday are holidays and I simply can't do anything outside the house during those times.

That's it for now :D I don't have anything else to blog about anymore so, ciao. :* Happy Good Friday :)

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  1. Wow. I'm glad my comment inspired you as well. <3


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