High School

The best moment in our school life as what some say,
In fact, you’d think “if only I could stay”,
That’s why leaving it would be,
A painful goodbye, as what most can foresee,
But sooner or later on,
We’d have to move on,
But the things we would miss,
And the memories we would reminisce,
They will forever remain,
In our hearts, and in our minds,
And to those who would still be high school students,
Do not take for granted your moments,
As the time would only be short,
For all these memorable things and more,
I guess you know all that already,
I just wanted you to see,
And to realized all these,
How you wouldn’t ever have regrets,
While you’re there,
And when you had been there.

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  1. In deed, High School is the best thing that has happened in my life^^


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