Day 2: Something I Feel Strongly About

  • Maintaining and improving my academic performance.
Ever since I realized that maintaining and improving my academic performance are very important in order to be on the honors' list, I began to feel strongly about it. You know why? It's because I knew that it's the only way to boost my self-confidence, considering the fact that I am often shy and I don't have much "ego" in me. 

You might be asking, how is this a way to boost my self-confidence? Well, to answer that, I would like to cite benefits of being an honor student.
  1. You'll be marked as one of the best students in your class.
  2. Your classmates would begin to idolize you.
  3. You would be recognized for what you have achieved.
  4. You could go up on stage, receive awards and medals, have your picture taken with those, and many more. HAHA
  5. Your family would be so proud of you. :))
  6. You would be proud of yourself too. xD
  7. You'll have a brighter future ahead of you.
So, yeah, these are also the reasons why it is a way to boost my self-confidence.

Another reason why I feel strongly about it is because whenever I achieve high on my academic performance, I know that I'm on the right track and I'm surer that I would have a good outcome. I just want to be one of the best of the rest, and set an example to my fellow youth. :)

You might think that I'm just too obsessed with my academics. Well, that's half-true, because low scores and grades just crush the inside of me. I remember when I was high school, every time it's one week before the distribution of report cards, I evaluate and recall my performance like crazy. xD Then when the outcome's good after all when I finally see my report card, I release a big sigh of relief, but when it isn't, I cry.

Now you see how strongly I feel about my academic performance. haha.

Then there's ..

  • .. The feeling of crushing on someone.
When I like someone, I can't avoid giving out a little hint about it. Sometimes, I hate myself for doing that since some other people just can't understand that it is absolutely normal for a teenager like me to be crushing on someone, and because of that, they tease me every time we're close to each other. Some might even get mad at me or something. The person I'm crushing on wouldn't even like me back. xD Okay, I'm not really feeling all bad about him not liking me back because I'm just purely admiring him. And yes, the feeling of crushing on someone is so strong like up to the point that you think of him every time and that you get butterflies in your stomach, blush like crazy, your heart skips a beat, you get goosebumps even though it isn't cold (LOL), and that your day would become complete if he talks to you and you see him or something. HAHA. I'm sure a lot could relate on this, right? Come on, admit it. hahaha.

  • Looking forward to the future.
This often excites me, and it also makes me feel paranoid at times. I get excited because finally I'll be able to see something that I've been waiting for a long time, and paranoid because I don't know what will come for me. The fact that future is always unsure disappoints me sometimes, because I won't be sure if ever I would really get what I wanted or what I wished, but at the same time it also thrills me because I would be able to be more determined to effort for a brighter future. But whatever the case, we could always control the future as what we wanted it to be, just like studying very hard in order for it to be bright. But then again, if things get unsure, I would just think that whatever it will be, will be, and there's no need to force something into it.

Okay, enough said. Thanks for allowing me to share. :)) 

Till here :*

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