Day 1: 5 Ways to Win my Heart

  1. Have good looks :p - LOL. I like guys who are good-looking, and what attracts me the most would be his height, eyes or his hair, and might as well his face and body. xD I also like guys who are neat and clean .. and also those who smell good.
  2. Have some good sense of humor - I like guys who make me laugh, and I easily fall for a guy who effortlessly cheers me up. :)
  3. Have good personality and poise .. and also smarts - I would surely fall for a guy with a good personality, poise, and attitude, and I want him to have self-confidence as well, and help me bring out the best of myself. And yes, I also would like a guy to be smart as well, or be an honor student, so that I would at least have something to look up to him.
  4. DO NOT bring me down - By "bring me down", I mean dragging me down from how high I have achieved, especially in academics, like discouraging me from studying, or something like that. I would prefer a guy who encourages me to do better, help me with my problems, or be my inspiration and not my distraction.
  5.  Befriend me - So yeah, be on the "friendzone" first before actually becoming my boyfriend. HAHA. I prefer a guy who takes it slow so that I would get to know him better.
Till here :*


  1. Your number 1! :)) Guys who look fresh even after a basketball game with sweat all over, are turn on! ♥ Agree? =))

    BTW, follow for follow? x

  2. yes, i agree with that :D

    i think i followed you already o.O oh well, i'll check . haha :)


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