Gung Hay Fat Choy! :)

I guess you all know its translation, right? It's Chinese New Year everyone, and you know what that means? All over the world it's already 2012. So, how was it for you? Did you celebrate?

If you ask me, we did the usual stuff like going to the mall and supermarket to buy things especially food. xD We also had our family picture today for the yearbook since me and my sister are going to graduate this March.

Speaking of school, I'm kinda paranoid already. Well, I'm kinda glad I still have my attitude of being too worried when it comes to school activities, and at the same time I'm alarmed since too much stress would be bad for me, and I know that I'm going to have a lot of those during the next few weeks til school ends. Wait, there's already more or less 6 weeks to go before school ends, and I'm both excited and scared. Why excited? I'm going to be in college already then start a whole new stage in life. Then scared? New beginning, meaning I'd be starting over again and strive even harder to be one of the most notable students in the new university I'll be in. 

Speaking of university, remember when I took the Xavier University College Entrance Examination/Scholarship Exam, or didn't I tell you in my blog post last November? Well, I passed both the entrance exam and scholarship exam, and here's the proof:

It's like ... a dream come true! :D I've always wanted to study at Xavier University, and it turned out that I'll be studying there after all! I owe God a lot! I didn't expect to receive an 86 GSA since I didn't prepare really well for the test because I had little time to prepare. My mother pushed me to take the test 3 days before, since she noticed that I've been neglecting it already, but in reality, I decided to take the entrance test the week after that. Anyway, here it is, I passed! LOL. What an achievement! I'll be a certified Atenean soon! :))

Going back, I guess you already know those activities I'm worried about in school. Oh, the life of an honor student who always seems to need high maintenance of her academics and extracurricular activities! It may seem fun if you know you're winning and doing good, but it will be a great downfall of feelings if you realize that you're failing them. In my case, I'm somewhere in between. But anyway, I'm caring less on whether I'd be Valedictorian or not, and I don't really know why, but then again, I guess it's because I conditioned myself not to expect too much since it will only lead me to disappointment, and viola, it worked.

February and March are fast approaching! I'm becoming scared and paranoid already. I wasn't able to update my blog regularly before these "hell months", how much more now? I would really feel sorry for my blog and my readers. :( I guess I have to sacrifice you again this time.

I hope I'd do better this 4th Grading. I don't know how I did last 3rd Grading though. I'm really paranoid. What if a lot of my grades decreased? Oh well, I guess I should expect a bad result so that I won't be emotional when I see my report card. I hope that works. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN if a lot of my grades would decrease. I hope God will help me. I should remember to pray to Him always before I go to bed. I need His guidance, and I hope that my high faith towards Him would restore once again.

That's it for now! :) Thank you for reading. See ya when I'm free, and I don't know exactly when that is. xD

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