I feel like posting pictures

So I made a post for it.

These pictures were taken yesterday, since I was really bored on a Sunday afternoon, and when I decided to sleep, I just couldn't. So I decided instead to just take pictures, and here they are:

Our swing and a closeup shot of .. dirt. LOL

Closeup shots of a dried leaf and grass

Ray Ban shades I own ;)

My phone branded MyPhone :P

Cute wallpaper, right? :)

My camera casing :D

Till here :*

Day 3: Eight Fears

Anyway, it's so timely that this challenge fell on the day of Holloween. So, before I'll do this challenge, I'll show you what I made for this day:

Yes, that's me. LOL. And oh, I forgot to mention about my new haircut I got last August. See? I finally got bangs! :)) hahahah .. It made me look creepy here. xD

Again, Happy Holloween! ^^,

Moving on, here are my eight fears:

  1. To lose my loved ones
  2. To have a failing mark in school (That's why I always strive to make my grades high)
  3. When my parents get really angry (Trust me, they're scary)
  4. Death
  5. Doing what I was not ready to do
  6. Getting embarrassed in front of so many people
  7. To lose everything I worked hard for
  8. .. and horror movies with loud sounds. LOL

Day 2: Nine Loves

I love ..

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Friends (Close friends, my best friend .. etc)
  4. People who cheer me up
  5. Those who visit my blog
  6. Music
  7. Life
  8. Doing good in academics
  9. .. and everything nice and that's worth lovin' :)

Day 1: Ten Secrets

I'll just write here things most people don't know about myself. I won't write my  deepest secrets. LOL

  1. Upon my very first enrollment in school, instead of being in Nursery, I was accelerated to Kinder 1.
  2. I'm a consistent honor student from Kinder 1 to the present. Never was a school year that I wasn't an honor student. :)
  3. I was always within the Top 5 in the honors' list. I've never been rank 6 and down.
  4. My handwriting slightly differs with the pens I use. xD
  5. I have had 3 cellphone numbers. The first one got "sim rejected", the second one was with the cellphone that got snatched, and the third one is what I'm using now.
  6. I never spoke well until I was 6.
  7. I don't subscribe to unlimited texting, 'coz I'm lazy at texting. HAHA
  8. I'm somewhat nearsighted, but I don't like to wear eyeglasses just yet.
  9. My day won't be complete without checking my Facebook account.
  10. I usually forget things.

Another 10-Day Challenge! :)

Since today's the first day of our sembreak, and knowing that it would be a 10-day vacation, doing this 10-day challenge suddenly popped up on my mind.

But before telling you about it, I'll talk about the highlights of this month.

October 3 to 7, 2011 - The CUBED Foundation Day Celebration! Let me show it in pictures:

And Kevin, my guy friend, gave me this rosary to guide me through the games I was going to play during the Intrams:

And you know, this really helped me! :) I won 2nd Place in our Chess Tournament because of God's guidance. I thank Him for that.

Did I mention we took this with my new camera? I'm mentioning it now, and it was my birthday gift! :D I would like to thank my parents so much for it.

Now I could take pictures whenever I want, as long as the batteries' not dead. LOL

Moving on, here's the 10-day challenge I was talking about:

Till here :*