Things to Share :)

HEY GUYS, and GALS! hahah! How are you all doing? Has your summer started already? Well, if not for some, I'll not declare summer yet as "officially started".

But, summer has indeed officially started in our school, for students, that is. ;) Everyone, well, students who had been cleared at least, had finished taking their exams last morning! Oh yeah, everyone's happy alright. haha! But then again, we still have an Investigatory Project to work on this summer, so, *sigh*. Well, on the bright side, I still get to see my classmates and schoolmates whom I'm going to miss this summer. xD Even though we're going to work on that IP in summer, it's not exactly the whole summertime that we should work on it, we'll just have it for a few days.

Here's a Project Planning Sheet that we had been given: CLICK! :D

You know, I enjoyed the start of this summer, and got bored as well. Because I was bored, I found some things to do to enjoy myself!

.. like making GIFs! :) I explored Photoscape, and found some neat things to do to my pictures! :D

Here are some GIFs I made:

Doodles, my handwriting, and my friend Camille's handwriting. :) See my name "Vanesa Salcedo" there? She's the one who wrote it. Neat, right? ^^,

My 3 years in High School. Wacky poses! ;)

Awards I received last March 22, 2011, our Recognition Day. :D A Gold Medal and 2 Certificates; a Scholarship Certificate and a First Honor Certificate.

I also made some collages! :)

Here they are:

SoOOo ORANGE! :)) My vain self right there. xD

I forgot to mention that I already got our class pictures yesterday. So, yeah, I'm mentioning it now! :D I love this batch, especially .. ehem? hahah. Just kiddin'! I love them all equally. I am going to miss this batch, even though it isn't the best batch I had been in, but yeah, there's this part of me that's going to miss them, still.

Oh, I forgot to mention another thing; yesterday also, I attended a Tribute Party, hosted by the Book Lovers' Club! It's a party to pay tribute to honors and graduating students. :) And, yeah, I received these bookmarks with inspirational messages.

"God whispers words of love on every gentle breeze."

"Live in the Moment"

Live in the moment, one day at a time, not fretting about the future. You have strength enough for the present, and that is all you need for now. Allow yourself the luxury of peace, and don't take on more than you have to. Learn to let go. Refuse negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones. Look for the good things in your life and make it a point to appreciate them. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power. You are ultimately the one in charge of your life and the only person in the world who can change it. No matter how much others are pulling for you of how much anyone else cares, you must do what needs to be done to make your present and future everything you want and need it to be. You can do it!

- Barbara Cage

My BIG, big smile. :D

Things I love doing: Writing, Reading, and .. texting? naaah, that cellphone's for listening to music. hahaha! But I also text. :))

You might be asking what my plans for summer are. :D You might want to compare it with my last year's summer plans: CLICK! :)

EAT - For fitness and nourishment. xD

REST - Junior Year has been one of the busiest school years in my life! I need a lot of rest to recharge me for the next school year, 'coz I bet it's going to be busier than that.

EXERCISE - To get fit and healthy! :D

PHOTO EDITING! - To hone my creativity skills.


  • SBO Turnover
  • SBO Leadership Training Seminar
  • Investigatory Project
  • Enrollment. LOL.

So, what's up with all these SBO? I forgot to mention another thing, again. haha! I won as SECRETARY of this student government! Whew! This is going to be a big task for me, but that's okay! I love this job, and I'm not being sarcastic. lol

STUDY - Physics and Chemistry. I heard that we'll have the same books next school year of these subjects, so, yeah, I could study in advance on these! woooooh ~! :D I'll also research on Accountancy because it's one of the subjects for 4th Year students. Cool, right? Now I'd get to know what Accountancy is like, since it's one of the courses I'm planning to choose. If I like it, expect me to go a bit crazy here saying how happy I am that the subject is that easy and that Accountancy is surely going to be a course I'm going to take if I still want more school (LOL), but if I don't like it, expect me to rant about how hard it is that how it's going to decrease my grades and all, which I hope it's not going to happen! So, uh, expect the unexpected? LOL. haha!

SHOP - for clothes and accessories! :D

GO ON OUTINGS - with family, but on Monday though, I hope I could have the chance to be with my fellow Juniors in their outing. :) But too bad the venue's too far away! :'( It's a ONE HOUR drive from our house to there.

SAVE MONEY - I had saved around PHP 3,200 already! Enough to buy most things I want. xD hahah! But I won't spend all of them though! :P I will save up to 20,000, or higher? waaaah! I got a lot of things in mind to buy, but I guess this summer isn't the time yet to buy those. I regretted last summer. :'(( OH WELL.

'Til Here! Have a great summer! :)

Recognition Day 2011

Certificates ..

Medal ..

Me struck by vanity. hahah

With mother and baby brother.

With my sister, Star.

With mother, baby brother, bestie, and her grandmother. I am so proud of my bestie! Just like what I wished for, for her to be one of the honor students, so that I'd have someone close to be with during the ceremony. :)) Too bad our seats were far away from each other though. o__O

With Channie of Psycho Thrills. She's also an honor student too. hehe ^^, I enjoyed her company. hahah . xD

So, yeah, even though I wasn't really at my supposedly happiest mood since I only got a half scholarship and I wasn't the Junior Student of the Year, I was still that happy during the ceremony, with a lot of people congratulating me, and even the Board of Directors offered to congratulate me as well. I was still so honored, even though I didn't get the highest achievement. Support from a whole lot of people in my life, and their heart-warming congratulations were just enough to make me happy that time.

I promise to do better, or better yet, my best next school year, and I hope that promise isn't made to be broken, again. I hate making promises that would end up being broken, just like what I did last year, I promised to get a 98% average, but because of our learning program which didn't work out for me that well, I even flunked down to a 95% average from the First Grading, but it all went better in the Final Grading period though, even though I don't know exactly what my general average was, but my teacher told me that it increased, but then again, it did not reach 98%. Ooh life, I guess not everything I ask for would be given to me. I guess that top rank I've been dying to achieve wasn't for me after all, for now. I guess big bonuses aren't for me this time. lol

I FIND LIFE HARD TO UNDERSTAND. Why does it have to be like that?! :'(

I know, I know, I should not feel that depressed because I'm still First Honor and that EVERYONE finds that hard to achieve, then I should be very thankful, but if you were in my place, it would really hurt.

But then again, I'm ALMOST over it. I know I could do my best-est next school year. :D So, I should cheer up right now. hahah :))

See my vain pictures? I guess you could imply that I was still very happy! LOL. My beloved sister took them for me. weeeee ~

I'm not really going to pressure myself next school year though, because I guess pressure is what made me so stressed and end up not achieving what I want. But, all of us need a bit of pressure and stress to achieve something, right? We could not be so relaxed and wait for achievements to come to us. We should work hard for them.

So, yeah, I should do my best-est and work as hard as I could next time! :D

Thank you so much everyone, especially to God, for everything! :)

That's it for now! It's already raining very hard here and I only have a short time left on the Internet, so, I got to go! Bye! ^^,

I will return comments as soon as the heavy rain here is over.

Live your life and stay out on the floor

Does the title sound familiar to you? Well, it's from Jennifer Lopez's song, "One the Floor" featuring Pitbull. If you want to listen to it, and watch the music video at the same time, here it is:

Cool song, eh? :D

Since I kinda missed JLo's songs, I listened to some of them, and here's one song I listened to, and I bet you all know this song too! :)

Like a movie scene
In the sweetest dreams
I have pictured us together
Now to feel your lips
On my fingertips
I have to say is even better
Then I ever thought it could possibly be
It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free
From all of my sadness
The tears that I've cried
I have spent all of my life
Waiting for tonight (ooooh) ! hahah . :D

And speaking of Jennifer Lopez, I guess you know that she's one of the judges in the current season of American Idol. Even though I don't watch American Idol that much, I still get to be updated about what's going on, and I heard that a 15 year-old Fil-Am, named Thia Megia, made it to the top 10! Like all other Filipinos, I am also proud of her. She has that unique, amazing voice! I hope she'll go farther! :)

Well, talking about Jennifer Lopez isn't the only reason why I blogged. I also want you to be updated about what's going on with my life right now, particularly in school. And, I may also share some songs that I find kinda related to my life now. haha!

Since I'm inspired with myself today, here's a song by Lady Gaga, entitled, "Born this Way". :D

I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way! :)
Here's another song, and I'm not really sure how this relates to me now, but I do like a boy that I should not fall for. wahahah! So yeah, here's the song.

Since I should not rush into love, or other things, right now, here's another song:

It's gonna happen when it's supposed to happen, and we find the reasons why, one step at a time! :D

There are people that will always be in my heart, so, yeah, here's another song. (I guess this is just for the sake of adding a song to share. LOL)

And oh!! Here's a song that I bet you'll enjoy, and you may also laugh at the video too. hahah! :DD

Well, I guess these songs are enough to show you how I feel for my life right now. haha! :D

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week would be our FINAL EXAMS! :)) OMG! I'm so excited! FINAL-ly! I'm free from school discussions and activities after the exams, but still, we are advised to go to school to help the non-honors do their requirements, and next week also would be our SBO Room-to-Room Campaign, and we already have the list of candidates for our party, Proactive Alliance of Respectful and Trustworthy Youth (PARTY) Party! But I guess I should not post it here though, to protect their privacy.

The SBO Campaign started yesterday actually, on Facebook. Our party already campaigned through posting our list of candidates and tagging the others. It turned out that many of them are already supporting us. :D I'm so grateful to them. I hope we'd get voted straight, or students would vote wisely. :)

We'll also have our PE Day 2011 on Friday afternoon, and I bet it's going to be fun! :) It's going to be like a mini-intramural as they say. :D This event is going to be one way of relieving us honor students and graduating students from the exams! ^^,

Next week also, after the exams, I will learn how to play guitar! :D Papa will teach me how, but I may also watch some guitar tutorials on the Internet to guide me some more. :) I wanted to learn how to play guitar because most of my classmates and schoolmates know how to play the instrument already, and I feel Out-of-Place when almost all of them play guitars in the classroom. hahah! Sooooo, I decided I would like to join in someday, next school year, hopefully.

There are a lot of great things that will come to me after the exams! LOL! I hope I'm going to be lucky. I hope that I will still be the top first honor, and that none of my grades will decrease on the final grading period. And speaking of grades, here they are, for the 3rd Grading! :D

NONE of my grades decreased! WOOOOOH! It's almost, unbelievable! hahah! I got the average of 97.55%! I am so happy! Thank you so much God for giving me high grades! I hope that I would maintain these throughout my school years! :D

Well, that's it for now! Thank you so much for taking your time reading and viewing stuff that I had just posted here! :D I'm going to study for the final exams now. ;) I want to perfect them all! (^^,)