Day 3: Eight Fears

Anyway, it's so timely that this challenge fell on the day of Holloween. So, before I'll do this challenge, I'll show you what I made for this day:

Yes, that's me. LOL. And oh, I forgot to mention about my new haircut I got last August. See? I finally got bangs! :)) hahahah .. It made me look creepy here. xD

Again, Happy Holloween! ^^,

Moving on, here are my eight fears:

  1. To lose my loved ones
  2. To have a failing mark in school (That's why I always strive to make my grades high)
  3. When my parents get really angry (Trust me, they're scary)
  4. Death
  5. Doing what I was not ready to do
  6. Getting embarrassed in front of so many people
  7. To lose everything I worked hard for
  8. .. and horror movies with loud sounds. LOL

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