Day 1: Ten Secrets

I'll just write here things most people don't know about myself. I won't write my  deepest secrets. LOL

  1. Upon my very first enrollment in school, instead of being in Nursery, I was accelerated to Kinder 1.
  2. I'm a consistent honor student from Kinder 1 to the present. Never was a school year that I wasn't an honor student. :)
  3. I was always within the Top 5 in the honors' list. I've never been rank 6 and down.
  4. My handwriting slightly differs with the pens I use. xD
  5. I have had 3 cellphone numbers. The first one got "sim rejected", the second one was with the cellphone that got snatched, and the third one is what I'm using now.
  6. I never spoke well until I was 6.
  7. I don't subscribe to unlimited texting, 'coz I'm lazy at texting. HAHA
  8. I'm somewhat nearsighted, but I don't like to wear eyeglasses just yet.
  9. My day won't be complete without checking my Facebook account.
  10. I usually forget things.

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