Another 10-Day Challenge! :)

Since today's the first day of our sembreak, and knowing that it would be a 10-day vacation, doing this 10-day challenge suddenly popped up on my mind.

But before telling you about it, I'll talk about the highlights of this month.

October 3 to 7, 2011 - The CUBED Foundation Day Celebration! Let me show it in pictures:

And Kevin, my guy friend, gave me this rosary to guide me through the games I was going to play during the Intrams:

And you know, this really helped me! :) I won 2nd Place in our Chess Tournament because of God's guidance. I thank Him for that.

Did I mention we took this with my new camera? I'm mentioning it now, and it was my birthday gift! :D I would like to thank my parents so much for it.

Now I could take pictures whenever I want, as long as the batteries' not dead. LOL

Moving on, here's the 10-day challenge I was talking about:

Till here :*

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