I Won't Say I'm in Love

Okay. Another title that does not going to relate about what I'm going to write now. LOL. haha! .. But it does relate about what's bothering me lately, but won't tell you anyway since it's kinda personal. :|

So, how are you all doing? I miss you and my blog so much! I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to comment back. Most of my free time became devoted to Facebook and YouTube, and I apologize for that. I'll try coping up by posting every once in a while. If possible, I'll post everyday, even though I'll only be able to post short posts, but at least I posted something, right?

I really do have a lot to share, and I'm not sure which I'd choose to go first. Hmm, I'll share these pictures first:

My cellphone :)
Earrings :D
Accessories courtesy of Love in a Box Fashion Accessories Shoppe ^^, It's our shop for our Entrepreneurship project. I hope you could buy some accessories there too, once the website is all set.
2nd take :)
Oops! A wrong-focused shot. But it still looks neat, right? xD

By the way, I did NOT take this with my new camera, but instead I took this with an old, unused-for-a-long-time digital camera which I thought wouldn't take any good pictures anymore (but it does take good videos), but then I realized it still does take good pictures, and I was happy with it. I also realized that taking good pictures is only a matter of HOW you take them, and a DSLR won't be that necessary, unless you're a professional photographer.

Speaking of digital cameras and picture taking, my parents will buy me another digital camera for my belated birthday. Wondering when my birthday was? It was last September 12. :)) My classmates completely forgot about it earlier that day, but later they remembered (I don't know who told them. hahah! 'Coz I didn't tell them. LOL). When it came to Facebook, almost a hundred came to greet me a happy birthday, and I highly appreciated their greetings. When I was with my family, we had a big feast! We ate Jollibee, Choco Sansrival of Goldilocks, and pizzas from Pizza Hut. They're so delicious, as expected. :D It was a great birthday celebration!

Before my birthday, last Friday to Sunday, we attended the interschool Division Leadership Training for Student Government Officers hosted by the Department of Education. Here are some pictures we took, which I grabbed from my fellow SBO officer.

Here's me with my fellow SBO officers. This was supposed to be a stay-in leadership training at a public school, but they couldn't accommodate us since they prioritized those who're from far away schools, soo .. since we didn't know that ahead, we stayed at our student body president's guestroom, which was really a great stay after all. :)) Then we also ate at Mang Inasal, Chowking, and McDonald's. :D It seems like a birthday celebration for me already. hihi

The hosts.

One of the presentations. Oh look, the girl's flying! haha!

One of the speakers.

So, I think that's it! Being Senior High School is really that busy, which explains why I can't update my blog that much anymore. Because of these contests and trainings I was able to miss a lot of activities, especially the time when we had our quiz bee review, but teachers were so good that they extended deadlines for our un-passed activities. :D

I'll add an update every once in a while when I have time, so that you and me could keep track about what happened in my life. xD

Thank you for reading and viewing. ^^,

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