Stressing Out!

Hello there everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing great, it's just that I was frustrated a bit about something, but I'll tell you after I elaborate some important highlights last week as what I had promised from my previous post! :)

And speaking of elaborating them, I decided to do it for the Leadership Seminar part instead, since the other points are enough said already. haha

  • May 21 - 22, 2011.
  •  I waited for the Judgement Day, but thank the Almighty God it did not happen! But I do hope that October 21 wouldn't be the end of the world. :( There are still a few more months to go for us to know. There are already signs, but wth? I should try not to give much attention to them so that we wouldn't be so paranoid. haha
  • May 23 - 25, 2011. 
  • The best days of the week! It was our 3-Day Leadership Seminar, and it was fun-filled, full of laugh trip, and we also learned a whole lot! My attendance was truly worth-it! :)) Too bad I won't get to participate in it anymore next year, since I'll be leaving high school already. :( But that would be okay! There are better things to come someday! :D
  • May 26, 2011. 
  • This day, we finally enrolled, but too bad the books can't be released yet. (-_-) I want to read them already pa naman. But that's okay, for the First Week of Classes we won't use books yet, then I still have a few days to read them in advance! :)
  • Then, I also had enough of Facebook likes making people who have a lot of them seem so attractive and I'm not, so, refer to the previous post to know all about it. xD
  • I am also working on my new header, here's a screenshot:

What do you think? :)
See? So I'll just post some more pictures for May 23 to 25, and these are just grabbed from a fellow SBO member. :D

Here are the albums, but I doubt you'll be able to see them. (o.O) Anyway, I just linked them here so that I'll have future reference on it. haha

Here are some pictures I like. There were a lot of stolen shots actually. LOL. And they're very funny, especially in my case. hahahah. And yet, they're also embarrassing, so, I choose not to post them. xD

May 23-25, 2011
CUBED SBO Leadership Training Seminar

The Student Body Organization with the Central Student Government (In red uniform and the one wearing gray shirt)! :D I'm proud to be a part of it!

The Central Student Government. They served as our ever dynamic facilitators. We learned a lot from them, and they're also fun to be with too. ;)

HAHAH! This was a stolen shot for some. :P Oh look! I posed. xD LOL. I'm the one wearing the blue shirt by the way.


Yes, we also played Patintero, and oh look! I got caught. HAHAH. I know, I'm a bad player. xDD It's been so long actually since I had played it. I used to be so good at it (just kidding).

Then there's me with a somewhat haggard appearance. HAHAH. And yes, I was reading, and didn't give a care to how I look (I don't care if there are photographers all over. LOL). I just don't feel that vain that time. xD

LOL. Looks like I really enjoyed the seminar, right? I REALLY DID. :)) And yes, I also enjoyed putting on the captions. hahaha.

Then, the past few days after my previous post was written, mostly they were spent going to the mall to buy school supplies, and while on the net I try to find ways on how to earn money online, then I also found a domain hosting site, Actually, I just signed up for the subdomain 'coz it's free. xD I don't even have money on Paypal, sooooooo, if you have a genuine heart (and if you have money of course), please do donate me some money, even if it's just one dollar. :D I will do my best to pay you back once I find a way to earn online here, and of course, if you want, you could tell me things about that.

So, this is the part where I became frustrated (although I don't feel the intense frustration anymore because I had written that happy topic about the LTS). Isn't it that when you apply for a domain or a subdomain, they send you log in details? Yes, the host sent me just that, and you know what? The username seems to be invalid when I logged in to the cPanel. :'( And the host says that I should try it again because it worked on her and to make sure that there are no extra spaces added, so, I did just that, then, the result was the same; I still wasn't able to get in to that cPanel of my website. I logged in again and again, and then again and again that it seemed like I did it a hundred times already which led me to frustration. I do hope that she replies immediately though. I really need to learn about applying for and setting up domains and subdomains already since I am planning to take up a computer-related course when I get to college, and yes, I am sure that these things will come out.

I going to use my Wordpress blog for the subdomain by the way. :))

And speaking of college, I'm already a few steps away to it! Next week, June 6, 2011, is already the opening of classes, and which marks the start of my Senior Year in High School! I know, I should stop thinking too much about college since I still have one year to rock high school, but I just can't help it. xD But I do try my best to stop thinking too much about it though, by thinking about the present of course. :D Senior Year is going to be so memorable, I know it! So I should cherish the moment, starting on that date. I do hope that it would be my best year in high school, as one of my favorite sayings says here, "Save the best for last.".

Well, that's it for now, thanks for reading and viewing! :D

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  1. Hi Nice! Thanks for the awards. I bet you really had so much fun at that leadership seminar, it's so obvious in the picture. Aga naman ng pasok niyo... sa amin orientation lang sa June 7. Don't worry, you're not alone.. I keep thinking about college too when there's still one more year left huhuhuhu. Just uuuh better be prepared than unprepared right? Oh, you're using wordpress? goodluck with that. I've been in the same situation before. have domain/subdomain is really hard to manage at first and with all the ftp and cpanel thing.. but it's all worth once you learned all about it. I kinda forgot all my wp and ftp knowledge hahaha since I've been gone for almost a year hahaha but I know it's still stucked somewhere in my brains. Oh well, goodluck with you nice :)

  2. Wow. What kind of blog are you going to do with your Wordpress? :)

    Anyways, good to know that you have fun. I love leadership seminars! :D

  3. Thanks for the award sis! :) Anw, do I need to get the two awards or just one? :))
    Good thing you enjoyed your summer. Yay! You should enjoy every moment of your senior hs life! That's the best year for me :) And oh, about your subdomain, try to wait for her reply about your cpanel details.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your brother! :)

  4. I hope this year's CUBED SBO would be so much better than the previous one hahahaha :D Good luck though!

  5. wow.. thanks for the award nice. YOU'RE REALLY NICE. :) miss ko na ung mga seminars na ganyan. nung high school super hate ko pero nung nag-college na dun ko na-realize na madami ka talagang mapupulot. asahan mo na yan lalo na't freshman ka. :)

  6. Nice header! How did you make it?! AWESOMMMMEE \m/ me doesnt know how to do that -_- make a tutorial :P HAHAAHHAHAHAHA! :)))))))))))))

  7. What's the URL? I wanna know your new site.

    And yeah, don't think about college too hard. Enjoy your last year in college. It'll be so memorable.

  8. Wow. Its good you had fun with your seminar!
    And yes! Cherish every little moment in your last year in high school. Don't worry about college yet. Have tons of fun! :)


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