Hello! My usual greetings to you all bloggers and readers! :) How's life, and how have you been doing? Well, if you ask me, here I am, not updating my blog that much, and I am again and again very sorry for that. But I have valid reasons for that this time. I had been on an Internet badge hunt yesterday and the other day, then yesterday I also wrote on my money-making blogsite Triond. Here are my 2 new articles: Mother's Day and In a Teen Party Mood? :) ! :D And, there are a lot more articles in my Triond profile. I had also been making a digital scrapbook page for my mother, or whatever you may call it. haha, This is what I mean:

So, what do you think? :D Yes, the poem written there came from what I posted in Triond, and yes, I made this all by myself, with a little help from my design inspiration, the Candy Magazine and inspiration from my family. :) Teen Filipina girls, if you do read the magazine, you may notice that it may somewhat have some similarities with this. To some who haven't read this magazine yet, I strongly recommend it to you. :)) It discusses some of the most vital matters girls like us have, and it has great designs too that may get you motivated to read it. ;)

Anyways, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there especially mine! :) I hope you let them know how much we love them and that how thankful we are to them. :D

By the way, here are some pictures from my sister's birthday: (Sorry for the low quality. I hope my editing was good enough. xD I used my cellphone camera to take those pictures by the way because my camera has low battery at that time.)

The roasted sheep, unopened.

Le slicing of the roasted sheep. xD

The Goldilocks Choco Sansrival. Happy 11th Birthday Star! :) My sister's name is Star by the way.

Gravy and sisig! Yuummm !! :))

Then aside from these food, we also bought Jollibee and Goldilocks. And do you remember when I told you that all of us received gifts for my sister's birthday? Food is actually one of those gifts as I consider (lol) and I also received a new pair of peep-toe flats and an UPCAT reviewer, then my sister received her ever-wished new issue of Candy Magazine and flats. ;) Then other family members received their respected gifts too. :D

This is what I've been talking about, the Candy Magazine! :)) Girls, trust me, you'll love what's in there. :D

The UPCAT reviewer! :D The Filipino and English subjects were the easiest subjects in there. haha! But Science and Reasoning were also easy, and yes, Math "is never easy" as they say. LOL, however, I find some topics easy though, just, SOME. xD 

I got these images from Google Image Search. :)

And I chose not to post the picture of my new peep-toe flats anymore because I planned to make it as a surprise for the First Day of School. xD The pair of flats is of Finickee brand by the way. ;) That's the only thing I could say. (wahaha .. it rhymes.)

I do hope my parents would agree to buy me a new set of clothes. (hahah) But if they do not permit me, oh nevermind. xD I just want something new for the First Week of School after all. 

Here's the last day of the 10-Day Challenge:

1. Jesus, but if you mean the other thing then it would be either of my parents. :D

Finally I'm done with the challenge! :)) Who never knew that I'd finish it in 5 months? TROLOLOL. xD I guess school works and procrastination kept me busy (?).

And oh, who watched the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight? :D If you haven't watched it, Manny Pacquiao, as usual, won. hahah! Congrats to him! He made Filipinos proud once again. ;)

Credits to the owner! :)

Before I'll end this post, here are some questions for you to answer, that is, if you want to answer them. :D They may be used as commenting-guides. :) And yes, it's okay if you don't answer all of those questions.

  1. Can you recommend some cute badges from the Internet like the ones on this blog's sidebar?
  2. What do you think of the article and the poem I posted there?
  3. What do you think of what I made for my mother? :)
  4. What did you do this Mother's Day?
  5. Did you watch the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight?
  6. What do you usually get on your birthday?
  7. Are you reviewing for the UPCAT too?
  8. If you had already passed the UPCAT, can you give me some tips on how to pass?
  9. Do you read Candy Magazine? :)
  10. Are there any more additional comments you may tell about me or about this post?
That's it for the questions! And if you're fond of or like R&B songs, you may want to listen to this:

I was and still am addicted to this song! hahah! I hope you like the song too! :)

This post is indeed random. xD

That's it for now! Till next time! :D


  1. @indigorocketeer (ate pearl): hahaha! :)) i guess you like sisig too? xD

  2. hi nice! by any means, do you know van and zsa? :D

  3. @Hazel: uhm, nope, i don't. who are they? o.O but their names are kinda familiar. :)

  4. I used to read Candy magazine too when I was in highschool, but when I reached college, none of the topics there were related to my life anymore so I switched to Seventeen/Cosmopolitan. Anyway, belated happy birthday to your sister and belated happy mothers day to your mom! :)

  5. @Patrish: hahah, if that's the case, good thing i discovered candymag before i was going to end my high school life. xD

    thanks! belated mother's day to your mom too! :D

  6. Haha. Sorry for that. I mean, you should have created new paragraph for next batch of ideas you were sharing. But I was mistaken due to the monitor that I'm using. Sorry though :)

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  7. I love Candy! I can totally relate to a lot of the topics discussed in the articles :)

    And, I'll be reviewing for the UPCAT soon. I already bought some the materials online and I'll be doing the actual review in a week or so :) Good luck to us!

  8. the scrapbook is so pretty sis :)) how did you make it?..

  9. I used to collect candy magazine, but I stopped last year. I got tired and used my allowance in other stuff. Anyway, That's a really cute scrapbook for you mom. I made my mom a video. Hihi. I love that song!
    Indeed, congrats to Manny.

  10. Roasted sheep? Wow, now that's something else!


What can you say? :)