Highlights for the Week! :D

Okay, so this is completely different from the previous post. ahaha! I'm feeling better now. xD

So, what are the highlights this week? I'll bullet them first on this post, then I'll elaborate them tomorrow when I have time to write a blog post. :)

  • May 21 - 22, 2011. I waited for the Judgement Day, but thank the Almighty God it did not happen! But I do hope that October 21 wouldn't be the end of the world. :( There are still a few more months to go for us to know. There are already signs, but wth? I should try not to give much attention to them so that we wouldn't be so paranoid. haha
  • May 23 - 25, 2011. The best days of the week! It was our 3-Day Leadership Seminar, and it was fun-filled, full of laugh trip, and we also learned a whole lot! My attendance was truly worth-it! :)) Too bad I won't get to participate in it anymore next year, since I'll be leaving high school already. :( But that would be okay! There are better things to come someday! :D
  • May 26, 2011. This day, we finally enrolled, but too bad the books can't be released yet. (-_-) I want to read them already pa naman. But that's okay, for the First Week of Classes we won't use books yet, then I still have a few days to read them in advance! :)
  • Then, I also had enough of Facebook likes making people who have a lot of them seem so attractive and I'm not, so, refer to the previous post to know all about it. xD
  • I am also working on my new header, here's a screenshot:

What do you think? :)

Well, that would be it for now! Again, I'll elaborate on these some other time when I have time to blog, or when I feel like it. :D


  1. I love the new header Nice! <3 I'm glad you're so excited about school, I'm missing it already! :P

  2. Its no niceeeeeee! how did you do that ??? HAHAHAHHA :))))


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