Blogging Till The World Ends (LOL)

Haha! The title's from Britney Spears' song, "Till The World Ends" then I just changed "Dancing" to "Blogging". xD Whad'ya think?

I know, I'm getting crazier already. I had been staring at the laptop screen for how many hours because I was finding a way to convert some HTML codes to XML for my layout. You see, Nik gave me the codes to show the names of people who commented on a post. Here they are: (Thank you sis for the codes! :D)

I also had a bit of an headache with this, so, I hope anyone of you could help me. :) These codes work on my other blog (which is inactive. lol), which has a classic template. But because this layout of mine here is based on XML, these exact codes won't work. :( Anyone of you know how to convert these to XML? (o_O) If it isn't possible, then, oh well, I wouldn't proceed with that change in my blog anymore. -__-

Oh, on a lighter note, April tagged me! :D Thank you so much sis! :)

  • Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
  • You have to choose and tag ten people.
  • Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
  • No tag backs.
  • Have Fun.

  1. "Nyse" is the original spelling of my nickname, but because of some reasons my parents may have, they changed it to "Nice". :)
  2. I am very Grade Conscious (or Honor Rank Conscious. LOL), because I tend to do everything I can just to top the Honors' List! But when I fail, the whole world would be crashing down on me. (haha, just exaggerating) But then again, I tend to recover from feeling bad, but that would take a long time actually. -___-
  3. I love Math (if it loves me back. LOL).
  4. I love going to the mall (as long as I have money to buy anything. haha).
  5. Fashion is my guilty pleasure. xD
  6. I have more than one personality. haha
  7. I am an optimistic person. :D
  8. I'm very addicted to the Internet. I could surf the Internet until 3am on the next day if only I'm allowed. lol
  9. My day wouldn't be complete without music and the Internet. \m/
  10. I had never been outside the province. T_T So, yeah, I'm always stuck here in Cagayan de Oro! (But wait till I succeed in life and go to many places. bwahaha! xD)
Uhm, is it okay if I don't follow the rules? hahaha, 'coz I wanted to tag everyone of you instead, those who would want to try this challenge too, so there wouldn't be any hurt-feelings. hehe.

So, enough with that! :) I hope some of you would try this challenge too. :D

Oh, by the way, my apologies for not updating my blog for the past few days, again, again, and again. ("-_-) Will you forgive me?

For just so you know, I am only allowed to use the internet from around 3-4pm to 10:30pm, and it may somewhat take me 4 to 6 hours to write a blog post (that's why my blog posts always seem to be long. hahaha), then I also need to do some other things like update my other websites (and Tumblr's also my procrastination tool. lol). So, the time may not be enough for me to write a decent blog post. :( So, I hope you understand. ^^,

I also had been through a lot of things these past few days! I get almost 200 questions everyday in Formspring which takes me an hour to answer all, so because of that, I unfollowed one of my spammers, BUT STILL, I still get these many questions. hahahah. But then again, because I answer questions in Formspring when I get really bored, I didn't unfollow all my spammers, just those who spam too much.

Then we also went to the supermarket, department store, and to the mall last Sunday, and we bought this:

Yes, A BONNE Spa Milk Salt. If you have heard about this, then I guess you had read a lot of reviews about this, and yes, my reviews for this would be almost the same as them. This product did smoothen my skin, but it didn't actually whiten my skin YET, but I'm starting to worry though that it didn't. hahah. I really wanted to whiten my skin before school comes, and this isn't helping me. LOL. BUT, the good thing about this product is that it really made my skin smooth! :) I can't wait to try other spa milk products though, so that I could compare. xD I also heard about Yoko, and it got a lot of positive reviews too. Then again, I also found this at an online shop:

You could find proofs of whitening here (click the link). Gosh, I wonder if it's true. wahahahah! xDD 'Coz I want to try it, IF it's available here in CDO, since I'm not allowed to go online shopping yet because of some reasons. -__-

How about you? Could you suggest skin whitening tips for me? :)

And oh, I almost forgot explaining further the title to you. xD So, some people say tomorrow's Judgement Day, then it's five months to go till the end of the world, and they also say these infos came from the Bible, well, they just cited moments of time from it and calculated, then it lead to tomorrow's date. I don't know if this is true or not, but one thing's for sure, tomorrow's coming near. xD I really do hope that time (the Judgement Day) wouldn't come yet, because it's just too early! I haven't even achieved most of my goals yet! I am looking forward to the opening of classes pa naman. And I haven't even enrolled yet. LOL. But in my personal opinion, I think that this isn't really true. The one who started giving out this fact; who does he think he is? The Bible says only God knows when His time for judgement will come, and he's trying to prove that he is better than Him? To also know that Judgement Day that only God knows when? But I don't know, let's just be prepared, just like a scouter! ;)

Here's a video about that by the way:

So, what else do I need to talk about? Oh yeah! My blog's 2nd anniversary is fast approaching, ..well, it's still on the 11th of June, so it's still a bit far. xD Gosh, I hope time after tomorrow would still be just the way it was. :(

Oh LOL, I'm very random here. I remembered another thing that I was supposed to talk about:: our SBO Meeting to finalize next week's Leadership Seminar was held yesterday, but only a few attended. :| Anyway, it was a really fun meeting! An officer from the College Student Government of our school who facilitated us seems fun to talk to, and we really enjoyed his company! Haha, to tell you guys, most of the topics we talked about was about his high school and college experience. LOL. But don't get us wrong, we also talked about the budgeting for the Leadership Seminar and the seminar itself, how we're supposed to enjoy it, learn from it and all! So, that meeting was really worth-it. :) I didn't regret going to school yesterday AT ALL. hahaha!

May 23 to 25 is our Leadership Seminar by the way, and yes, I am very excited to attend! \m/ I hope nothing goes wrong. lol

So, I guess that would be it for now. I'll blog hop tomorrow. \m/ IF it's still going to be a normal day!


  1. I actually enjoyed reading your profile. I followed the codes above but seems that it doesn't work to my own site. Well, I have to figure it out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I'm using that Spa Milk Salt. lol :) It makes my skin smooth. haha.

  3. hi nice or nyse! hehe...

    know what? i am being nostalgic with your post about leadership training.. i remember college. i wish i was already blogging that time so I can share it here. best thing i like about leadership training is the games and the place of course, we usually go out of town.

    hope you'll have a great time at the training!

  4. I so agree with you on number 4 there :D & oh gosh, as soon as I read 'HTML' and 'XML' I had a heart attack lol, I am awful at all this technical computery stuff :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  5. i used that spa milk salt too. i stopped cause i'm not seeing apparent results. lol

  6. I have a BONNE Spa Milk Salt too! ;> I dunno if it's working on me but after I rinsed my body I can feel my skin`s smoothness but I don't notice the whitening effect.

  7. aww sorry i couldnt help you with the code problem.. i don't use blogspot anymore. :( anyway, i have that spa milk salt ;D

  8. actually Rhea also tagged me in this but I wasnt able to do it coz I've been hella busy.. and wow just like you I also love math... the prods you bought looks <3 was planning to make an etude house product review but idk yet if i should push through with it.. lol and the judgement day they were saying didnt happen.. only God knows when will this judgement day really happen

  9. Hi Nyse! Wow, you really write long posts. Haha! :) I love math as well, but math tends to hate me with passion. :P

  10. i use that milk salt too! its very effective for me, together with skin white. hehe.

  11. You really do have long posts. Haha you're so masipag! I'm sorry I can't help you with your theme but I hope it'll work out fine soon. I've heard about that milk salt too but I've never tried it since they say it's really not worth the salt. Haha. You should just try Kojic Acid soaps they're effective ;). I use them. I also love using milk products on my skin, they really make my skin smooth and like a baby. Too much for end of the world. Haha. I can't wait for school too (allowance only).


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