A Quick Post before I'll work on my new layout! :)

Hello there everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine! I am very sorry (again) for not updating my blog lately. It's just that I was, again, really busy with some other things, and I'll blog about those things once I'm done with my new layout. :D

Telling you about the things I did usually come with pictures, but this time, I'll avoid pictures for the moment since I am going to tweak a new layout which has wider main wrapper, or whatever you call it. xD Or, for you to understand it, I'll widen this section right here where you're reading my blog posts. :) I want you readers to view my photos fully, I mean, I want you to view bigger pictures here so that you'll appreciate my pictures more.

But, you know, I decided to give you a recap on what I did this week instead:

  1. I did VECTOR ART. :D (Again, I'll post pictures once I'm done with the layout)
  2. I played Jamlegend. (More details on the next post..)
  3. I signed up for fashion sites; Lookbook and Chictopia. I'll post something soon! :D
  4. I really want to try online shopping na.
  5. I want to open up a bank account, and G-Cash!
  6. I need to earn money already!
  7. I decided to give this blog a new look, which I'll be working on right now, because I was inspired with doodles and Tokidoki designs. hahah! :D So I may apply what I was inspired on with the layout I'll be making. xD
  8. My mom bought me a new pair of slippers. :)
  9. I decided to share pictures of my stuff to you. haha! :D

..and oh, I'll post my 10-Day Challenge Post once I'm done with the layout. ;)

Thank you so much! That would be it! :D

EDIT: Meanwhile, care to check out Panache Online? It's an online magazine I am recently a staff on. Contents coming soon! :D

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