I'm Bored

..What am I gonna do about it?

Before I'll tell you what, I apologize for not updating for a while. It's just that I was busy with some things and that I couldn't think of anything great to blog.

Soo, uhm, wait, to those who had been reading my blog since December 28, 2010 (or earlier), you had read about my 10-Day Challenge, right? Or do you remember anything about it? Well, if you do, you might have noticed that I kinda stopped that challenge for a while now. So, because I am really bored as of the moment, I decided to revive that challenge! :)

If you weren't a reader of my blog at that time, here is a post of mine stating about my 10-Day Challenge: CLICK!*

*Don't worry about clicking my links thinking that you could leave this page. I set them to open in a new tab for your convenience. ;)

Here are the challenges that I've done: (Click them if you want)

Next stop::

Day 6: Five things you can't live without.
  1. God's and my family's LOVE and CARE for me
  2. Food and water
  3. Shelter
  4. Clothing
  5. Knowledge and wisdom

Hahah! I'm very realistic, ain't I? :))

And, another thing I did today, again because I was kinda bored, was trying out some things I learned in Photoshop tutorials. Thanks to these websites: http://girlfromparis.tumblr.com/tagged/parisiantutorials and http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/image-in-text/, I learned how to make these:

Bokeh Lights

Background in Text

So, what do you think? I'm sorry if it doesn't impress you. haha! Like what I've said, I had just learned how to do these effects today, and yes, I am still a beginner. xD It's good that I had found something cool to do with Photoshop. :)

I look forward to learning more effects! :D

Here are also some typos I've made for Tumblr. If you want, you could follow me here: LINK.

.. I asked this because I find it hard to distinguish what we'd feel if we're in love or just crushin' (crushin' bones? LOLjk) It's just, almost the same, in my opinion. haha

Oh yes I do! Thank you so much my followers, both in here and on Tumblr! Thank you, my 95 friends here on Blogger, and thank you for my 259 friends on Tumblr! I wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for you guys! :D

Do you agree? :)

This is so true. I live by this quote. ^^,

And by the way, those quotes came from my real-life friends who kept texting me. hahaha! :)) I enjoy reading those quotes, and there are also some who send me funny jokes, no matter how corny they are, I still find them funny anyway. LOL. I would like to thank them for those! :D Those quotes will forever be in my Inbox, I hope. haha xD And the senders? They will forever be in my heart, as friends of course.

You know, I am dying to have a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) Camera! I'd want to take cool pictures, and I also want to learn Photography. haha, I mean, Professional Photography as they say.

But too bad it's VERY expensive though. I heard that it costs around PHP 30,000 to PHP 100,000. Am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

I do hope that someone would host a GIVEAWAY on that though! :D Pretty please? hahah. Because I'm sure that my parents or any relative of mine wouldn't offer to give me one. LOL. Since they think that I have a camera that still works fine and well and that I don't need to be bought a new one just yet. xD So, yeah, that's why.

BUT, if I never get to have one, then that would be okay, I guess it isn't for me after all. I have a lot other aims that are yet to be achieved other than that.

Another thing, I have this stray thought going on in me: Is luck really real? I was thinking about this because I was wondering why we're experiencing bad luck ever since the start of 2011. Did we do something wrong last New Year's Eve?? Or is there just some other thing that brings us to these shortcomings? I do hope that all of these would end though. But then again, I also think that luck is just based on thoughts of what may happen, whether we may be optimistic or pessimistic with them. Therefore, I should practice being optimistic more often. haha!

How about you? Do you believe in LUCK?

And oh, I almost forgot about summer! How's it going? To those who are in the other side of the world, what are you experiencing? I just wanna know since we, in the Philippines, never get to experience other seasons like Autumn, Winter, and Spring, only the Sunny and the Rainy season. haha! And Summer, yeah.

Well, this is unusual: I don't complain about how hot it is anymore. I mean, Summer isn't as hot as last Summer. It becomes windy all of a sudden, or rainy at some times. Hmm, I think it's because I live in a place where there are a lot of trees and plants, and I'm proud and happy to live here too.

Here's a screenshot of our place!

And yeah, that's just one-eighth of our place. hahah! lol. Seriously it is. xD You can now imagine how big our place is, right?

Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed my post! :)


  1. oh I was amazed on the last one.
    Knowledge and Wisdom.
    I dunno why but it made me smile. Surely no one can live without those things. Am I right? haha

  2. Cute typos! :)

    A DSLR costs from 20,000 to 80,000, depending on the specs of the cam.

    You know, a real photographer doesn't need a DSLR just to be called a photographer. You could take really good shots even if you're only using your phone's camera or a digicam. :)

    Good luck with the challenge, btw!

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