Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using.

I'm once again back for the 10-Day Challenge! I'm now on Day 8:: Three words you can't go a day without using :)

  1. Prudence (the name of my baby bro)
  2. Quickchow (a noodle brand, and I use this term to tease my chubby sister. lol)
  3. hahaha (because I always have time to laugh each day, and that explains why I'm still alive today? LOL)
You know, it's pretty much easy to determine those three words I can't go a day without using, since I never talk that much at home because I spend most of my time typing. hahah

So, yeah, that would be it!

..but wait! I'm not done with this blog post yet. I still have more things to share! :)

So, last Monday, I got my report card!! :D Guess what's the result? I got a 98.02% general average! WOOOOH! Take a look it! (Click the image for a bigger view)

I got six 99s! :)) I'm so happy! Even though I did not top the whole batch, I'm happy because it's the first time in High School that I was able to reach that 98 grade-point average! It has been a promise to myself before the school year of 2010 - 2011 started; to get an average of 98%~! If you had been a reader of my blog last summer, you know how I'm going crazy with achieving that. Then, here I am! I finally achieved it! Thank you so much Lord! :D I hope You'll let me show that grade-point average (or higher) again! I almost let out tears of joy when I saw my report card! hahah!

Another thing, for the past few nights, I read these three (3) books:

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
This is indeed a great book! I love the story. It teaches us about true love. But the story didn't quite end great though. While John Tyree, the main character of the story, was on leave at Germany, because of his absence, Savannah ended up falling in love with her long-time best friend Tim, then they got married. He didn't know that the man she married was Tim that time, and he knew everything when he came to visit Savannah. It was a very hurtful part for John indeed, considering the fact that he was deeply in love with Savannah, and that he was still recovering from his father's loss. At the end of the story, Tim got sick; he caught Melanoma, then cancer cells began to build up in his lungs, and he was undergoing treatment. John sold his late father's coins to donate for Tim's treatment. Time passed, then Tim was all well, then John watched him and Savannah walk together and thought that they're perfect for each other, then at night, when the full moon came out, Savannah and John, while watching it, began to reminisce their memories together. Then I guess that ends it. :) You should read it! Or watch it! It's really a great story.

Awake! : The Truth About the Occult
This is indeed a great book to read, especially for Catholics, Christians, or other Christian-related religions. A classmate of mine gave it to me. This magazine was about proving that ghosts, white ladies, and the like are not works of the dead, but they're from the demons. It cites various verses from the Bible proving those, which make perfect sense. Well, because of this book, I'm not afraid of the dead anymore. hahah! lol

The Watchtower: Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom; The Garden of Eden - Myth or Fact?
Another great book I've read! This magazine proved that the Garden of Eden was indeed a real place, since at the beginning, everything that God made was perfect, but because Adam and Eve sinned, they suffered the consequences of being imperfect, or, that is how I understood it. This magazine also cites verses from the Bible, to prove that Eden was indeed real and a fact.

I also watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love in this website (with English Subs)! :) It's a very inspiring movie indeed, and it made me believe that what happened to Nam, the main character girl on the movie, could happen to me too. LOL me. I just hope it would happen to me. xD I got the image from

By the way, recently, I had been volunteering for ate Umi's online magazine, Panache Online. Care to check it out? Contents are coming soon. I already wrote an article for the magazine! :) It's about Summer! :D Wanna read it? Tell me what you think of the article. Here it is:

Feel the Heat! It’s summertime!

Ahh, at last! Summer’s here! It’s one of the most anticipated times of the year, considering the fact that this season is a 2-month rest time from school, and from work as well. Oh, finally, people could spend the vacation they deserve!

Now, what do people usually do these days? Some go on an out-of-town trip, go to the country’s, or even the world’s famous landmarks and vacation spots, friends hang out with each other, most people hang out at the beach or the pool, teens who are old enough apply summer jobs to make their summer worthwhile since they could earn money, for incoming college students, they usually spend their time deciding on their courses or trying out various universities, taking entrance exams, and the like, and some kids also attend summer camps, summer classes in school, then the whole school staff prepare the school for the next school year, and a lot more.

There’s indeed so much to do during summer vacation!

In terms of leisure and recreation, since people take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors, some play sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball, skateboarding, baseball, softball, tennis, football, cricket, and water polo. Water skiing is a uniquely summer sport, which is done when waters approach their warmest of the year. For people who are less sports-oriented, they usually spend their time watching TV, surfing the Internet, read books, and a many others.

And since there are some students who would want to transform to a better-looking them for the next school year, they spend their time getting fit, getting new looks, growing taller, and a lot more, and teachers also seek further education themselves, advancing their knowledge and skill levels for future endeavors.

To adapt with the season, people usually eat and drink cold food and beverages. They eat ice cream often, drink some shakes, fruit juices, ice-cold drinks, and they also eat fruits and desserts. Another thing they do to adapt to the season would be wearing thin clothing, and others also would be following this summer’s fashion trends and all. Sleeveless shirts, short shorts, and flip-flops are usually the trend this season.

Then at home, because it’s indeed hot inside, ceiling fans and air-conditioners are usually used more often this time, which also leads to higher electric bills. People should also be wise on how to save electricity. That would be why they should stay outside more often so that it could be one way to save it.

No matter what people’s activities would be this summer, they should remember that they should make its vacation worthwhile, meaning; they should get good benefits from what they’re doing. Summer vacation is a time for fun and learning, you know, so make the most of it! :)

I'm very glad to be one of the staffs in that online magazine. :) And ate Pearl also assigned me to be one of her staffs for her soon-to-be-reopened writing portfolio! How cool is that? It's like I'd be working for editorial companies. haha!

Well, that's it for now! Thank you so much for taking your time reading and viewing all the contents of this blog post! hahah! :D


  1. I use the word "like" a lot! haha.

    Congrats on your grades. You did very well! I read Dear John. It's such an awesome book about true love and the things you do for love.

  2. wow, congrats ! nice blog, xoxo

  3. @GretchTM: hahah! i noticed that too! xD

    thank you so much! :) indeed, it's a great book! :D

  4. Wow. I miss high school. XD Congrats on getting a really high average! :)

  5. COngrats sis on ur awesome grades :))

    I love Dear John such a great story.


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