7th Day of the 10-Day Challenge, and Other Matters

Hey there everyone~! I'm back with the 10-Day Challenge, and now I'm on its 7th Day! :)

Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget.
  1. The times when I was a cry-baby.
  2. Everytime I go up the stage to receive my awards, medals, ribbons, and certificates, and my parents are with me.
  3. When I was so addicted to Friendster.
  4. The very basic things I learned in school.

So, that's it!

Next thing I'm going to talk about would be what's going on yesterday, and other random things that may be worth sharing.

So, yesterday, we had brownout from around 7 am to 5:30 pm. Since we don't have any electricity, we bought fastfood as breakfast, lunch, and supper instead. And because we couldn't be with Mr. Internet, I, with my younger sister, took pictures instead, well, mostly I was the one who took pictures. xD

Here are some pictures I took:

A rare shot? haha~ I caught flies on the camera! :)

They grazed on the grass altogether. :D

Solving Sudoku puzzles! :)

A swing made from an old tire and rope. ^^,

And, I remembered the birthday card my classmates from my First Year in High School gave me. I decided to show it to you guys! :)

Oh, how I miss those times, when we were so united and no-one is left behind with all the fun! Thank you so much to everyone who made my first year in high school one of the best school years in my whole school life.

You might have been amazed that I kept that birthday card for how many years now. :D

And oh, by the way, the other day, I had fun editing some pictures! Here's one picture that I edited.

I applied what I have learned about gradients and brushes! :) What do you think?

Another thing, because I was reminiscing my childhood memories, here are some photographs I took:

Baby Pictures! :) Do I look cute? haha

I graduated from Pre-School, as one of the First Honors :) (not in the pic. heh)

Grade 1 and 2! :) And I still maintained my First Honor rank. ;)

This was one of the last pictures we took before we transferred to a new school, and that school is where I am studying until now. :D Me and my sister were so cute back then. hahah! ;)

You know, I am really going to miss those childhood times! I have always wanted to smile like that again. haha! :D And it turns out that I can still able to smile just like that. Can you still recognize me in those pictures? :)

By the way, another thing I was up too these past few days was pushing my luck in Tumblr Giveaways, DSLR giveaways to be specific! If you want a DSLR, and you also have Tumblr, here are links to posts I had reblogged:

And I reblogged all these giveaways more than 300 times, well, except the first one because only one reblog is allowed. :)

I really do hope I could win! I'm desperate to have a DSLR already! I want to experience how's it like to have one! wooooh~ \m/

I also want to have some fashion items because I want to be, at least, an amateur model. LOL me. hahah! But anything's possible, right? I just have to boost my confidence and all.

I should be optimistic from now on! ;) Since I have read an article from an old issue of Candymag, but too bad I could not show it to you guys since I only read it in our school library and I don't have it with me at home. xD So, yeah, I have read that when you think you're going to be lucky, THEN you'll be lucky! And when you're all pessimistic about it, then you'll end up being unlucky. Hmm, no wonder optimistic people always seem to be lucky! ahaha, while pessimistic people end up being miserable and all. Have you observed that too?

And, I am so excited for tomorrow! You know why? Because we get to get out from home once again! LOL. I mean, we'll once again go to the mall and supermarket to buy some stuff, and also go to our school to get our report card! :D I am also so excited to see my teachers again, and oh, that reminds me, I should ask about when the Leadership Seminar would be held. I really need to know since I'm surely the one to be assigned to make a letter on it, because again, I'm the Secretary of our Student Organization. It's a tiring job though, but I'm happy with it. :)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading and viewing! :D


  1. You definitely made your parents proud! :) They are so lucky to have a daughter like you.

  2. Great photos! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. :)

  3. nice photos :)) boredom really helps us to be creative haha lol


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