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HEY GUYS, and GALS! hahah! How are you all doing? Has your summer started already? Well, if not for some, I'll not declare summer yet as "officially started".

But, summer has indeed officially started in our school, for students, that is. ;) Everyone, well, students who had been cleared at least, had finished taking their exams last morning! Oh yeah, everyone's happy alright. haha! But then again, we still have an Investigatory Project to work on this summer, so, *sigh*. Well, on the bright side, I still get to see my classmates and schoolmates whom I'm going to miss this summer. xD Even though we're going to work on that IP in summer, it's not exactly the whole summertime that we should work on it, we'll just have it for a few days.

Here's a Project Planning Sheet that we had been given: CLICK! :D

You know, I enjoyed the start of this summer, and got bored as well. Because I was bored, I found some things to do to enjoy myself!

.. like making GIFs! :) I explored Photoscape, and found some neat things to do to my pictures! :D

Here are some GIFs I made:

Doodles, my handwriting, and my friend Camille's handwriting. :) See my name "Vanesa Salcedo" there? She's the one who wrote it. Neat, right? ^^,

My 3 years in High School. Wacky poses! ;)

Awards I received last March 22, 2011, our Recognition Day. :D A Gold Medal and 2 Certificates; a Scholarship Certificate and a First Honor Certificate.

I also made some collages! :)

Here they are:

SoOOo ORANGE! :)) My vain self right there. xD

I forgot to mention that I already got our class pictures yesterday. So, yeah, I'm mentioning it now! :D I love this batch, especially .. ehem? hahah. Just kiddin'! I love them all equally. I am going to miss this batch, even though it isn't the best batch I had been in, but yeah, there's this part of me that's going to miss them, still.

Oh, I forgot to mention another thing; yesterday also, I attended a Tribute Party, hosted by the Book Lovers' Club! It's a party to pay tribute to honors and graduating students. :) And, yeah, I received these bookmarks with inspirational messages.

"God whispers words of love on every gentle breeze."

"Live in the Moment"

Live in the moment, one day at a time, not fretting about the future. You have strength enough for the present, and that is all you need for now. Allow yourself the luxury of peace, and don't take on more than you have to. Learn to let go. Refuse negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones. Look for the good things in your life and make it a point to appreciate them. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power. You are ultimately the one in charge of your life and the only person in the world who can change it. No matter how much others are pulling for you of how much anyone else cares, you must do what needs to be done to make your present and future everything you want and need it to be. You can do it!

- Barbara Cage

My BIG, big smile. :D

Things I love doing: Writing, Reading, and .. texting? naaah, that cellphone's for listening to music. hahaha! But I also text. :))

You might be asking what my plans for summer are. :D You might want to compare it with my last year's summer plans: CLICK! :)

EAT - For fitness and nourishment. xD

REST - Junior Year has been one of the busiest school years in my life! I need a lot of rest to recharge me for the next school year, 'coz I bet it's going to be busier than that.

EXERCISE - To get fit and healthy! :D

PHOTO EDITING! - To hone my creativity skills.


  • SBO Turnover
  • SBO Leadership Training Seminar
  • Investigatory Project
  • Enrollment. LOL.

So, what's up with all these SBO? I forgot to mention another thing, again. haha! I won as SECRETARY of this student government! Whew! This is going to be a big task for me, but that's okay! I love this job, and I'm not being sarcastic. lol

STUDY - Physics and Chemistry. I heard that we'll have the same books next school year of these subjects, so, yeah, I could study in advance on these! woooooh ~! :D I'll also research on Accountancy because it's one of the subjects for 4th Year students. Cool, right? Now I'd get to know what Accountancy is like, since it's one of the courses I'm planning to choose. If I like it, expect me to go a bit crazy here saying how happy I am that the subject is that easy and that Accountancy is surely going to be a course I'm going to take if I still want more school (LOL), but if I don't like it, expect me to rant about how hard it is that how it's going to decrease my grades and all, which I hope it's not going to happen! So, uh, expect the unexpected? LOL. haha!

SHOP - for clothes and accessories! :D

GO ON OUTINGS - with family, but on Monday though, I hope I could have the chance to be with my fellow Juniors in their outing. :) But too bad the venue's too far away! :'( It's a ONE HOUR drive from our house to there.

SAVE MONEY - I had saved around PHP 3,200 already! Enough to buy most things I want. xD hahah! But I won't spend all of them though! :P I will save up to 20,000, or higher? waaaah! I got a lot of things in mind to buy, but I guess this summer isn't the time yet to buy those. I regretted last summer. :'(( OH WELL.

'Til Here! Have a great summer! :)


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  2. @V.: you're welcome, and thank you so much! :D

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  7. i assume that its now the start of the summer break for you.. and omg, investigatory project.. i miss those,. before we made this sanitizer which went out pretty cool though..

    nice gif.. wish i could like make one someday.. you;ve got nice pictures too.. youre so pretty.. junior year is always the busiest and the hardest :-(

  8. @Melle Lee: yep! it already is the start of the summer break for me! :D

    wow! can you tell me about that sanitizer? what is it made from? i might plan to use that IP next time. :))

    thank you sooo much!! ^^, yeaah .. it really is, next to college years. haha :D

  9. you've got such a cute smile! p.s. playing the guitar isn't that difficult:) the basic chords are really easy! you can find them on ;) and finds tutorials on songs on youtube! thanks for following me girl. you rock!

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  18. @Kristal Domo Saur: thanks! :D tca and Gbu. :)

  19. Will try the photoscape. It looks interesting :)

    Congratulations on graduating!

  20. @Grysh: yeah, you should try it! :D

    thaaanks! :) but i'm not graduating yet until next school year. ^^,

  21. wow nice medals sis :)) envy hehe have fun on ur summer vacay. it's time to be stress free :))

  22. @Tuwentytri: thank you sis! :D

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  25. WOW. You saved A LOT! Sana ako din. :)

    Anyway, congrats on your new post for your student government. :) You're one hell of a girl. Go! Enjoy the summer!

  26. @Umi: thank you! :D same goes to you, enjoy the summer! ;)

  27. oooh your uniform looks quite cool :D I like it how the skirts are red :)

  28. You're such a busy bee. I can see you doing really great things someday!
    As for the accounting, its called book keeping in our school when I was a senior. But its not hard, just a little confusing. And I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Ikaw pa.

    And enjoy you last year in highschool too, you're going to miss it so much.

    Goodluck! happy summer :)

  29. @Silkybow: hihi .. thanks! :))

  30. @Ceedee: oh yes, i really do hope i'd enjoy it! :D

    sure, i will do my best to make my last year in high school the most enjoyable year of my high school life. :) and yeah, i know that i am going to miss it so much .. i can predict myself already crying at the graduation day because i'll never get to see my other batch mates ever again for a long time. xD

    thank you so much! good luck to you as well, and a happy summer too! :)

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