Recognition Day 2011

Certificates ..

Medal ..

Me struck by vanity. hahah

With mother and baby brother.

With my sister, Star.

With mother, baby brother, bestie, and her grandmother. I am so proud of my bestie! Just like what I wished for, for her to be one of the honor students, so that I'd have someone close to be with during the ceremony. :)) Too bad our seats were far away from each other though. o__O

With Channie of Psycho Thrills. She's also an honor student too. hehe ^^, I enjoyed her company. hahah . xD

So, yeah, even though I wasn't really at my supposedly happiest mood since I only got a half scholarship and I wasn't the Junior Student of the Year, I was still that happy during the ceremony, with a lot of people congratulating me, and even the Board of Directors offered to congratulate me as well. I was still so honored, even though I didn't get the highest achievement. Support from a whole lot of people in my life, and their heart-warming congratulations were just enough to make me happy that time.

I promise to do better, or better yet, my best next school year, and I hope that promise isn't made to be broken, again. I hate making promises that would end up being broken, just like what I did last year, I promised to get a 98% average, but because of our learning program which didn't work out for me that well, I even flunked down to a 95% average from the First Grading, but it all went better in the Final Grading period though, even though I don't know exactly what my general average was, but my teacher told me that it increased, but then again, it did not reach 98%. Ooh life, I guess not everything I ask for would be given to me. I guess that top rank I've been dying to achieve wasn't for me after all, for now. I guess big bonuses aren't for me this time. lol

I FIND LIFE HARD TO UNDERSTAND. Why does it have to be like that?! :'(

I know, I know, I should not feel that depressed because I'm still First Honor and that EVERYONE finds that hard to achieve, then I should be very thankful, but if you were in my place, it would really hurt.

But then again, I'm ALMOST over it. I know I could do my best-est next school year. :D So, I should cheer up right now. hahah :))

See my vain pictures? I guess you could imply that I was still very happy! LOL. My beloved sister took them for me. weeeee ~

I'm not really going to pressure myself next school year though, because I guess pressure is what made me so stressed and end up not achieving what I want. But, all of us need a bit of pressure and stress to achieve something, right? We could not be so relaxed and wait for achievements to come to us. We should work hard for them.

So, yeah, I should do my best-est and work as hard as I could next time! :D

Thank you so much everyone, especially to God, for everything! :)

That's it for now! It's already raining very hard here and I only have a short time left on the Internet, so, I got to go! Bye! ^^,

I will return comments as soon as the heavy rain here is over.


  1. Just chill and be happy! :) HAHA.

  2. Congratulations on your achievements! By the way, ngayon ko lang nalaman na you're from cagayan de oro. I will be there on summer and I can't wait :] Your smile proved that CDO is the place of golden friendship. You look like so friendly :]

  3. WOW! Congrats for having the first honors! :)

    Wow. Sana ganyan din ako kaactive nung high school.


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