Live your life and stay out on the floor

Does the title sound familiar to you? Well, it's from Jennifer Lopez's song, "One the Floor" featuring Pitbull. If you want to listen to it, and watch the music video at the same time, here it is:

Cool song, eh? :D

Since I kinda missed JLo's songs, I listened to some of them, and here's one song I listened to, and I bet you all know this song too! :)

Like a movie scene
In the sweetest dreams
I have pictured us together
Now to feel your lips
On my fingertips
I have to say is even better
Then I ever thought it could possibly be
It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free
From all of my sadness
The tears that I've cried
I have spent all of my life
Waiting for tonight (ooooh) ! hahah . :D

And speaking of Jennifer Lopez, I guess you know that she's one of the judges in the current season of American Idol. Even though I don't watch American Idol that much, I still get to be updated about what's going on, and I heard that a 15 year-old Fil-Am, named Thia Megia, made it to the top 10! Like all other Filipinos, I am also proud of her. She has that unique, amazing voice! I hope she'll go farther! :)

Well, talking about Jennifer Lopez isn't the only reason why I blogged. I also want you to be updated about what's going on with my life right now, particularly in school. And, I may also share some songs that I find kinda related to my life now. haha!

Since I'm inspired with myself today, here's a song by Lady Gaga, entitled, "Born this Way". :D

I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way! :)
Here's another song, and I'm not really sure how this relates to me now, but I do like a boy that I should not fall for. wahahah! So yeah, here's the song.

Since I should not rush into love, or other things, right now, here's another song:

It's gonna happen when it's supposed to happen, and we find the reasons why, one step at a time! :D

There are people that will always be in my heart, so, yeah, here's another song. (I guess this is just for the sake of adding a song to share. LOL)

And oh!! Here's a song that I bet you'll enjoy, and you may also laugh at the video too. hahah! :DD

Well, I guess these songs are enough to show you how I feel for my life right now. haha! :D

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week would be our FINAL EXAMS! :)) OMG! I'm so excited! FINAL-ly! I'm free from school discussions and activities after the exams, but still, we are advised to go to school to help the non-honors do their requirements, and next week also would be our SBO Room-to-Room Campaign, and we already have the list of candidates for our party, Proactive Alliance of Respectful and Trustworthy Youth (PARTY) Party! But I guess I should not post it here though, to protect their privacy.

The SBO Campaign started yesterday actually, on Facebook. Our party already campaigned through posting our list of candidates and tagging the others. It turned out that many of them are already supporting us. :D I'm so grateful to them. I hope we'd get voted straight, or students would vote wisely. :)

We'll also have our PE Day 2011 on Friday afternoon, and I bet it's going to be fun! :) It's going to be like a mini-intramural as they say. :D This event is going to be one way of relieving us honor students and graduating students from the exams! ^^,

Next week also, after the exams, I will learn how to play guitar! :D Papa will teach me how, but I may also watch some guitar tutorials on the Internet to guide me some more. :) I wanted to learn how to play guitar because most of my classmates and schoolmates know how to play the instrument already, and I feel Out-of-Place when almost all of them play guitars in the classroom. hahah! Sooooo, I decided I would like to join in someday, next school year, hopefully.

There are a lot of great things that will come to me after the exams! LOL! I hope I'm going to be lucky. I hope that I will still be the top first honor, and that none of my grades will decrease on the final grading period. And speaking of grades, here they are, for the 3rd Grading! :D

NONE of my grades decreased! WOOOOOH! It's almost, unbelievable! hahah! I got the average of 97.55%! I am so happy! Thank you so much God for giving me high grades! I hope that I would maintain these throughout my school years! :D

Well, that's it for now! Thank you so much for taking your time reading and viewing stuff that I had just posted here! :D I'm going to study for the final exams now. ;) I want to perfect them all! (^^,)


  1. Thank you sis :)

    I like J-Lo so much. Haha thank you for sharing this vid, tune was very familiar to me yah know =)

    Goodluck with the hell weeks sis. We really need it. Haha~

  2. Yeyey that none of your grades decresed! Congrats :)

    Wow, you introduced a lot of songs to me. I know a couple of them like the song by Jordin Sparksand Lady Gaga. As for the rest, I ought to download them to my playlist. :P

    <3 GRYSH

  3. woah! 96 and above! congrats! goodluck with the exams! i'm sure you're inspired to ace them all :D

  4. Thanks for sharing those musics. Now I heard something new.

  5. Thank you so much for taking your time to collect some great stuff for us. I enjoy these musics so much. very entertaining and cool rhythm.
    Good luck for your final exams.
    Tag: Timeshare

  6. hala ngano karon pa ko kabalo na taga cagayan diay ka? haha...wowwwwww...grabeha gud ...generous teachers? or...your just really smart? nice, keep 'em up..i-perfect mo na lahat! haha... ps. i've always admired jlo ^^


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