A Royal Night in Paris ♥

HELLO everyone! :D How are you all doing! It's been a long time since I updated my blog! I had been very busy with school stuff lately, I mean VERY busy! Well, I'll blab about that after I tell you what happened last February 19, 2011! Can you guess? It's our JS PROM! ;) It's theme was, as you can read from the title, "A Royal Night in Paris". You know, this event seemed like a real life fairytale! Let the pictures do the talk first [and some captions, of course]:

My gown, hair, and makeup! :))

With my teachers ..

Ma'am Rethse, our former class advisor during First Year High School! ;) She was the one who made my first moment in high school so memorable, together with my classmates too of course! :D I thank her for that. ^^,

Ma'am Beth, my Chemistry teacher! She makes Chemistry fun to learn, although this subject could be head-aching at times. xD Well, she still finds a way to make us love this subject! :) I'm so thankful to her!

With friends ..

With my partneeeeerrrrr !! :DD His name is Clark. ;) Meet Clark. LOL.

LADY OF THE NIGHT! :D Together with the Lord of the Night, Couple of the Night, and the King and Queen of the Night! ;)

CLASS PICTURES! Oh, some gorgeous people I've been with that night! ^^,

LADY OF THE NIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTT!! :)) The bouquet of flowers, sash, crown, and pillow [as a token]! :D

I got some of these pictures from these bloggers' Facebook profiles: Channie, Pearl, and Princheez! :D Check out their blogs if you want. ;)

Here's how our prom went,

During the preparation of that night's prom, early in the afternoon, we went to a nearby beauty parlor for the hair, makeover, and the gown! The makeup session lasted for about 2 hours, then by the time it was finished, you know what I saw? A completely different face of mine! LOL! hahah .. I almost could not believe it was me. xD As I look through the photos my mother took for me, I was so amazed at how I looked like!

Well, after that, since it was still too early to go to the hotel where the prom would be held, me and my mother rested at home for a while, then, minutes later, my father finally brought me to the hotel. There were a lot of people already! I was so amazed with how everyone looked like as well! haha! I mean, they have beautiful gowns and attires, and they looked prettier and more handsome than ever! I almost could not identify who they are! LOL! As soon as I arrived, together with my mother and baby brother, we immediately took pictures of each other, then with some of my friends and teachers!

Finally! The prom finally started! It started with the Grand Entrance, and I guess everyone of us felt so proud to be called respectively King and Queen. Even I was called, "Queen Vanesa"! hahah! :))

After that was the program proper, then the cotillion, then finally we took our seats to listen to the speeches, prophecies, and the will and testament! :D I had fun listening to these, especially the "Will and Testament" [hahaha!], because I had contributed to this one!

Then, food was served! They're so classy, and delicious too! It's good that I was able to eat veggies at that time. ;)

While we were eating, good-time videos of our batch and the Seniors' batch were shown. Remember the video I posted in my previous post? That was the one shown for us Juniors. My batchmates enjoyed watching it, and the Seniors also enjoyed watching theirs too! Some of the Seniors wanted to cry at that time, since they know they're going to miss each other very much, and that they're almost graduating, and they would never see each other again for a long time. It was heart-warming seeing some of their tears of joy and hearing their laughs while watching their video. I wish that would be the same for us soon-to-be-Seniors! :D

After eating, we had the DISCO! wooooooh! I enjoyed this part very much! hahah! Especially when I saw everyone's happy faces and silly dance moves! I was kill-joy for a while, and I guess I should also be because I had just finished eating, but after a while, I danced with them, finally! LOL! I also had pictures with some friends and schoolmates! Then, the disco fever was paused for a while, then the SLOW DANCE part came! hahah! I was sooooooo hesitant to engage in this part of the program, but my partner encouraged me to dance with him. o__O Well, paranoid by the fact that one teacher is listing people who did not dance and I was wondering what he would do to them [I don't know if he really did it though. LOL], I reluctantly slow-danced with my partner. Then, there came the next partner, and then the next, until it came to the 9th partner, I think [wahaha. I counted it, silly me. xD], then the disco resumed! Wooooh! I enjoyed it very much!

Then, after the disco, AWARDING came! I sat down at the table there, eager to know who the awardees of the night are, ABSOLUTELY not expecting anything, as in not a single thought about getting one of those awards came to my mind. Seconds before the announcing of the awardees, my partner told me, "You're going to be one of those awardees." Suddenly, after he said that, I heard my name! I was so astonished and amazed! "The Lady of the Night is Vanesa Salcedo!" :: I almost could not believe what I have heard! I, so amazed and surprised by the announcement, went to the stage together with the Lord of the Night, sat down there, then listened to the other announcement of "of the night-s". After all the awardees were called, we were given tiaras, sashes, and big bouquets of flowers! I felt so special, having received the awards! I kept on wondering, "How do they choose those honored people?" and "Why did they choose me?". haha!

Wooooh! After the awarding, there was still 20 minutes of the remaining time! We used that time for the slow dance. Well, it turned out that my last dance was with someone I like. hahah! Whew! ♥ That made my night so memorable, but the "Lady of the Night" award is what made it more memorable. ;)

I would really thank the people involved my prom preparation and in the prom itself! I would like to thank them for making my "Moment for Life" this memorable, and unforgettable!

It was already close to midnight when I got home, then I excitedly told my parents about the award! They were as happy as me, and it seemed that I have won a beauty pageant! LOL!

I then prepared to go to sleep, prayed to God, thanking Him for everything that had happened that night! I had never been that happy before! :D

It was indeed like that of the fairytales we usually watch back when us girls were little, right? haha ..

Woah. A Real Life Fairytale indeed! A dream come true!


  1. your gown looks very gorgeous, nice!!! :) and yeah, the power of makeup and gown = total makeover on anybody haha ;)

  2. Every girl deserves to look like a princess even just for a day y'know. And I'm glad you experienced that.

    So pretty! :))


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