Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to. [and other random things to talk about]

Oh gosh! :D This [come-back] post is going to be long! :) Hey there everyone! How are you all doing? I'm very, very sorry for not updating my blog for so long! It's just that I didn't have any mood to blog. So, here I am! I finally got the mood, and I'm ready to tell you my story for my first days weeks of the year 2011!

Let's start with six songs that I'm addicted to, for my 10-day Challenge! :D
  1. Everywhere by Michelle Branch
  2. The One that Got Away by Katy Perry
  3. Like a G6 by Far East Movement ft. Dev
  4. Bass Down Low by Dev
  5. Speak Now by Taylor Swift
  6. Taquito de Ojo by Akwid ft. Jenni Rivera

So, that's it, for my 10-day Challenge post, I mean. :)

Next, I'm going to talk about the highlights for last week and the week that passed by.

January 3, 2011 - The first day of school for 2011 [not the School Year of 2011. ahaha! :DD]. This day was also the first time I was absent because my parents didn't let me go to school since it's raining very hard and continuously raining too. I was really in a bad mood at that time. Who wouldn't be in a bad mood if he/she knows he/she would miss a lot of activities and reminders for that day! Well, good thing I got a friend to remind me of activities they did on that day. That did keep me from being left behind from school activities. So, I would like to thank that friend of mine for that. :D
The next day after that, I was able to attend school, finally! :)
The remaining days of the week was fine, good things and bad things happened, although I did not really remember any bad things that happened, but I know they did happen. haha! :) I guess they're just little stuff that happened, that's why I forgot about them.

January 14, 2011 - My one of the best days of my school year supposedly, since I should've been one of those Metrobank-DepEd MTAP Math Challenge representatives! :'( Yes, those chosen representatives did win. I'm happy for them, but, there's this feeling that I want to be with them too, enjoying their glory. Yes, I was able to enjoy their glory too since they won for our school, but I'm the kind of person whose aim in life is to SHINE and to be RECOGNIZED by people for my achievements, and not just to go with the flow with other people just praising for people like that for those said good things [called achievements] they have done and, well, achieved. Oh, they're so lucky, if I was there, I'm going to feel very, very special, just like the feeling you get when you are worshiped for the good things you have and you have done. But there's nothing I can do about it, well, I actually have something to do about that, I should pray to God that I'd be one of those representatives next time. I really need that blessing to come to me. YES, it's a BLESSING. Believe me, you should aim for that too, for your school, so that they'd be proud of you. :)

January 15, 2011 - SATURDAY CLASSES! :D Oh yes, you read that right. We have Saturday classes now, because our Department of Education required schools to have at least 203 days of school in a School Year. Well, you know, this was also implemented in our school last school year, but there were a lot of complaints from parents and guardians, so, it was not pushed through. That's why I find it weird that this school year, there weren't a single complaint I have heard from parents and guardians this year for that matter, so, it was pushed through. It's WEIRD, really. Last school year, when my parents read about the "Saturday Classes", they were like, "Why do they have to implement that?! Weekends are supposed to be rest days for us!", but now, they were like, "Wow, that's great. We should not feel bad about that since it's for your own good." . Weeeiiiiirrrrd (o__O), right? LOL! I was happy that we have Saturday classes though, because afterwards, we could stroll around the mall and enjoy the half day freedom for the day! LMAO! Oh, another reason by the way that we have these Saturday classes is because the CEM (Center for Educational Measurement) Diagnostic Test is fast approaching and we have to prepare for it so that we could get better results, since our pre-test results last July weren't that good for most of us, so, yeah, we need to do better for this post-test!

Well, as what I have said, we could stroll around the mall after the Saturday class, and yes, I DID do that, with some friends of mine! ;) I saw a lot of schoolmates too at the mall we went! OH YES, I really enjoyed my time with those friends, too bad I didn't take much pictures. LOL. We took some pictures at a photo booth in the mall, but it's with that one friend of mine, so, yep, I could not show you yet. And too bad I didn't have a scanner to scan those pictures. My digital camera works fine too though, so, yeah, I think I should try using it to take a picture of them.

I almost forgot! Our Juniors-Seniors Prom is fast approaching! :D And yes, I'm only excited for the gown, the makeover, and all, and ABSOLUTELY not for the partner. hahah! You know, I could be more than happy if I could be paired up with someone I like, and I know you all would too. :)

I found great gown designs already on the net! I just hope they're available here in our city, since we decided that we should rent the gown instead. It's cheaper than having to hire a seamstress to have the gown sewed for me

Oh! Our theme for our prom by the way is "A Royal Night in Paris"! A cool theme, eh? :) I have a lot of gown designs in mind already, but I just had to hope they're available here in our city, as what I have said previously. xD

Here are some gowns I found on the Internet:

From Google Image Search. :D

You could suggest some gowns too if you want! :) Pretty please! ;)

I'm going to wear earrings for the JS Prom too, but my it's been so long since I had put earrings on my ears now, so, I'm going to wear earrings tomorrow [maybe] so that my ears could get the hang of wearing earrings once again! :D

I saw some cool shoes at the mall too, but I bet there would be more great shoes the next time I go to the mall! :)

TODAY, we had our barangay's fiesta! ^^, I ate a lot of food, as expected. haha! :))

GOSH! I almost forgot another thing! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE. Find the category, "Best Kikay Blog Design", select my name, "Nice Salcedo", then click VOTE! :D Please help me win! Thank you so much to those who voted for me, and thank you, Kuya Jose, for nominating me! :D

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading and viewing! :) Have a great day! :D

Joe Marie gave me an award! Thank you so much sis! :)

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award
Thank You sis Joe Marie! :D

2. Share 8 things about myself
  • I am grade-conscious
  • My height's around 5' to 5'1".
  • I love MATH.
  • I consider myself a lucky person
  • I don't cry over songs
  • I have had my hair relaxed 3 times
  • I love being busy
  • I'm more of a listener than a talker
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered
4. Contact those blogger and tell them about their awards

'Till next time! :D


  1. wahh....sayo ko talaga naaalala ang high school....haha..enjoy mo pa ng todo ah...sobrang mamimiss mo yan ^^

  2. Thank you for the award, Van! :D

  3. @Sendo: oo nga! :D salamat kuya sendo! :)

  4. @Channie: You're welcome, Chan! ^^,

  5. thanks for sharing some songs.

  6. I have heard of that Katy Perry song (: Katy Perry is awesomeee :)

    Good luck with your 10 day challenge ^__^ It seems much easier than the 30 day challenge XD!

    It sucks missing the first day of school. :/. But that means your parents care for you :O! Good thing you have a friend to keep you posted ^___^

    I hope when the next time comes, you`ll be that representative :D!

    I hate saturday schools :/. I want my 2 day break! D: But I guess its for the best :O It is weird because we only have 180 days for each school year :O!

    We take a different test, which is the California Standardized test. :O. I always got above averages. If not, superior. :)

    Going to the mall is awesome ^__^ I guess there are goods of saturday classes :D

    I went to prom before :P If anything, just wait for that gown when you have your marriage :O In prom, you just need a simple dress :P

    I hope you`ll have fun in the prom :P!

    What ever you do, don`t go too fancy or too plain! :P Its just prom ^__^!

    :O The award is random! Thank you for the award ^__^!

  7. Thanks for the award :) I won't be doing the 8 things because i did a similar one recently lang ;) pero i thanked you in my latest post already :D

    wow! prom!!! enjoy looking for that perfect dress! and make sure you love the dress before buying kasi minsan minsan lang tayo makakasuot ng ganyan in our life... trust me :)

    <3 hazel

  8. yayyy for the award.. you deserve it.. haha and about the songs, I just heard like a G6 lastnight at this party in downtown

    It will put you in a badmood if you know that you missed a lot in school.. rawrr and dont worry, you will be one of the representative next time.. :)honest;y. i really hate saturday classes.. lol

    all those gowns look sooo great.. choose something red with a number 2 design or the pink one design..

    I miss prom

  9. @Nancy: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :DD it's great that you got a LOT to say or comment on my post! ahaha! :)) i enjoyed reading what you had in mind and what you got to share! ^^,

    wow, i guess you're really smart! :) you got mostly above averages and superiors! COOL! :D

    i agree with the other things that you said! ;)

    oh, the award? you're very welcome! :) you deserve it! :D

  10. @Hazel: awww .. you're welcome, and thanks! :D

    thank you so much! i am surely going to enjoy looking for that perfect dress! it's what i'm most excited for, for the prom! :)

  11. @melle lee: thank you so much! ahahah! :DD and, wow, really? that's cool! \m/

    you're right, and thank you very much! i hope so too that i'd be one of the representatives next time! :)

    ooh, yeah, some of us really do hate saturday classes because saturdays are supposed to be rest days for us .. haha! :DD

    thanks for giving suggestions on the gown! :D

    wow, i guess i'm really going to miss prom too when i'm in college or leaving high school. o__O

  12. saturday class ? wooo ! kakapagod naman nyan :P congrats sa grades mo sis ! taas ha . hehe :DD eniweis, i miss prom night too. goodluck ! I used to search in google para sa gown ku. hihi :PP i like the 3rd and the 7th one :)

  13. Love those gowns. I'm planning for better prom preparation this year. Last year was an epic failure. :( . I'm looking for nice gowns too. Let's do our best this year.

  14. Enjoy sa JS! Aww, I miss being young. :P


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