Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

Remember the "10-day Challenge" I was talking about? Well, I kinda skipped it for a few days because of the new year posts, but here I am, back to continuing this challenge, and now I'm in Day 3: "Eight things that annoy you".
  1. Annoying classmates asking me endless questions about our lesson.
  2. Annoying cats meowing outside our yard.
  3. People telling me what to do where in fact I already know what to do.
  4. My siblings picking on me.
  5. Being known for who I am not.
  6. Noisy rock music.
  7. Annoying rap songs.
  8. .. and pretty much all that's annoying.
Updates today:
  • I'm 1 inch taller now! YAY! Now I'm 5'1"! :D
  • Tomorrow's the resume of classes for the year 2011, so, yeah, I should sleep early today and wake up early tomorrow.
Imma not make this post very long now, so, uuh .. bye! That's it for now! :) Wishing you all the best for 2011! :D


  1. hey (uh, cousin?) hahaha :D goodluck with school!!! :D

    and that annoying list would probably be same as mine if i were to make one. hahah

  2. Ooooh! The 10 day challenge is awesome! ^__^

    Annoying things.. XD! I agree with number one for sure :P

    Good luck with school ^__^

    I`m still at 4'11 or 5'0 :O!!!

    I wish you the best 2011 year ever ^__^

  3. Im also annoyed at classmates asking endless questions.. LOL and ofcourse being known for who you're not.

    yayyy for the 5'1 thingyyy

    have a nice 2011

  4. ooh! buti ka pa tumangkad ka ng 1 inch :( I hope and I wish me too. huuhuh. happy new year sis !

  5. @Hazel: actually, you're my auntie! hahah . :D thank you so much! :) you too! ^^,

    ooh .. really? wow. :)

  6. @Nancy: hahah .. cool! :D

    thank you so much! wishing you good luck too! :)

    ooh .. you still have some chances on growing taller, i guess, right? :D

    i wish you the best 2011 year ever as well! :)

  7. @Melle Lee: hahah .. thanks sis! you too! have a nice 2011! :)

  8. @Jhen: ooh .. i really wish you could grow taller too! :D

    thank you sis! have a happy new year too! :)

  9. Are you annoyed by rock music sis?
    I don't like rock music. Maybe we have the same sense in music. hehe :)

    oh ya! wishing you all the best in 2011 sis! :D

  10. @Nike: yep! i'm so annoyed by that kind of music. xD wow .. that's cool! :D

    thank you so much sis! :) same to you! :D

  11. LOL! We're the same from 1-5
    annoying really..

  12. buti ka pa sis tumangkad haha :)) ako im still 5'0 so sad..

    goodluck on the 10 Day Challenge hope you finish it..

  13. A lot of things are indeed annoying. Pero kanya kanya naman tlaga yan eh. You might not know, other people might find us annoying as well. dDiba? Haha.

    Anyway, Take care! :)

  14. Wow, 1 inch taller. I want togrow taller too. Hmm..


What can you say? :)