1-1-11:: It's 2011 ..

..and I'm back with a new post! :D

Hey there everyone! I haven't been with you guys since last year! LOL. ahaha .. this joke I found on Tumblr still cracks me up until now. So, how have you been doing? Me, I'm doing fine, and I'm determined to start 2011 as happy and joyful as I can! I have been waiting for 2010 to end for 365 days [LOL], and viola! Here's 2011! And now it's goodbye to 2010 and HELLO TO 2011! Hurray! Here's a picture I uploaded on Facebook as a greeting to all my Facebook friends, and I'm thinkin', I should post the picture here too for you all blogger friends to see! So, yeah, here it is! :)

You might be asking what we did yesterday, I mean, a few hours ago from 12 midnight, as our new year celebration. Well, we just had a very simple celebration. We welcomed the new year by seeing the marvel of the fireworks, by playing basketball [a modified version of jumping when midnight strikes so that we'll grow taller . LOL], taking pictures of the fireworks, taking videos of them, and as for our Media Noche, we just ate ice cream. xD I don't know why, but it's not as grand as other's Media Noche, haha! But, we did eat a lot of food the time before that! :D

As for the pictures, here they are:

By the way, have you seen the eclipse last December 27, 2010, at around 11:34pm? Well, I don't know if this is really an eclipse or not, but here's a picture of it:

Alright, sorry for the low quality of the photos. I'm not an expert in photography yet, so, yeah. I hope you understand. If you want, you could give me tips on how to take pictures at nighttime! ahahaha!

Well, everyone kept asking each other recently what their new year's resolution would be for this year. If you ask me, here are my new year's resolution:

  • STUDY HARDER. I'm not going to lose the honor roll challenge, am I? I say NO once again.
  • LOSE WEIGHT. As you can see, I'm not really that fat, but I once had an ambition of becoming an amateur model [LOL], so, that means I want to be thinner, to be as thin as those models we usually see. ahaha! So thin, but not too much that I'd look like a malnourished person. I mean, I want to be healthily thin. LOL. I hope you get what I mean. This resolution could be similar to "getting fit".
  • GROW TALLER. No one wants to remain short, right? I'm not going to accept remaining 5 feet tall for the remaining years of my life! :)
  • BE A BETTER PERSON. Yes, this should be everyone's new year's resolution too, right? If we don't have the attitude, we could get no where in life. So, might as well improve our attitude, or change it for the better.
  • BE MORE ATHLETIC. Yes, be more athletic. You know why this is included in my new year's resolution list? It's because I have observed that being athletic has been one of the keys to physical wellness. You might have observed that most athletes, or people who play sports, are healthy, and they also rarely get sick. For just so you know, I want to be like them, except that I don't want to grow big muscles like them. xD Well, that's one reason I didn't want to be that athletic in the first place. ahaha!
Oh well, GOOD LUCK TO ME in achieving these resolutions this year! I hope I could fulfill all of these! :D

To those who aren't new here, have you seen anything different in my blog? That's right, it's the layout, well, specifically, it's the background! You might want to go to my Credits page for the credits on the making of my blog. If I forgot to credit you, please ask me politely in Formspring, or message me in the Contact section. The "politely" there is emphasized so that you would all know that you should try to at least be polite to me when you do ask me something, or anything that may concern me. I'm a human being too, with feelings, and I'm really that sensitive to people not treating me like I want them to treat me.

By the way, I also modified my Gifts and Awards section. I decided to organize them in labels instead. :) What do you think on the changes I have made?

Aside from that, I also changed my Blogger profile pic. Sorry for the low quality once again. ^^,

You know, next Monday is already the resume of classes for the year 2011! And yeah, I'M VERY EXCITED! I get to see my schoolmates, teachers, and school authorities again! I get to see our school's beautiful surroundings! Then .. since it's already a few more weeks to go 'til the end of the school year, school is going to be very, very busy! January, February, and March, bring on the heat! ahaha! I'm ready to face the endless challenges that come my way for these busiest months of the school year! :) Please wish me luck, and may God bless us all! :D

Well, maybe I'm not going to update my blog that much anymore, but we'll see about that! :D

That's it for now! Thanks for taking your time reading and viewing this blog post! :) Have a prosperous new year everyone! :D


  1. You can always have time naman for yourself, kaya okay lang yung wala kang time for blogging, just don't forget to do your best. HAHA! :D


  2. you're right kuya julius, thanks! i won't forget to do my best! :D

    Happy new year! :)

  3. hey cool to have the same surname as yours! may I know who's your parents or grandparents are? we could be related! my dad's side is from CDO :)

    happy new year too :D

  4. Almost pareho tayo ng new year resolutions!

  5. @Hazel: oh, sure, you may know, but not here. ^^, i could add you on Facebook instead then we'll talk about that! :D wow .. you're dad's side is from CDO? COOL!! :)) i guess we could really be related. :D

    @Jamie: wow .. good to know! :)


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