FIELD TRIP 9-15-10

Hey there everyone! How are you doing? If you ask me, I'm doing fine! So, I'm going to write about our Educational Field Trip which was last Wednesday, September 15, 2010. Yeah, I know, late post, right? I guess you already know the usual reasons I have for that. :)

So, we went to PHIVEDEC Industrial Authority (PIA) and Philippine Sinter Corporation. The field trip was kind'a boring, but still, I had a bit of fun! I took a lot of pictures! I guess I took around 151 pictures all in all, and that's a record for me! You know, I had never taken this much pictures before, so, I'm proud of myself to finally achieve the record..haha.

Let me tell you about PIA: (from
The PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority (PIA), a government owned and controlled corporation and an Industrial Authority, was established on 13 August 1974 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 538, as amended by PD 1491. It is mandated by its Charter to identify, develop, manage and supervise the 3,000-hectare Phividec Industrial Estate in Misamis Oriental, and equip these areas with the necessary infrastructures to encourage the inflow of domestic and foreign investments.
So, yeah, here are the pictures when we were in PHIVEDEC Industrial Authority:

The Speaker.
Tour around the Estate! :D

After that, we went back to school to eat our lunch or snacks.

Some of us played basketball, especially the girls! :D I really had so much fun! You know, I noticed that I feel taller now..hahah..yeah, because of playing basketball! It's so great that I had the time to play with my girl friends! :)

Cool shot! ahah.. :))

And about the sunglasses I was telling you about which I was going to wear on this trip, here are pictures of me wearing them! :D
Here's the jeepney we rode by the way:This jeepney has great sounds! We enjoyed riding it..LOL!

Next Stop: Philippine Sinter Corporation

This place is very far from our place! I think it took us 30 minutes to get there! :D

So, let me tell you about PSC: (from

Philippine Sinter Corporation (PSC) was incorporated in 1974, by JFE Steel Corporation, one of the world's largest steel makers. The company manages and operates the only sinter production facility in the world that is detached from a steel mill complex.
Here are the pictures:
I love this! :)

The sintered rock, and a friend of mine. :)
Class of 3rd Year Einstein! :D I love them all! :) Even though I have issues with them..haha..oh forget it! :D
We went to the Japanese Gardens! :)
I had pictures with RANDOM people. :P Those two guys have nothing to do with me, especially the shorter one..ahahah. Do I look ugly here?
Yep! Another trip around the company factory! :) Here are more pictures:

And, last but not the least, the two advisers of our 3rd Year batch!
We call her Ma'am Bas. :) She's my Math teacher! I love how she teaches us our lessons, because I can understand her well! She also made me love Math even more! :D

..and here's Ma'am Glo. :D She's our class adviser, and my Values teacher! And you know, she's one of the few teachers who knew my nickname, now she calls me by it..haha.. :))

I LOVE these teachers! They've taught me a lot! :)
And might as well other teachers too! :D
So, I guess that would be the end of my field trip! I had really taken a lot of pictures! The places we went to were also big, spacious, good for walking around and taking countless pictures! It was indeed memorable, although it was a bit boring, but I learned A LOT!

Let's jump to another topic! This week would be our exams, so, again, you wouldn't expect me to blog anything during the time, especially on weekdays, but I guess I could blog a little on the Friday, especially that it's once again the MOMENT OF TRUTH for our grades for the 1st GRADING PERIOD! OMG! I'm feeling all nervous and worried! I know I had performed well for the grading period, but it's the ranking I'm worried about! I just hope I could top the whole 3rd year class, but if not, I guess I'm already prepared to accept it, there's still 2nd to the final grading period anyway, so, yeah, and I had also joined a whole lot of clubs and contests, so, there would be a lot of extracurricular points to add on my general average in the finals! You know, I REALLY NEED THE LAPTOP, and I wouldn't get that laptop if I wouldn't top the class this school year! Please, PRAY for me if you can! :)

Here's a Tumblr image from
-- Which truly applies to me now! ahahah.. xD
That was a while ago, but now, I PROMISE I'd study already, after writing this blog post!

Oh wait, I have to blog hop to the max before I'd study..LOL!
Gosh! I don't like this attitude of mine being so relaxed for the exam! But no wonder I still get high scores (I'm not bragging!).
Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading and viewing! :D What a very long post, right? :)

'Cause When You're 15 . . .

Hey there everyone! Guess what's up? It's my 15th BIRTHDAY today! So, how are you all doing? Me, I'm doing great! Today is just like any other day for me, but the only thing that made it a bit different is that many people came to greet me a "Happy Birthday!", especially on FACEBOOK! Imagine? Almost 100 people came to my Facebook wall to say "Happy Birthday" to me! It feels so good to know that many people would care to greet me just for a few moments! And it also felt good knowing that I am already one year older, that I am finally 15, and that I have reached this far in my life! I thank God so much for letting me spend another year in this world! I promise I'll cherish it more as time passes by! Thank you GOD, and to the many people, including here in the blogging world, who had been part of my 15 years of existence! You all mean a lot to me! If I hadn't met you my life would never be the same!

So, wanna ask me what I did for my birthday? Me and my family just had a mini celebration. You know, we came to buy oh-so-delicious food for take-out at a nearby restaurant called Harbor Lights in Cagayan de Oro City, then we ate at home, just like any other party, only that the family alone came to celebrate with me. This is the celebration I truly want. :)

So, I received the following gifts for my birthday!
So, as you can see, these are what my parents gave me for my birthday! Sandals, school shoes, and sunglasses! Oh, I love these accessories! You know, I'm starting to love wearing high-heeled shoes, but I'll start from 1.5-inch heels first! We'll never know I could already walk well in 4-inch (or higher) heels soon! Whew! That would be so cool! I could be like a model! And woah! Starting tomorrow I'd be 1.5 inches taller! ahahah! COOL! Tomorrow I'd be 5'1.5"! Wee~!

I also LOOOVE those shades! I'm so excited to wear them during our Educational Field Trip on Wednesday! So, you might expect a lot of pictures in my blog post on that day or on the weekend! Hope you'd look forward to it! I love this field trip because we're going very, very far away, like it's around 30 minutes of travel time in going there! That would be really cool! I just hope that our school bus will be in good condition while going there! I won't let anything get in the way of my pure travel fun! :D I also hope nothing would go wrong during that time! :)

Have you observed that whenever you're excited for one event, something bad would most probably happen? Me, I had observed that many times already, just like when I was so excited for Junior High, for the prom and all, but when I was finally an official Junior, suddenly, all those excitement feeling for the prom vanished away and I don't know why. Also, I was put in a section that I simply don't like, and that caused me to want the school year to end fast. Well, I just hope I'd love Junior year a bit more now.

You know, good thing nothing bad had happened today, except that Plurk isn't working well, and . . . I think that's it!

Well, that's it for now! I gotta be early tomorrow, so, yeah! Good night! Take care, and God bless! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN to those who greeted me on my birthday! They mean a lot to me! :) You know who you are! :D