Happy Father's Day, Papa! :)

Happy Father's Day, Papa! :)

The image above is my digiscrap masterpiece, a surprise for my Papa for his special day! :) The quote by the way is by Bartrand Hubbard.

Well, I love my Papa so much! He had taken care of me, my brothers, and my sister, along with my Mama! He had also given me countless advices, basing on his life experiences!

He disciplines us well, that's why me and my siblings had grown to be well-disciplined. He spanks our sins away so that we could never do them again. It does hurt, but it's worth it, because if our sins are not let out by that, we could always do them again and again. We do believe that heart-to-heart talks won't work on most kids, so might as well do it the hurtful way..haha..xDD

So, he disciplines us well, he also lectures us about life, and he also relates those lectures of his to his past experiences! He had always told me not to be bad-tempered because it makes me ugly, and no person could get along with me well, and we could get no good from it. He had been there, and done that.

Another thing I like about my father is that he has great imaginations, that he could tell a lot of great, funny stories! They're some of the best (comedic) stories I had ever heard! He also tells some inspirational stories, and we do learn a lot from them!

My father is also smart and witty! He knows a whole lot of things! He's great in explaining stuff.

It's great indeed to have a father like him! I'm so lucky to have him as my father! He works hard for money for the needs of our family, he does some sacrifices just for our own good, he's responsible, loving, caring, and a lot more good qualities a great father has! Without him, I would be nothing, just like with my mother! I really, really love my Mama and Papa! They raised me well, and they made me the way I am now! I thank you so much for always being there for me! Oh, how could I ever repay you? :)

Off topic! Well, domain contests have been coming around this time, and I have been wanting to join one, but too bad it's during school time, that's why I couldn't join! I said to myself, why do some things I want to happen come at the wrong time? They should have held those contests during summer, that way I wouldn't have a problem! I'd want to try having a domain so bad so that I could see what it's like! Best thing about the contests are that they give a free domain, for one year, or so! I don't care if it expires, as long as I had tried having one, it's fine! I'd want to see for myself how domains work, and that I'll try not to believe in what others say about it, because I'll find about it myself! I won't try the domain on this blog though, because I'm afraid of what would happen to it.

Tomorrow is Monday! Oh, how time flies so fast! haha..xDD That has become a saying on my life right now! I once again would sleep early today, and wake up early too, very early! We'll wear our uniforms tomorrow, so, I'm excited about it! I could finally wear my new shoes and socks, and uniform! Yay! Tomorrow also, we'd be told about our subject requirements, and on Tuesday, we'll start that UbD (Understand by Design) Curriculum, the Independent Study. I'm also excited about that! Great, another thing to adjust to! I just hope I could still excel with it, and I know I will, just like last school year that I was able to survive that endless and tiring writing of activity sheets! LOL! :D Some even call them activity sh*ts..haha..xDD That's how my schoolmates hate that learning system! Good thing it was changed, but then again, some of my schoolmates are hating it. What do they want really? haha..

Our class schedule is so hectic right now, I know it! One of my teachers had already told us that club meetings aren't allowed to be held anymore during class hours! That's how hectic our schedule would be! T_T The class schedule is going to be given tomorrow! OMG! ^o^

We shopped for school supplies and food this afternoon by the way! Finally! I have my new USB Flash Drive, for my Computer (T.H.E) subject! I also have a new scientific calculator, and labgown! Yay! We also ate a lot of delicious food, one thing we did to celebrate Father's Day! :D

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! :)

Time flies so fast...

Indeed, time flies so fast! That makes life even more exciting! Better spend it wisely, you can never recover it once it's gone!

Hey there everyone! Finally! It's a weekend! I gotta admit, those first three (3) days of school were very, very tiring! I really needed a rest! Of course I had time to rest those past few days too, but I just didn't feel like resting, I mean, I really enjoyed surfing the net, and even if I was already very, very sleepy, I didn't want to sleep yet, and instead, I slept late, very late, like the time I used to sleep during summer. But good thing I still managed to wake up early, because of the alarm..haha..xD

Time flies so fast, do you agree? It's like it has been fast-forwarded, or something like that. And I love it, and sometimes it panics me. How about you? :)

I almost can't believe that I'm a Junior High School student already! It's like when our class is called "3rd Year", it's new to me, or I'm still not used to it. Well, I'll get used to it!

And also, thinking about me having lots of very high office positions in school makes me happy, but also panicky! haha..xDD

I'm happy about it because I would have lots of responsibilities, experience, and higher grades! I could also learn a whole lot more! And, I could increase my popularity in school, or lessen my shyness and silent-ness (is there such a word? haha)! I really wanted to have more self confidence and self-esteem with myself, and being an officer helps!

But on the other hand, I'm also panicking about it because I'm thinking, "OMG! Bigger responsibilities, less free time, higher stress level, could I handle it all?"! I really hope I could handle them all! Because of thinking about that stress I'm going to get, I thought that I would not push through anymore with auditioning for our Glee Club, because as what I had heard, that club gives a whole lot more stress than other clubs! Imagine? We have to attend practices everyday, including Saturday? And we still have those cleaning sessions, and club meetings if we're a member of any? Oh man! And especially now that club meetings between class hours aren't allowed anymore because of the new school learning system!

I love Junior Year! I really do! That's what I feel about it since the first day of school, or even before school started! We have more students already to be a role model of! I'm older, that means I have bigger responsibilities now. My teacher also says that this is the time many questions pop out our mind about everything around us. We explore more about life and all. Junior year (high school) is one of the most exciting years in our life! We better spend it well, 'ya know! haha.. :D

*sigh* Two more years to go and I'm college! Wee! But I haven't made up my mind yet on the course. And by the way, are Computer Engineering and Information Technology the same? I just needed some confirmation, that's all! :D And, do you know someone who became a millionaire (at least) who had a computer-related job/course? How about Multimedia Arts? These are just a few college courses I'm suggesting to myself. I based these with my passions, interests, and hobbies, now's the time to think if I could earn lots of money with them! I'm also thinking of getting an Engineering, or an Architecture course! There are lots of courses for me to choose! And here's another one: Accounting! Because I'm good in Math, and I know someone who became very rich with it! It's Manny Villar! haha..xDD Right?

By the way, I'm feeling sleepy now, which is strange because I did take a two-hour nap a while ago, at 3 - 5pm. Oh well, as usual, I don't want to sleep this early yet! Bwahaha! :P

And, another thing, tomorrow is Father's Day! I really hope I don't forget! It's one of the most special days of the year, and I don't want to miss greeting the person involved in it on that day! :) So, I better greet in advance (again) now, a Happy Father's Day to all father's out there, especially my father! :D

Another! The school implemented a rule that we're not allowed to bring cellphones anymore in school! And if we are caught bringing one, we won't be able to get inside the campus! T_T That hurts me a lot! I'm not used to not bringing a cellphone in school! It's my only mode of communication with my parents, brother, and sister when I'm in school! Well, on the bright side, nothing could ever disturb me anymore in school, and that those classmates and schoolmates of mine who can't seem to stop texting during school hours, could be disciplined by that.

We'll formally start wearing our school uniform next Monday, but we still don't need to bring some books, because our teachers would still give us some requirements on that day. And, we'll apply that new IS (Independent Study) on Tuesday. I hope I could adjust to it!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! :)

And before I go, let me ask you, tell me about how your school was, if you want! :D

Hello? Are you there?

Hey? Everyone? haha..xDD Well, hello! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine as always!

You know, as what I had observed here on the Internet, it's getting quiet. Like for example, here in the blog-o-sphere, when I was bloghopping, only few of the blogs are recently updated. And on Facebook? Fewer are online. Plurk? Fewer are Plurking.

By the way, about Facebook. I forgot to tell you, last June 10, 2010, I had a record of 63 online people on my FB chat! I was so happy, that I broke the news on my status! LOL! :D It's the first time that my FB chat had reached above 60 online! I was thinking that many people logged in to Facebook because they're getting the most of it before school starts!

Well, today's Monday, and it's a holiday, that's why there are no classes. And tomorrow, for us, will have no classes too, because as what I had said, it would be Cagayan de Oro City's Charter Day. I am really, really excited for Wednesday, If you are frequently reading my blog, then you'll know how I really am excited for school. I even posted a countdown, like this:

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Another thing I'd want to share to you! My 100-peso load, which was loaded last April 28, 2010, had just expired now, even though it hasn't ran out yet! I'm so happy to know that my 100-peso load lasted long! Maybe because I was subscribed to Globe's IMMORTAL TXT, and that I didn't text much. I'm not really a texting addict like most teens are. I had been texting since 3 years ago, when I was in Grade 6, when my parents gave me a cellphone as a birthday gift. It was a Nokia 1110i. It's a cool phone, good for those who are fond of texting, for those who'd want a very simple and user-friendly phone. I really loved the phone, because it was the first phone I ever had, and I first learned how to text with that phone. It had been with me until last March 21, the day my parents bought a new phone for my being a top first honor. My old phone wasn't exactly destroyed, it was now used by my younger brother.

Back to my topic about my load, just now, I was loaded 50 pesos. I hope that this load would also last long! :) I'll save it really, really carefully!

I would like to greet again an advance Happy Father's Day to my Papa, and to all other fathers out there! I figured out that I would frequently greet a Happy Father's day so that I would not forget. It's a very special day for fathers, and I don't want to miss greeting my father on that day. It is the time to honor our fathers for all that they had done. They had worked for money for the needs of the family, they had a lot of sacrifices just to give us some good care and support. They continuously give us some advices, some encouragement, and some other things that we need to live well. I thank my Papa for all those things that he had done. He had made me cry so many times because he had scolded and hurt me so bad for something I did wrong. But I still love him for that despite all the hurt feelings I had felt, because he is just doing those to me because he loves me. Well, he even sacrificed himself to just stay with us here at home, to be with us, even if his assigned place to work is located very, very far from our place, and even if he receives less salary because of it. And, he also lent me his laptop, the laptop I'm using now! I am so happy that he did these great things to us. I love you Papa! :)

Well, that was emotional! :'D

Off topic! I'm finally going to be a Junior High School student! I'm so happy! Yay! I just hope that things would go well on our first days of school! I'm going to look my best, do my best, give my best, and a lot other best things that I could do! :) And oh my gosh! We're going to have a prom this school year! I gotta admit, I'm just so excited for the prom because I get to wear a gown! LOL! :DD And have my hair treated, or have some make-up, well, I don't like the make-up part..haha..xDD It only makes me uglier, I guess, but it's needed..lol.. Now I'm just being immature..haha..

I kept on looking through some gowns at a gown renting store at Limketkai, thinking, someday, I'm going to wear one of you! ^_^

This is going to be my second-to-the-last everyday update for now, since school's almost coming and you all know that we couldn't find some vacant time anymore each day to blog, or do some other stuff on the Internet! It would be lucky if I get to blog on a weekday! haha..xDD But I'll do try my best to blog on a weekend! :)

Well, that's it for today! I was thinking that this is going to be a short post this time, but it turned out that I was wrong..haha.. :DD Thanks for reading! I hope you had gotten this far! :)

Before I go and do some bloghopping, I'm going to share to you this music by Emilia, Big Big World:

Okay, I'll go now and bloghop, bye! :D

Independence Day! :)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, as usual, I'm doing fine! Today in the Philippines is the Independence Day! I'm going to tell you about what we did for this day!

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_Philippines

Kuya Renz shared this song for Independence day. I love the song, that's why I decided to share it to you here too! :D

"todo na 'to!
lliparin ang langit na bughaw
pagningningin mga tala at araw
mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan"

To tell you guys, I kind'a missed hearing some Tagalog songs. All I had been hearing now are English (and Korean) songs. Good thing some blogger friends of mine shared Tagalog songs! I really had a great sound trip from those Tagalog songs! Thank you Kuya Renz, and Kuya Julius too, for the song True Love Ko!

By the way, thank you so much to those who greeted my blog a happy birthday yesterday, and complimented my new blog layout too! :D Thank you, thank you! I highly appreciate them!

Well, this was an ordinary day for us. We just did some grocery shopping the whole day, and then here I am, in front of the computer surfing the Internet!

But before I continue my blabs about today, I'm going to share to you this Disaster Movie End Song! It was indeed funny and cool! haha.. :D My sister and brother shared this to me yesterday. I really loved it. Too bad every video of it doesn't approve embedding it! You may just click the link and watch it if you want! :)

Then, back to today, so, first thing in the morning, I woke up early, because I slept early yesterday. Hmm..I don't know why I got bored on the Internet early the night before. Well, as usual when we are going to have some grocery and shopping, we get ready as fast and early as we can. We usually have grocery shopping in the morning, just so you know. Then, I took some vain pictures of myself and my baby brother while waiting for my mother and sister to get ready. Here's one:

After my mother and sister got ready, we kissed Papa goodbye, then we went on going to the highway and waiting for jeepneys to ride. When we arrived, we kept on walking and walking on going to the grocery. It was tiring indeed. When we finally arrived again at the grocery, we went on grocery shopping of course! haha.. :D There were a lot of other people there! Maybe because of the holiday. After grocery shopping, we went to Goldilocks to buy some food for take out. Then after that, we finally went home! I was so relieved by that! Finally, I could rest at home, and eat, then go have a bit of exercise, then go to my laptop and click Mozilla Firefox, then off to surfing the net!

While surfing the net, the first site I visit is this blog, to check for messages and comments! And whew! I was so surprised to see a lot of comments and messages today! I was so happy too when I saw these! I'm so glad that you all took your time greeting my blog a happy birthday and compliment my new layout, and comment on my post of course! Thank you, thank you very, very much! As what I had said, I highly appreciate them! Thanks again! :D

So, the next site I visited was YouTube, to check out the Disaster Movie End Song video again! I really enjoyed watching it! After that, I checked out other videos of the Disaster Movie. Here's another one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sbjp5cglzw

Again, embedding was disabled, so, you may just click the link for the video! I really love the song, the beat, and it has a kind'a funny message! haha..xDD

It says, "We'll all be friends forever, unless a random disaster destroys our city!"

I LOLed when I read the lyric. :D

I really thought it wasn't their own song, but when I searched it on Google, it was indeed their song! I really, really loved it! haha..xDD

Here's the full version by the way, but sorry for the quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jveRiwk-yM&feature=related

Another thing! Yay! Finally! It's already...

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Wooh!! School, I'm almost coming for you! haha..xDD My excitement for school came back! Today is June 12, and our classes would be on June 16, 2010, 7:30am! Yipee! LOL! :D I'll wear my best shirts and blouses for the first days of school! And I'll prepare my mind and body for those first days of school too! As what I had said, I'll sleep and wake up early, get ready and do some chores early, stop being lazy and procrastinating, wear my best shirt/blouse, yes, then wait excitedly for the jeepney! haha..my father doesn't bring us to school anymore with his car, unless it's raining. He, and my mother, are already training us to be more independent! And I'm kind'a loving it! I could also train myself for preparing to go to Manila and study there at the University of the Philippines! I really hope I could pass, and even more, get to the top 50! Hopefully!

As what I had read about the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test),

U.P. Oblation Scholars are the top fifty qualifiers to the UPCAT. Their scholarships, should they choose to enter UP, provide them with a 100% discount on tuition fees, transportation and book allowances, and monthly stipends.
Among the Oblation Scholars who choose to enroll in UP, several are chosen to give a welcome address during the freshman assembly at the UP Theater.

See? Because of the
"100% discount on tuition fees, transportation and book allowances, and monthly stipends", I really want to be on the Top 50! I want to become a scholar so bad, so that I could help my family save more money!

I really wish to be one of the best! :)

And another thing I had read about:

Eligibility and Application to the UPCAT

Individuals that are considered eligible for the UPCAT should be any one of the following:

1. A senior student of any secondary school that is accredited by the Department of Education;
2. A graduate of any secondary school that is accredited by the Department of Education, or of any secondary school found abroad; or
3. Any individual that has been declared eligible to enter college according to the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) results.

In addition, graduates must not have taken and must not be taking any college subjects. He or she should not plan to take any college subjects before the semester or academic year of the UPCAT.

Anyone who has taken the UPCAT may not take it again.

The deadline for filing of applications for the UPCAT is announced regularly, and is usually in late June.

See that bold statement? "
Anyone who has taken the UPCAT may not take it again." Oh man! That panicked me a little! I SHOULD NOT fail myself on that test! Well, I still have a few more months to go before I would take the UPCAT! Maybe all I can do now is study well, pray to God, keep my hopes up, and aim high!

..and, another thing! Here's another one I've read!

University Predicted Grade

The University Predicted Grade (UPG) is a combined score of an applicant's weighted UPCAT score and the weighted average of his/her grades in high school. It is approximately 40% from his/her grades in high school and 60% from the UPCAT. UPCAT results are ranked according to the examinees' University Predicted Grades.

In order to make the student population of UP more representative of the country's population, socioeconomic and geographic factors are also considered in selecting campus qualifiers. see entry [1]
I'm so glad that my high school grade would count! Yay! 40 percent! That's already a big percentage to add to my UPCAT result! I just hope that I could also have a big result in the UPCAT exam itself too! :D

Me and my family talked about our plans when we grow up, then we talked about our plans in college. This UPCAT was also one thing we talked about. Yep, they hoped that I could pass the exam someday, and get a great job! My father said that finding a job would not be a problem for me because I get along with people well, I'm not bad-tempered to others, and I'm smart! He told me that I should improve my public relations, you know, I should be more like, uh, talkative, approachable, smiling, and all! Those are the only things I lacked in my personality. So, I just hope I could adjust my attitude a bit! :)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! Hope you had gotten this far! :D

EDIT: Ate Janile and Ate Kristina gave me an award! Yay! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy! Here they are! :)
From Ate Janile..
...and from Ate Kristina!

Here's for you! :)
I guess I just have to pass this award to all the people in my blog links! :D Especially Ate Janile and Ate Kristina! I give the award back to you! :) I already passed this award to some co-bloggers and friends in this post: http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2010/05/oh-my-gosh-new-addicting-song-and-blog.html To those friends who haven't claimed the award, please claim it now, and accept it! :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! :D

---Another end of the post! :)

Happy First Birthday...

...to my blog, Take a Deep Breath! It's feels so good to know that me and my blog got this far! :)

Click the image for a bigger view! :D

To celebrate this first anniversary of my blog, I changed my layout to this:

What do you think of my new layout? :) Me, I think it looks great! It's simpler and more attractive to me, I guess! :D

And, I'll also celebrate this first anniversary of my blog by posting this blog post, and telling you about how it came to be, and some experiences I had!

So, let me tell you the history of my blog! Here it goes!

One day, when I was looking through some updates on Friendster (Friendster was still popular when this blog has been born), I saw some bulletins. One bulletin post of Ate Pearl promoted her blog, http://stupify5.blogspot.com, which I recalled was newly updated. Yeah, I clicked the link of her website, then there! I fell in love with her new layout, and all the things that she had written! :D Because of that, I decided to make a blog too, so that I could also design a layout like that, and also, I could make an online diary. That time, I finally knew what formal blogging was about. I already had a blog before this, which was http://vannice.blog.friendster.com/! Take a look at my posts there if you want! hahaha.. :)) See? I don't really know about how to write in a blog! LOL! All I had written there were song lyrics, some shortcut-ed typing which are so immature, and others that you may observe! After browsing through Ate Pearl's blog, that time I knew how I should use a blog! :) Thank you for that! :D

Yeah, I made this blog on June 11, 2009. Whew! I wrote three (3) blog posts on that date! A welcome post, almost class opening, and summer '09 almost ending! See? I was just as excited that time for school! I think only really, really small things had changed on me. Hmm..I kept on visiting Ate Pearl's blog, so that I could observe more on how to use a blog.

Two days after that, I designed my first layout. Here's the post telling about it: http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-layout.html ! Too bad I didn't have the screenshot for the layout! So you see, my first blog title for this blog was "Story of My Life". Very simple isn't it? Next comes "It's my Life, It's now or never", then I think "Take a Deep Breath" was the next and it was the last blog title I could think of for this blog.

I tried and tried to make a blog header, but didn't push through because whenever I make one, it would be in bad quality, because I was just using Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Word. I haven't discovered Adobe Photoshop or Fotoflexer and Cooltext, so, yeah..haha.. :D

Well, I'll try to describe my layout! I tried and tried various Blogger base templates, and I came across Ms. Motto Blogger template. I had just tweaked the template, with my HTML coding skills (haha). I searched for various backgrounds on DollieCrave. So, I could describe my first designed layout as colorful, bright, cheerful, and all. But it isn't exactly as neat as this. :( So, because I was not contented, I kept on changing and changing, then switched from one Blogger template to another, tweaked them, and at last, I came across the Dots template. Still, I switched from the dark one to the light one, and tweaked it to my preference. I had joined MyLot that time, and I asked people there if my layout was OK. One criticized that it was rather "blase". So, I continued tweaking and all. Then, my continuous tweaking had finally stopped this December 26, 2009, when my longest-termed layout, for now, had been made. Here's the screenshot:

Yeah, it was the layout before this, just that the difference is the header, and the navigations! I still made some minor adjustments on this layout after that.

Another thing, or problem I encountered while making my layouts was how to make my navigations. Since Ate Pearl was the only one I knew who has this amazing feature on her blog, I asked her how to do her navigations! She gave me a link which I referred and followed how to do it, but still the result I wanted to show still didn't come up. I asked for more help from Ate Pearl, then she answered about reverting my XML template to the classic HTML template. I did not understand at first what direction could this tutorial bring me, but now I finally do..haha.. :D Since navigations like hers and mine are usually made in HTML templates, she advised me to revert to that. But because I found that it was harder to deal with it because I was new and worried about what could happen to my blog layout, I decided not to revert it. Hmm..looks like I kind'a regretted that decision, and at some times I don't! I regretted it because my "BLOG" navigation is the only one different from the other navigations because I could not find a way to link it like other navs. But now I don't regret having this XML layout anymore because I thought it was easier to deal with!

Back to the navigations, I was about to give up, but I never did. Because of that, I had finally done it! I was very happy and I was kind'a jumping with joy! First of all I thanked God, myself for not giving up too easily, and of course to my schoolmate and blogger-mate, Ate Pearl. I also thank my family too! :)

For the Plugboard, I saw it first from Ate Ayan. Hmm..I told her how I wished I could have one for promoting other's sites, then she told me that we could get it from a certain website! Then there! I finally got the Plugboard! Thank you so much! :D

For the Contact section, I just searched for it. And oh, I forgot to credit Kontactr for it! I'll add that to my credits later! :)

Well, enough for the layout! Let me tell you my experiences as a blogger!

There, I installed the Shoutmix box for the first time. People from all over the world came by and tagged on my shoutbox. One blogger dropped by and said, "link-ex?". I'm not really sure what to reply to her, so, err, I kind'a replied something about "link example"! LOL! :D I was really this new to this blogging thing. I'm not exactly sure how I knew what "link-ex?" meant, but I finally knew about it during the month of August, August 30, 2009 to be exact. After that, this started some daily traffic on my blog! I dropped by a lot of blogs and said, "link-ex?" or "care to link-ex?", and in return, some also dropped by my blog and invited me for link exchange. It was really fun! That's the time I met new friends! Some friends I recalled are Ate Rich, Ate Rose, Kuya Arvin, Kuya Jose, Kuya Julius, another Ate Rose, Ate Dyane, Ate Jhen, Deniece, Toni, Pat, Kuya Sendo, Ate Grace, and many others! Yeah, I really did meet a lot of friends! I thank you all for being such good friends to me! By being so understanding and all! You all have been there for me! Thank you very, very much! I hope we could be friends for a long time!

I also learned a whole lot from other's lives! I began to become interested on other's lives.

Being here in the blog-o-sphere, I also received some awards and tags! The first tag I received was from Ella! I was so happy that I got tagged for the first time! :D And, the first award I received was from Kuya Jose! Again, I was very happy. I was happy with these because I already had complete experience in the blogging world! It's good that these all happened before my blog turned one year! At least my time here is becoming a bit worth it! :) Thank you so much! :D Later after those, more tags and awards came! That made me even more happier!

While blogging, my parents that time were finding ways to earn money online. They had thought of making a blog, but since I already have one, they kept on suggesting me some websites that I should join, and some stuff that I should put on my blog! My father also has his blog, which he kept on updating (well, 'til 4 months ago), and since he wrote some really great and interesting posts, many visited and came across his blog! He had a lot of views, and online people daily! Well, you should check out his blog if you want! :)

We continued to find ways of earning money online. I tried Geostring, MyLot, Cashcrate, Triond, and many other sites. I did earn some money, but they're just too little to cash out, so, so far, I hadn't gotten my earned money yet.

I came across this Blogger friend, Dennis. He suggested me to get my own domain so that I could earn a lot of money like him. But I was so hesitant because I had observed other domains that they became expired and not working anymore, and some said that it was a hassle to renew it and pay for it and all. But as what this blogger friend had told me, some pros that we could get from domains are that some advertisers choose paid domains for advertising other than non-paid domains. This kind'a make sense, but what I worry about is that my blog could be in-danger, and would be gone, and that's the last thing I'd want to happen to my blog!

I thank my parents so much because they had been an avid fan of my blog, especially my mother who kept on reading every latest post I had and telling every single detail of it to my father! Thank you Mama and Papa! I also thank them for this Internet connection and laptop, support, and for making my life the way I wanted it to be! :D Without them, I could never exist!

Well, I think that's pretty much it I can say for my 1st-anniversary-of-my-blog post! Thanks for reading! :D

Thank you so much to all of you, especially God, family, and to my blogger friends!

Another Award, and School's Coming! O_o

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Who among you had started their classes already? and had not started their classes yet? Me, I'm one of those who's classes had not started yet! Oh man! It's already next Wednesday! Yay! I'm lovin' it! I'm even inspired to make this! haha.. :D

Click the image for a bigger view!


Fotoflexer for the mix-and-matching of images
Cooltext for the texts
Background courtesy of DollieCrave.com
Boy with books image from http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=books&order=9&offset=24#/d1yh1pf
Cartoon children image from http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=cartoon+children#/djfl66

Well, I have been given an award by sis UMI! Thank you so much sis! It's my 3rd time receiving this award! :)

I'm done giving back this award here, so, yeah! :) Thanks again to Kuya Jheigzh, Ate Jhen, and Ate Umi! I should really start updating my GIFTS page!

Now, back to the topic about school! I'll start working on the labels later, in the evening, so, yeah! I could finally be ready for school! You know, I got everything planned out for the first day of school! I bought a T - Shirt with my nickname on it, Nice, which I'm going to wear! And it's chocolate brown colored! It's also kawaii! I'd also wear my favorite skinny jeans, and do my hair well! I hope I would have some time to take a picture of myself before I'll go to school! I'll promise myself that I would wake up very, very early, and sleep earlier than usual! During my first day of my sophomore year, I have been one of the early birds! haha.. :D I'd want to make that happen again!

As you have noticed, I updated my Link Exchange page, because I decided that I would resume linking my affies there, since as how I observed, many of you fellow bloggers expected that I would link you there, but I linked you up instead on my Blogroll. I also decided to remove the Blogroll widget, but chose not to remove it just yet, because I have to review again whether I had linked all the links there to my Link Exchange page. If I'm done reviewing, maybe I could remove it already. Have you wondered why I added that Blogroll widget? It's because I have seen some blogs with the widget and I wanted to try it on. Turns out it was easier to link blogs there, so, I used the widget for linking blogs for a while. But as time passed, I realized some blogs have this automatic link-er and I have no choice but to use the Link Exchange page, because they could not recognize their link on the Blogroll. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you all understand!

I had also updated my music player! It plays automatically once again! If you don't like the music, you can just click the pause button!

You know, I really hope that the Adobe Photoshop installing would push through! I'm really so excited for it! I hope it isn't very expensive and a hassle to install! I want need it, for my dream job! And it's very efficient for editing pictures, right? :)

By the way, about the Investigatory Project, I also have another idea! I could use the Coconut! My mother suggested this! She directed me to this site: http://www.plantcultures.org/plants/coconut_other_uses.html . Hmm..I still have to decide on which use of it should I make a project of! Thank you Mama, for giving me an idea for this!

And, you know, I realized I wasn't done yet for my layout! hahaha..xDD It's because I had another idea on how I should make my layout! Good thing I haven't changed this current layout of mine yet! My idea's a secret! ;)

About the domain thing, hmm...I still have second thoughts about it! If I'd ever have a domain, I'll use my inactive-for-now blog! hahaha..xDD And not this, because as what Ate Pearl had said (in the comments of my previous post),

"ang problema lang in having your own domain, pagnasira daw yung server, masisira din yung site mo .. ewan.. mas convenient kasi sa blogspot eh. Trust me, I've been in that stage before. Ang dami nag-sabi sa akin na stick to blogspot nalang kasi mas convenient:D and domains cost too much.. kapag mag-eexpire, irerenew mo na naman.. magbabayad ka na naman.."
This was also my point-of-view about domains! Turned out I was kind'a right! haha.. :DD

Here's what Kuya Julius said:

"Well, getting a new domain takes many steps but they say na mas maganda nga yung may sariling domain. Nung nakikisubdomain naman ako, wala naman pinagkaiba,, so I sticked with my Blogspot! ^_^"
Thanks to all who wished me luck for Adobe Photoshop! I truly appreciate those who gave advices to me about it, and yeah, wished me luck on it! I hope I could get the hang of it!
And by the way, wow! I thank you all to those who dropped by and dropped back on my page, and most importantly, to those who commented on my previous post! Woah! I have 13 comments, and maybe still counting! Thank you so much! :D Another record! :)

Another thing, speaking of records, here's one, last Saturday!

I was visiting a lot of blogs at that time, so, that's the result! The first time the online users reached more than 5! I hope next time, it would reach at 10! haha..xDD Anything is possible!

I should blog hop more often to get this much visitors! Thank you all for visiting, and visiting back my site! Be sure to drop something on my Tagboard so that I could visit you all back, and, for me to reply to your messages, you should also have a tagboard, or a comment box, or other ways of communication!

By the way, I also read Ate Pearl's story blog: http://wordsleftunspoken1.blogspot.com/ ! I love the story! :) Care to check it out? :D

And, I made some of my Blogger friends my Facebook friends already! Kuya Jose, Kuya Julius, Toni, Ate Stella, and Deniece!

Whew! This post is very random! I had just written what I had in mind during the time!

Another thing! Are any of you taking the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) ? When will the taking of tests be held? And where? Is it too early for a Junior High School student to take this test? Maybe I'll just take this if I'm going to be a Senior already. I'm not so sure yet if I should push through with my chosen course. It's still a blur! huhuhu.. :'( God, please help me! I want to go to UP and study there! Many successful people (from the Philippines) came from that school! Well, if ever I'm qualified for the UPCAT, I should try my best to be the best among more than 20,000 students! Please wish me luck!

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! :D Hope you could leave some comments! :)

EDIT: By the way, Kuya Julius gave me an award too! Another thanks to him! Sorry if it was late! I completely forgot to grab it!

---Another end of the post! Thanks so much for all your comments! :D

One More Week 'til Summer Ends!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine, as always! You know, I'm a bit happy today! You know why? The title says why! haha..xDD

Well, "one more week 'til summer ends" doesn't apply to all of us here, right? :) I know some of you had started school already, or is going to start school tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that!

Our class resume schedule is on June 16 by the way! :) Oh! That's next Wednesday! OMG! We haven't started labeling our books and notebooks yet! You know why? It's because of procrastination! hahaha.. :D And, we're also very busy doing some, uh, stuff! Yeah, I think you guessed it right! The Internet, the research, the fun, exercise, television, and a lot others! Are you all ready for school? :)

Today, I'm currently watching Ke$ha's music video of Your Love Is My Drug! She really doesn't look drunk in that music video! She's pretty with light makeup! Very pretty! But she still acted like she's drunk at the last part! LOL! :D

The reason why I watched this on YouTube is that I was watching music videos from Channel V, and I loved Ke$ha's music video and wanted to watch it again, so, there! I also saw Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston's music video of Eenie Meenie! Oh my, here I go again, with the Bieber fever! hahaha..xDD

Here's another video of Justin Bieber! hahaha.. :DD

Who among you also have Bieber Fever? LOL! :D

Enough of that! :)

I heard this song at ASAP, on ABS-CBN! Where are you now? :) I also love this song! :D Here's the lyrics video:

For lunch, I ate Crispy Pata! Yum! It has become my favorite! Do you think it's delicious too? haha.. :D

I also had a chat with a blogger friend of mine, Dennis. We talked about getting a new domain, and some other stuffs! Hmm..I got to admit, I am planning to have my own domain, but I think it's expensive (because I don't have the dollars), and a hassle renewing it and all! But as what he said, you can earn a lot more money from having a domain! Well, I'll just see if I could really get one! :) I'll have to find more about the domain thing!

I have good news today! I'm almost going to have Adobe Photoshop already! Thank you Mama for reminding the computer technician! And thank you Papa for agreeing with it! :D My dream software, here I come! :) Thank you God, for making my wishes (material and life wishes) come true! I'm almost now on a step to practicing my dream job, to be a graphic designer or a web developer! This Photoshop is such an important thing for me to have! So, I thank you so much to those who are part of making this wish come true, God, parents, and of course, the computer technician! Yay! I just hope he doesn't forget when he comes back to fix one of our computers! :D

You know, I'm thinking of taking a picture of my school stuff when we're going to work on the labeling! Well, I'm done taking a picture of the books! Next, I'm going to take a picture of notebooks, pencil case, bag, and a lot others! haha.. :))

Well, that's it for now! A short post, don't you think? :) Thanks for reading! :D

I Will Never Say Never, I Will Fight 'till Forever...

...make it right! Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up, and never say never! :)

Yep! Still addicted to this song! Too bad the video of the song I linked yesterday on my post isn't available anymore. But here's the new link! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5-P9v3F8w&NR=1

I was thinking, is Justin Bieber's voice changing already? It's deeper now as I heard this song of him, and Jaden Smith. Oh well!

This morning, we went to school for my sister's books and our report card! This time, our mother's not with us, because she, and my father agreed, that we should be taught to be independent. We went to school ourselves. Well, we did it! We did the assigned tasks right!

Here's my report card!

The envelope...


Take a closer look...

...and closer to see my grades!

Yep! I took a picture of every detail of my report card, because I'm so happy with my grades, and that I would never see this report card ever again if I won't take a picture of it since we'll return this report card when classes start.

You know what I can say about my grades? I think they're superb! In Filipino, I really thought that my grades would decrease because of my NAT Review Results which are low (for me), but see the result? 99! I love seeing these digits! Some grades decreased and increased, and also maintained! It's OK if some grades decreased, I expected them anyway! LOL! JK! Yeah, I thought they would decrease, but I still hoped for them to at least maintain, or increase. I really got depressed during the 4th Grading because of the NAT Reviews which are very hard and I got low scores that are almost failing, and just near above the passing score. But now, I'm so happy, and thankful that only one point of these subjects decreased! Yay! Thank You so much God! Maybe I made bawi on my exams, that's why I still got high grades!

We weren't able to buy uniforms yet because we really need mother to be with us during that.

On the Internet, I found this channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/adcouncil

They have great videos about awareness!

And oh, while replying tags on my tagboard, when I visited sis Paola's blog, I saw this vid! It really made me teary-eyed when I watch it and hear its music! Care to watch?

I don't know why, but I kept on having teary eyed whenever I watch videos like these and hear music like these. I thank you so much, sis, for sharing this! I was so inspired, and encouraged!

The strong winds, rain, and snow symbolizes our trials in life. We're always tempted to give up with these trials. But like the boy on the video, we're always able to stand back up.

I'm working on my new layout! :D I hope everything goes right!

Stalk me in Formspring if you want! :)

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading my post! :D

EDIT: Here's a song I would want to share to you! Hmm...I'm starting to have a "celebrity crush" on Justin Bieber! Waaaa...LOL! Oh this Bieber Fever as others call it! :D

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber too? :)

Well, this is the end of the post! I'll be offline the Internet world after some moments, maybe until 8pm, so that I could study my books! :D