Our 2-day-and-1-night BSP/GSP Backyard Camping

Hello everyone! How are you all? This week had been very, very busy! One thing that made it busy is the 2-day BSP/GSP Camping, or make that 2 days and 1 night! It started the other day and ended yesterday. I'm kind'a happy in that event because I had a lot of new experiences, like having to join games, which we did win, sleeping in school (for the last few years, we used to sleep at home during the night of camping), taking a bath there, and many more great experiences! I experienced having no enough sleep at all..LOL!

The moment the camping started, I knew it would really be great for me! It started in our survival activities, which, for the fish grilling contest, I had been a participant, with a friend and schoolmate of mine, and we won 3rd place! I'm glad I've agreed to join. Actually, I just agreed to join so that I could learn. It was, as long as I can remember, my first experience to have been part of the activity, since usually, I just sit and stare and do nothing when it comes to that! Besides the fish grilling, we also had fire building, egg frying, eat-all-you-can, and the clean up contest!

I also had something to help with the group like the chores we do. When we were asked to surrender our cellphones, as usual, I didn't surrender mine. Instead, I just hid it so that no one could see, because if I was caught still having my phone, our patrol would get demerit. It was hardwork trying to hide my phone from others since my mother frequently calls or texts! Some did catch me, but they didn't actually tell it to the persons in charge! So, yeah, it was a relief!

After the tree planting we had, we practiced for our bonfire presentation really seriously and hard! We kept on practicing the steps over and over again! These practices did pay off, since we won first place for it, and received cash prize, which our patrol would use it to treat ourselves on Monday at the canteen during snack time!

Also, I finally knew the title of the song I had been looking for years! It's Say it Right by Nelly Furtado! I'm glad I asked my co-blogger, friend, and schoolmate, Ate Pearl, the title of it...hehehe...so, thanks so much! :D

Now, for our sleep! For your info, I only slept for 2 hours in the night of camping...because other girls who could not sleep kept on making noises, also for the maintenance staff, who kept on falling, or whatever they're doing, with wood or other objects! They also kept on shouting! Mosquitoes kept on biting me, and passing by my ear! It was indeed irritating, but the experience is fine with me, since I finally experienced sleeping there in school...hahahah.. =]]

I actually slept well at around 1:30 in the morning, and woke up at 3:48am! I then took a bath, and oh! The water's so cold! The bad part is that I forgot to bring something with me that I really need in taking a bath, but it's OK, I still managed to be clean..hahaha...

Our activities resumed at around 5 in the morning, and my schoolmates, and classmates, still look sleepy! We started with the Worship. We sang and danced along with the band with songs about the God Almighty, like King of Majesty, One Way, Jesus, and Still, all by Hillsong! The part when we became all emotional is when we were shown a video (with music) about Jesus having to sacrifice Himself nailed on the cross just to save us from our sins! Me, myself, also cried, but just a tiny, little bit. It's just that we remember the bad things we did to others, and unto God! We also watched about the conversation Jesus and Satan had, which his about what Satan is doing to us people, like influencing us to bad things, because he hates us and wants tears and blood from us! These things really do bring us back to God! I'm glad I got the chance to be with my fellow scouters that early morning to have the worship, and also for the fun exercise! We really did get energized from the exercises we had! I felt so happy!

We took our breakfast after that! It's great to feel at home in school...hahaha...LOL! After our breakfast, we had some parlor games! I, once again, was one of the participants, in the Message Relay game! We just won 3rd place in that contest, but who cares? We still won..hahaha..! We also won 2nd place in Calamansi Relay! It's so sayang that in Sleigh Ride contest, we won supposedly, but we were asked to have another round because other patrols complained that their sleighs were destroyed and kept on blabbing "It's so unfair!"! They're so...bad! The judges had no choice but to have another round and unfortunately, we didn't win plus some of the members were wounded! We were supposed to have 6 parlor games all in all but we only had time for 3. Most games we had were the relays.

We had our lunch after that and packed our things to go home! As how I see it, this has been the most relaxed camping we ever had, since we didn't have stations we need to run for and was replaced with tree planting! As soon as the camping was done, I mean, the awarding ceremony, we went to Limketkai to buy delicious food! We went home, ate dinner, used the Internet for a while, and slept! I was so sleepy and tired from the camping, that's why I slept early! I slept for 13 hours, plus the number of hours of sleep I had during the camping night which is 2 hours, so, I slept for 15 hours all in all! I missed home so much!

Pictures are up! Yeah! hahaaha.. :)) Thanks to Ate Von, a schoolmate and friend of mine! :D

Me and Ate Pearl! :)

Me and Ate Von, I actually slept with them! Thanks a lot! :D

Me and Hannah, a great friend of mine! :)

Go Orchid Patrol! w0oh!! :))

Huhu...I look ugly at night...wahahahah...!!!

We had a 2-day and one night abstinence on computer! I'm glad we had it! I can give my eyes a rest!

And speaking of eyes, I'm so worried with my eyesight already! I can't see clearly far objects anymore...huhu...I promise I won't give too much time in front of the computer now! I hope I won't get to wear eyeglasses! Please! I want my sharp eyesight back! On the net, I'm trying to find an online eye tester, a real one! Since we don't visit the ophthalmologist, or eye doctor, that much.

I also found a fun quiz site! It's QuizBox.com! Quizzes are fun there, especially the personality quizzes!

I finally recovered from the tiredness I had during the camping!

Well, that's it for now, bloggers! God bless and take care!

Blog Hiatus...


Credits to picnik.com for the picture edit!

Hmm...7 (or 8) weeks is going to be a long time! I'm going to give this blog a break, so that I could concentrate more on my studies! Remember to leave me a message on my tagboard if you want to tell me something!

By the way, I had recently finished working on my assignment for the MTAP review, so, I'm here having a quick blog about my blog hiatus, and a little of what happened today!

The rainy season has come once again! It kept on raining here now, and brown outs occur! I kind'a like the rain, since I would have a better sleep at night, and the weather would be cold! I love the rain, eventhough it gives brownouts!

I got a hang of writing legibly already! I don't make much erasures anymore, and my handwriting isn't too big and slanting now...ahahhahahha...I'm impressed!

hmm...let me share to you this video! It's so inspiring!

No arms, no legs, no worries! :)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! Take care and God bless! Bye! :D

Happy New Year! Thank You 2009, Welcome 2010!

Hello everyone! Finally, it's 2010! Today's the first day of the year! A new year, a new beginning! Before I proceed, I'll share to you this:


I hope you could grab this!

Well, lets proceed!

Last night, while waiting for the midnight to come, we partied at our neighbors'/relatives' house! There were lots of games, dance presentations, and a lot more! I also joined the games but I purposely let the others win, since they really need to win, and they are less fortunate than us. Many greeted me a happy new year, both in text message and Facebook chat! While I was trying to reply to their messages (in text), it took a while for me to do it since sending kept on failing due to traffic. After a while, I could finally send text messages! I was a little frustrated when my cellphone kept on saying, "Message Sending Failed". I thought my balance had ran out already or the signal had been lost, but it's just because of all the traffic that many people, in the Philippines, are already sending a lot of sms, or even mms! I also thought that my cellphone is not working well. And you know what that means? I should have gotten a new cellphone...hahahah..xDD

I slept very late! I had slept at around 2am already, and woke up 11 in the morning! I had texted a lot of classmates and teachers! We ate a lot of food! I was so tired! We saw the majestic full moon! We watched the fireworks, and jumped up high with joy. I was happy to know that many are still awake at midnight, and we could still text each other!

The following morning, it was all back to normal. Some had still greeted each other a happy new year! Oh, I like seeing my cellphone clock with the date 01-01-2010! We are now having a new beginning! I thank 2009, and I welcome 2010! I had been through a lot in 2009, which had taught me a lot of things and lessons! I hope it would also be the same for 2010! I wish that there would now be less calamities in the world, the politicians would stop being corrupt, and that we could live peaceful and orderly. For my own wish, I wish to keep striving for my success in what I do, just like in studying, or other school-related stuffs, and I also wish to fulfill my new year's resolutions! I hope that I would not get irritated anymore with my mother telling me to do some chores. I wish also that I would not give much attention to unimportant things, like love [(between the opposite sex) not in the family] and all that. I would try not to believe in anyone who says that they like or have a crush on me! I think that they are just fooling me, well, I just think they are. If I do believe them, I may just be fooled. Just like my classmate, we had a chat in Facebook, and he kept on asking me that do I have a crush on him or not, and I also kept on saying NO. When I asked him who his crush is, I was shocked when he told me that I am his crush! I replied, "Ahw! Okii.. :D", and "tnx..(if it's true..haha)". He asked me once again, who my crush is. Then I said I really don't have one, and I just said instead that I am just liking everyone of you, and that includes him. I said that instead so as not to hurt his feelings..hahaha..xDD I kept on wondering about it now! :(( And I'm trying to get it out of my head. I think it's so cheesy..LOL

All that matters is that I had a great start for the new year! Everything is going well now! I wasn't irritated anymore with my mother telling me to do chores! I am less ill-tempered! I beginning to be serious in studying for my Intermediate Algebra, which reminds me, that I should already double-time on studying it! I already understood many topics there, and I think that there are now a few more, or I also think there are still many, that I should study. My teacher is depending on us to win! Oh, and another thing, that classmate of mine is also one of the participants of that contest! ahahhaha.. ! Along also with my friend, who is also very smart..! There are still 2 more weeks to go, but I think that is already a short time for me to study, because as you can see, algebra books are thick, with many pages! And I have to study ALL topics! I'm happy with it, and no, I'm not being sarcastic about saying that! I am happy because I could already know those other algebra topics before my other classmates would learn about it! I also want to make my teacher, and our school, proud!

Well, that's it for now! I hope you could start this new year well! Be lucky! God bless and take care always! Thanks for reading! :)

EDIT: Thank you so much to sis Jasmine and sis Jhelz for their gifts! Here they are:


happy new year

Thanks for reading! :D I may edit this again if I saw more gifts while blogwalking! :)