A Year-Ending Post:: Goodbye 2010

Hey there everyone! Yes, you read it right, this is my year-end post for the year 2010, which means that I'm going to reminisce the good and the bad times I had this year.

2010 has been a great year, although it isn't really the best. There were a lot of bad happenings that occurred, but I actually learned a lot from them. And being a Junior high school student was really, really complicated after all. Our class adviser was right, when she told us something about 3rd year classes to be the hardest to be handled, because this class is where there are students who struggle to know more about themselves, I mean, they face more challenges in life, they think they know everything, but it turns out that they're wrong, and come to realize it at this stage too. Well, hearing my teacher-adviser say this to us, I thought that this stage in my life is going to be pretty exciting, but it turned out that I was wrong. Yes, I thought that my life has already been fcked up, I wanted to go back to my old self when I didn't give a care to the world, and there are many more bad thoughts in my mind about what I had been through.

On the other hand, this stage in my life had been very exciting at some times, like when I face all these challenges then end up learning a whole lot in life, and if we're talking about school, the PROM is yet to come, then it would be my first time to wear a gown, to have styled hair, and to have a makeover. I remembered that I thought about this prom thing when I was still a Sophomore, when both the Juniors and the Seniors had their prom and retreat. I thought, someday, I'm going to be like them, wearing the best dress they have for the occasion, walking gracefully towards the aisle, and a whole lot more things any year-level younger than the Juniors and the Seniors could imagine and could have envy on.

So, lets proceed to the reminiscing of the year 2010~!

January to March 2010. These months are two of the busiest months of the year, well, at least, in school! Well, this year had also started bad, because I got sick for 2 days again, but the only difference is that I didn't even dare to go absent during that time! This was the case because I knew that there are going to be a whole lot of activities piling up that needed to be accomplished, considering the fact that our learning system that time [Dynamic Learning System] , dealt with a whole lot of writing activities everyday that are very, very hard to finish for even just an hour, and I couldn't even dare to set aside those 10 hours of school .. wait, 20 hours of school since I was supposed to be absent for 2 school days!

Then, after a-week-of-being-sick-that-i-didn't-even-dare-to-go-absent, the remaining weeks went very well! The previous week actually was also the start of the reviewing for our MTAP Math Challenge, and also the start of the weekly practice for the Field Demonstration for our main campus' Foundation Day! See? I would've missed a lot of activities if I was absent! And with the fact that we had our review for the MTAP Math Challenge, this made me very, very excited throughout the following weeks of reviewing for this challenge.

January 14, 2010 was the MTAP Math Challenge, my most awaited day for the month of January, I mean, ONE of the most awaited days for this month, since we still had camping for the month. I was excused for a half day [in the morning], for the challenge. Gosh! I was very, very excited indeed! We went to City Central Elementary School, the venue for the MTAP Math Challenge. As what I had expected, there are a lot of people, and I even met new friends who are also my fellow contestants, but, uuh, I forgot their names [and faces .. LMAO.]. Speaking of the test we answered, since this challenge was written-exam-type, the questions were freakin' hard, again, as what I had expected.. LOL. But I'm loving it anyway, because I'm very happy to be chosen as one of the contestant for this challenge, and had some great experiences along the way. PLUS, we were given 40 pesos, I think, for the allowance! How great is that! Oh, I'm really going to miss this opportunity, since next year, I'm not going to experience this anymore. -____- How unfortunate of me now. Now I know one reason why I shouldn't be happy from the start of next year, but I hope that I would not carry that sadness throughout the year.

January 28-29, 2010 was the annual BSP/GSP Camping! I had pretty cool co-patrol members! I had so much fun with them! Here's the blogpost talking about it: http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2010/01/our-2-day-and-1-night-bspgsp-backyard.html

The rest of the weeks were spent on reviewing for the National Achievement Test, a test 2nd Year and Grade 6 students should take in the Philippines. I had a great struggle with these reviews since the tests were pretty hard, then that's when I started to worry about my grades, but it turned out that in the end, my grades did decrease, but not that much, then I still was able to be the topnotcher on our batch.

March 11, 2010 was the National Achievement Test, and March 22, 2010 was the most awaited annual Recognition Day, and yes, I claimed 2 medals and 3 certificates once again! Plus, I also had a new, hi-tech phone! This was one of my happiest moments in my life! And now, I'm hoping it could happen all over again! :D

Before these two memorable events of March, we had our annual election of high school SBO officers, I ran as Assistant Secretary, then I won! I WON! This was another great moment during that time! Well, 2010 really had a great start! :)

March 26, 2010 was my brother's graduation day, and you know what? I'm also as excited as my brother, when he would be off to high school, and me, I'm going to be a Junior high school student as well, then face those even more exciting activities [as what I have thought] for the other half of my high school years! Yes, another happy moment this 2010~!

April and May 2010 -- SUMMER '10! Oh yes, these months are two of my happiest months ever! You know why? It's S-U-M-M-E-R, and you know what that means? Relaxation, and a whole lot of family bonding! We went to Coconut Bay for our family bonding that time, and you know what? It was indeed a whole lot of fun! I learned how to swim once again! If you want to read more about our summer, I mean the highlights of my summer, here are links to my posts: http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2010_04_01_archive.html , http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html

June 2010. The month when I am OFFICIALLY a Junior high school student! Oh gosh! I was so excited at that time, especially that I have [as what I have thought] cool classmates, and I knew that my teacher advisor would be cool too. This month is also when we were introduced [again] to a new learning system, which we call, Independent Study. As what was expected, we didn't like this learning system either, especially that we know there would never be benefits of this system for us since we clearly aren't ready for this since this learning system's for college. But, we have nothing to do but go with the flow. Well, I was still determined to go on with my [supposedly] wonderful school year!

July 2010. One of my best, and worst months of my life. Do you know why this is once again one of the best? It's because I met, and got close with, a lot of friends this month! We had a lot of pictures with each other, which made it more fun and memorable! But what made it the worst is that I also almost lost a friend of mine, simply because of what I have written in my blog post concerning her at that time, but I deleted that part though. After that, we didn't mind each other like we used to before, and this went on for 4 months, and it was only this December that we were friends again, that we started to talk and have fun with each other again.

August 2010. Well, I couldn't really recall anything memorable this month, so lets proceed to September 2010.

September 2010. Another month that had been one of the worst. You know why? It's because this is the month for the distribution of report cards for the 1st Grading, and what a shocking result, I'm not the topnotcher anymore. You know again why? It's because of that effin' 93 on my report card [and that's 2 93s!] that made my general average low. I spent a month crying over that matter. And that worst part is that this happened days after my birthday, September 12, 2010. Sounds like my post-birthday happenings isn't that good after all.

But on the other hand, this month has also been one of the best because it was the first time I went very far to the province as our educational field trip this year! We went to PHIVEDEC Industrial Authority and Phil. Sinter Corporation. And gosh! I took a whole lot of pictures, and to tell you, it was my first time to take 150 pictures in a day! LOL.

October 2010. The month when I'm starting to lose closeness towards my friends, and I don't even know what happened. But on a lighter note, this month, which is the month of our school's foundation, well, during the Foundation week, it was the first time I got love-chained with someone I like. ahahah! But still, this didn't make this month one of the best, even though it should be. xD

November 2010. The month of the distribution of cards for the 2nd Grading! And you know what? My grades increased bigtime! This made me so happy, even though I still wasn't the topnotcher, but there are only a few points for me to catch up on my competitor! So, I didn't feel as much hurt as during the 1st grading. This month is also when there was a lot of no-class days, which made me happy again. You know, this school year also, we didn't have a sembreak, but it's perfectly okay, we had a 3-day holiday anyway this month.

This is also the month when our learning system has been modified! Well, it isn't like the previous one wherein we'd be the one to decide which learning area we should go to accomplish activities, but instead, we still have guide cards and learning activities, but we are going to be supervised by teachers, I mean, it's well controlled now, unlike before. These learning activities are to be done with a specific time, and in our own classroom. See? Now they have seen that there aren't really any benefits with the previous un-modified Independent Study! :D

December 2010. Yes, this month. The month all of us have been waiting for. The month of the Christmas season, and a month before the first month of the following year! Yep, an exciting month indeed. This month is when we had our Christmas party, which isn't exactly as fun as before, but yeah, we still had fun. We also had this most-awaited Christmas vacation, then the Christmas Day, the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ! And then, there would be a few more hours to go and it's NEW YEAR! The YEAR 2011 we've all been waiting for! Another year, a new beginning!

Well, see you around this 2011! Thank you so much for reading and viewing my blog everyone! Thank you also for being part of my blogging life here!

That's it for now! I'll post my new year's resolution later, I think, or tomorrow! :)

Bye! This is going to be my last post for the year! :D

EDIT: Kate gave me a gift! Thank you so much sis! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! :D

Here's mine for you to grab:

Goodbye once again for 2010! :)


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