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Hey there everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine. You might be wondering why I haven't updated my blog for a few days. Well, it's because I was too pre-occupied with stuff like shopping, downloading fonts, music, updating other accounts, and many others. So, I'm very sorry, my blog, and to all the readers of my blog whom I kept waiting for new posts to come. I'll try to make it up to you! :D

Well, while also being away from the blogging world, I made these digital[?] gifts for you, for Christmas and New Year~! I know it's still kinda early, but, because I'm not so sure if I could update my blog for the next few days, I decided to take this opportunity to post these gifts now. :)

Here's an award from Tuwentytri! It is an honor to have been given this prestigious award by a good friend of mine in this blogosphere! Thank you so much, sis! :D


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Here are my Lucky Friends:

  1. Tuwentytri ( Giving the award back to you! :)
  2. Ching (
  3. Dyane (
  4. Kristina (
  5. Candice (
  6. Pearl (
  7. Jhen (
  8. Jamie (
  9. Rich (
  10. Julius (

Have you noticed something different around my blog? If you have been regularly visiting my blog, you might notice that I have changed my theme, from polka-dotted to holiday-oriented! :D So, do you like [or love] my new theme? I hope you do! :) Constructive, and appreciative comments are highly appreciated!

Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! :DWell, you might notice that this kinda much of a rush-post. Sorry about that. It's just that I got so many things to do, other than blogging! :) Uhm, things like watching over my city in Cityville .. haha! And speaking of Cityville, who among you guys play it on Facebook?

Besides Cityville, I also have some other things to do like updating my accounts, design some stuff for the Christmas and New Year season, trying to be updated with music, and many more! I also downloaded various fonts and music! Want to check them out? Maybe I could post them later, or not. xD If you do remember what I have written on my previous post stating that I may post pictures of my Christmas party gifts, I decided not to post a picture of them anymore just yet because I would want to post them on the Christmas day instead! :D Or if I'm still feeling lazy, I'd post it on the new year's eve. LOL.

Well, that's it for now! Feel free to grab my gifts, with my permission of course! :)

Thanks for reading, viewing, and grabbing! :D


  1. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS NICE. this made me smile.

  2. Aww... touched ako super. :) Thanks sis!

    Btw, I love the new layout. I like the background.

  3. Thank you for the award hun. And Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

    Don't forget to have fun! :)

  4. @Ching: awww .. you're very welcome! :)

    @Rich: you're welcome sis, and thanks! glad you love my new layout! :D

    @Ceedee: you're welcome, and same to you! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! and yes, i won't forget to have fun! :) don't forget to have fun too, ate dyane! :)


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