Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself.

Hey there everyone! So, as what I have said in my previous post yesterday, I'm going to start my 10-Day Challenge today!

Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself.
  • I am Grade Conscious. Yep, I am, and it is already pretty much obvious when you read some of my posts concerning grades, right? haha! :D
  • I am 5 feet tall. hahah! Sounds like I'm not really that tall, eh? xD I envy people who have heights like 5'5" or 5'11". *sigh* But there's nothing I could do, I could only reach a maximum height of 5'2" when I grow up. -____-
  • I love MATH. Oh yes I do! I'm not like any other, ain't I? haha! :)) I always get high grades in this subject. Even though I love Math this much, I'm not really that talented in that subject. Well, it shows in my national test results that I ain't really that good. o___O But it's unusual that, as I have told you, I always get high grades in this subject.
  • I consider myself a lucky person. Simply because I feel lucky to have most things I ever need in my life. :)
  • I don't cry over songs. I mean, I'm not like any other teen who cries over sad songs, that's all. xD But I could feel the sadness it brings, that's why I don't listen to these kinds of songs.
  • I have had my hair relaxed 3 times. Oh yes, now this keeps my hair from going wavy all over again. LOL
  • I love being busy. .. and I'm always am.
  • I have two different personalities. I'm a silent type of person in the real world, but here on the Internet world, I'm a vocal type of person, which gets me in trouble at some times.
  • I'm more of a listener than a talker. In other words, I don't talk a lot. I just listen most of the time, which leads some people around me to think that I'm that boring, they wouldn't be able to know that I was there all along in their conversation, and whatnot. xD
  • I don't know how to play any musical instrument. ..even though I'm a music lover. -_____- But I want to know how to play at least one of them though.
Well, that's it for now! If you want, you could share some of your random facts too! :D


  1. wow sis, it shows that you are really a highly respected person hehe. You are so great <3 You love math while I dont xD. We have the same char i am also silent in personal but im talkative in WWW haha <33

    wow I got to know more things about you. You are awesome! <3

    got a new post btw you have a gift there grab it <3

  2. wow .. we do have some things in common sis! :)) haha ..

    awww .. :"> same to you sis, i got to know more things about you as well, and i think you're awesome too! :D

    thank you so much for the gift! i grabbed it already! :)


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