Christmas in Candyland! [in pictures!] December 17, 2010

My friend Camille and me. :D

Me and Genevie. ^^,Haselle and Charizze. ^_^Kathleen and Genevie. :)

My student teachers! ^^,

Balloon relay! :D

I forgot the name of the game, but it's something about when the flag bearer aims the flags at the contestants, they laugh, depending on how wide the flags are being raised. xDThe judges.

Living Christmas Tree -- decorating time!My classmates decorating our Living Christmas Tree.

The Living Christmas Trees -- all done being decorated!Our Living Christmas Tree -- entertaining!.. Going back up the stage.

The Lucky Ones! -- They're the ones who had numbers under the chairs they sat on. ^^, What did they do there? They ate chocolates!Mr. and Ms. Santa! :DMy teacher and her selected students for an animal-tuned Christmas song-singing contest.Christmas poppin'! -- announcing the mechanics and rules.Our very own school band! :)Disco Lights! :D

Gifts? I forgot to take pictures of them. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow.

Finally, it's Christmas Vacation! Yay! :))

That's it for now!


  1. what a fun party that must be.

  2. wow sis that must be a really fun xmas party :))
    too bad di na uso samin yan, envy much..

  3. @Ching: yes, it really was. :D

    @Joe Marie: yep! it really was fun! :) ooh .. how come di na uso sa inyo ang party? (o.O)


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