Saturday, November 20, 2010

English Month Theme: Global Connectedness through Books, Information Technology, and Communication

Do you know how books, technology, and communication relate to each other? All of them are now a big part of our society. We need all of these for knowledge, and also for entertainment. These are just some of the things that makes the world go round.

Basing from the theme, "Global Connectedness through Books, Information Technology, and Communication", things like books, technology, and communication have some kind of interaction with each other. They have some kind of connection with each other. For example, all of them could be used to get information, like when books could be read, technology, like the Internet, could be "surfed-on" or browsed through, communicational gadgets like the telephone could be used to talk to people in long distances to get some information from them.

As what was stated in the introduction, these books, technology, and communication are needed for knowledge and entertainment. Getting information, which leads to more knowledge, is already stated in the previous paragraph. Now, let's proceed to these things providing us with entertainment.
Books, as entertainment, could be read for purposes of enjoyment, like when we read Harry Potter stories then feel its wizardry and adventure, when we also read Twilight series then feel its romance and sympathy, and many others.

For technology, the Internet could again be an example. This interconnected network provides various games, music, pictures, or videos that could entertain us. We could play games on Facebook, listen to music at so many music sites to choose from, browse through the Internet, or watch videos, most popularly at YouTube, and there are also a lot more things that we could name.

For communication, one, two, or more people could be talking with each other about the news they have just heard, or a new trend they have just knew about, or some stories they simply enjoy and would want to share them with others. They could have this communication by talking face to face or in person, talking on the phone, texting each other by using cellphones, or chatting in social websites like Facebook. Just like the previous things stated, there are still so many more options to achieve this connection.

Now, do you know how all of these things, books, information technology, and communication, relate to each other? Have you also observed how all of these connect? How all of these have so many things in common? I hope you already do.

Now we also know how or why these things are a big part of the society, and also how these things make the world go round.

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