Sunday, October 17, 2010

New, New, NEW! :)

Hello there everyone! Noticed something different? You guessed it right! It's my blog header, footer, navigation and music, post signature, GIRL page, and of course, the CREDITS! So, what do you think? For those who didn't know any changes on my blog, here are the screenshot comparisons::



The Blog Header
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The Blog Navigation and Music
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Blog Footer
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About Me
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...and the post signature would be down there! :)

So, what do you think? Which is better? The previous one or the recent one here? Comment your opinions if you want!

Well, it's good that all those headaches, eyes-hurting, frustrations, and the abused time here in front of the computer payed off! I had a great output, right? :) Imagine? I was in front of the computer from 11am to 2am! Now that's, uhm, 20 HOURS! Wow! Now that's, amazing? haha .

I also updated my other Internet accounts. And I'm also going to start being active on Twitter. So, if you want, you could follow me!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! :D


  1. 20hours? hinde ka naloka sis? hahaha! buti naman hinde nasisira ang mata mo. :)) nakoo, wag parating ganyan. delikado.

    everything looks nice. job well done sis!

  2. Girl, ang galing mo naman mag-edit! Pano mo ginagawa yan?? HANDS DOWN!

  3. @Dee: hahah .. LoL! tama ka sis! buti nga hindi (pa) nasira aking mata .. xDD at oo nga, delikado, kaya hindi ko ginagawa yan parati .. for that moment lng na nagawa ko yan. :)

    thank you sis! :D

    @Kring: maraming salamat sis! gumamit ako ng Adobe Photoshop para gumawa yan .. at kumuha lng ako ng mga pictures para e mix and match .. then, tada~! haha :))

  4. nyaha! 20 hrs strait sis ?! waa! buti ka pa you have time to change your theme. ako wala :(( weeew! like it btw :D

  5. Actually, nung pagbukas ko ng page mo, I thought walang laman... kasi nagslowdown ung pagload sa laki ng banner mo... All I can say is, mas maayos pa rin ung dati kesa ung ngayun maliban lang sa signature after ng post. :D

  6. i think 15 hours lang straight 15 hours for a layout??? pero galing ah...parang nakakalula naman ata ung straight 15 hours nasa harap ng pc haha..congrats na rin sa bagong layie! ^^

  7. I love your navigation...
    Pero sana tanggalin yung border sa mga pictures... Para maging smooth yung buong layout.

  8. I like you new layout especially the navigation :)

  9. @Jhen: haha .. :D thanks :)

    @Sasarai: aaah .. ok, susubukan ko nlng pa liitin ang header, maybe next time :D

    @Sendo: ay, oo! 15 hours lng nga -__- sorry for the mistake . haha .. oo, 15 hours straight .. xD with breaks of course ^^, thanks by the way! :D

    @r-yan: thanks! :)

    @Mari: thanks! at salamat sa tip :)

    @Jamie: thanks! :D

  10. 20 hours?Crazy! Ang tagal naman! At least ang ganda naman ng result tho. Haha :)

    Good job!

  11. wow! nice! :D i love your present theme! :)

  12. I think your new layout is better. And I really love the flashy signature at the bottom of each post :)


What can you say? :)

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