A free verse about:: MUSIC

Here I am,
staying at the corner,
thinking of what to write,
against the sunlight,
about what I like,
particularly my interests,
a topic in my heart is the closest,
and you know what that is?
That would be music,
a melody and rhythm,
that plays around in our ears,
or may go deeper within us,
and which we may relate,
to the messages they may give,
hearing their lyrics,
oh, that would be great!

RNB, pop, rock, oldies, or any other type of music,
they influence our mood,
or even our personality,
these could also relate,
to who we really are,
depending on which type we like.

Rhythms go "boom boom boom",
"lalala ..."
"pak pak pak ..."
oh, what fun that could be,
following these rhythms and all that,
tapping the table with our hands,
stepping to the beat,
dancing to the groove,
oh how enjoyable that would be!

Lyrics go with the flow,
they may be about the joys of love,
its heartbreaks,
or the lyrics could be about,
the occasions held,
like Christmas, New Year, and whatnot,
or it could generally be about EVERYTHING!
This way the listeners could relate to the song.

Some say "Music is our life.",
there could be many reasons for that,
and I guess most of them,
are already mentioned above,
so, yeah, it would be a big part of our lives!

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