You gotta strut like you mean it, free your mind..'s not enough just to dream it, come on, come on. :)

Do you remember this song? It's entitled Strut, a song by the Cheetah Girls. Oh, I miss the old times!

Wondering why I made this my title? Well, recently, I had found a lot of cool fashion trends and style in, and I just want to share them all to you! You all know that I'm not that fond in fashion, so, the reason behind why I'm posting this it's because these fashion trends and style are just so eye-candy, or pleasing to my eyes! I love looking at those shoes, blouses, pants, and all! Well, here they are!

Cool Wayfarer!


Dresses and Shoes! :D

And..these are some delicious frozen yogurt!

These are some cool tops and pants! :D

All images are from

Oh, how I wish I could wear them! would I look like if I would wear these? Imagine it for yourselves if you want! LOL! :)

I don't really have anything much to say about today, except that I'm currently suffering from sore throat, which is a symptom of colds! Oh no! How am I supposed to sing well tomorrow for the Glee Club auditions with colds?! I hope I could still sing well though. I really wanted to join the club, because two of my bestfriends, or close friends rather, are there, so that I could be with them, and all.

Thank you so much to those who gave me pieces of advice on my previous post! I appreciate them a lot! I learned many things from you guys! Once again, thank you so much! It's good to have you in my life, my blogging life! :D

Yeah, like what you all said, I should chill a little from being too grade conscious! hahaha.. :)) But yeah, some also said that being grade conscious is a good thing! So, Imma maintain that! :D

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading, and viewing! :)

Before I go, I found a cool piano-piece-remix of River Flows in You by Yiruma (remixed by Vench). You can listen to it on my music playlist, or you can also listen to it here:

Hope you enjoyed my post! :)


  1. OMG!! I love the bracelets, dresses and the shoes!! *drools*... :)) thanks for sharing this sis.. i'mma check that site out now. :D

  2. @rhea:'re welcome sis! :D sure.. :)

  3. the light brown cardigan and the pink-purple v-neck shirt would be a nice mix! so cute.. nice choice :D

  4. Hahahaha! Basta laging focus, at wag masyadong GC. Hahaha! Anyway HANGGGGGKKYYYYUUUUUUUT nung damit. kaso ndi naman ako pwede dyan, kaya hanggang tingin na lang ako! :PP

  5. i love your picks! i enjoy you post... it makes me want to go shopping!

  6. Oooh, cool finds! I love the shoes and the bracelets. :)

  7. i love the bracelets and dresses. :) thanks for sharing this. :)

  8. gaganda ka lalo kung ang mga iyan ang mga suot mo,hehe..

  9. OMG. I love it ! I mean, the remix version of River flows in you! Awesome! Thank you for posting it :)

  10. ive always been fond of polyvore. too bad, i would just have to deal on just looking at them. lol.

    dresses are my faves! nakaka dalaga. pero bata ka pa. pag dalaga ka nalang. lol. :)


  11. I love polyvore soo much.. but most of the items are out of stock already.. LOL~ zzZ

  12. so cute! love the dresses. you should try fashion some time nice :)

  13. I think Polyvore is an awesome site. I'm trying my hands on Looklet where you can create your own style using a model of your choice.

    I love the shades and dresses! I wish I can own one. :)

  14. wow, nice set of accessories, you know im addicted to accessories and stuff. ahaha will check that site!

  15. Polyvore! :D That could get addicting you know. You should make sets :D Yeah, I'd like to dress myself up too, if only I had to moolah to actually do so. So I just end up feeding on eye-candy with window shopping :P


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