Time flies so fast...

Indeed, time flies so fast! That makes life even more exciting! Better spend it wisely, you can never recover it once it's gone!

Hey there everyone! Finally! It's a weekend! I gotta admit, those first three (3) days of school were very, very tiring! I really needed a rest! Of course I had time to rest those past few days too, but I just didn't feel like resting, I mean, I really enjoyed surfing the net, and even if I was already very, very sleepy, I didn't want to sleep yet, and instead, I slept late, very late, like the time I used to sleep during summer. But good thing I still managed to wake up early, because of the alarm..haha..xD

Time flies so fast, do you agree? It's like it has been fast-forwarded, or something like that. And I love it, and sometimes it panics me. How about you? :)

I almost can't believe that I'm a Junior High School student already! It's like when our class is called "3rd Year", it's new to me, or I'm still not used to it. Well, I'll get used to it!

And also, thinking about me having lots of very high office positions in school makes me happy, but also panicky! haha..xDD

I'm happy about it because I would have lots of responsibilities, experience, and higher grades! I could also learn a whole lot more! And, I could increase my popularity in school, or lessen my shyness and silent-ness (is there such a word? haha)! I really wanted to have more self confidence and self-esteem with myself, and being an officer helps!

But on the other hand, I'm also panicking about it because I'm thinking, "OMG! Bigger responsibilities, less free time, higher stress level, could I handle it all?"! I really hope I could handle them all! Because of thinking about that stress I'm going to get, I thought that I would not push through anymore with auditioning for our Glee Club, because as what I had heard, that club gives a whole lot more stress than other clubs! Imagine? We have to attend practices everyday, including Saturday? And we still have those cleaning sessions, and club meetings if we're a member of any? Oh man! And especially now that club meetings between class hours aren't allowed anymore because of the new school learning system!

I love Junior Year! I really do! That's what I feel about it since the first day of school, or even before school started! We have more students already to be a role model of! I'm older, that means I have bigger responsibilities now. My teacher also says that this is the time many questions pop out our mind about everything around us. We explore more about life and all. Junior year (high school) is one of the most exciting years in our life! We better spend it well, 'ya know! haha.. :D

*sigh* Two more years to go and I'm college! Wee! But I haven't made up my mind yet on the course. And by the way, are Computer Engineering and Information Technology the same? I just needed some confirmation, that's all! :D And, do you know someone who became a millionaire (at least) who had a computer-related job/course? How about Multimedia Arts? These are just a few college courses I'm suggesting to myself. I based these with my passions, interests, and hobbies, now's the time to think if I could earn lots of money with them! I'm also thinking of getting an Engineering, or an Architecture course! There are lots of courses for me to choose! And here's another one: Accounting! Because I'm good in Math, and I know someone who became very rich with it! It's Manny Villar! haha..xDD Right?

By the way, I'm feeling sleepy now, which is strange because I did take a two-hour nap a while ago, at 3 - 5pm. Oh well, as usual, I don't want to sleep this early yet! Bwahaha! :P

And, another thing, tomorrow is Father's Day! I really hope I don't forget! It's one of the most special days of the year, and I don't want to miss greeting the person involved in it on that day! :) So, I better greet in advance (again) now, a Happy Father's Day to all father's out there, especially my father! :D

Another! The school implemented a rule that we're not allowed to bring cellphones anymore in school! And if we are caught bringing one, we won't be able to get inside the campus! T_T That hurts me a lot! I'm not used to not bringing a cellphone in school! It's my only mode of communication with my parents, brother, and sister when I'm in school! Well, on the bright side, nothing could ever disturb me anymore in school, and that those classmates and schoolmates of mine who can't seem to stop texting during school hours, could be disciplined by that.

We'll formally start wearing our school uniform next Monday, but we still don't need to bring some books, because our teachers would still give us some requirements on that day. And, we'll apply that new IS (Independent Study) on Tuesday. I hope I could adjust to it!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! :)

And before I go, let me ask you, tell me about how your school was, if you want! :D


  1. I cannot agree more. With kids I see time flies every day. It scares me like a mad woman! But Its also fun to see them grow. I wish I can pause it sometimes though. Enjoy your teen life. Stay happy and blessed! :)

  2. Multimedia arts is good course and i guess it is in demand right now. Comp Eng and IT are not the same. Comp Sci and IT have some similarities but they are not actually the same. :D

  3. All courses are different but somehow there will be similarities! In choosing your course, "interest" is a factor to be consider! As well the name of your "college school", or I say popularity of the university in terms of the course you have chosen!!! In the case of "If you love accounting, media arts, computer engg. " What schools topped on that specific course, because in the near future, the company knows that!

  4. @lhey, bhamba, and jhiegzh: oh, thank you so much!! :D i do appreciate what you all said! now i have a bit of an idea on what great courses to choose, and yeah, the factors to consider in choosing one! :) thanks again! :D

  5. com. eng and IT are not the same dear. but i think you'll make a good engineer, accountant, or whatever you want to be.

    and happy fathers day to your daddy. :)

  6. I agree with u sis..Time flies really fast! parang kakapasok lng nung 7 tapos 20 na pala agad ngaun..tpos mlpt na ult mgchristmas..grabe..Happy dad's day to ur dad!

  7. @dyane and rose: thanks, thanks! :D

  8. hello....i'm new in blogging...sorry..visit you here....hope can make friend with you...thaks....~~hubersuhner~~insan

  9. @insan: hi, it's okay, thanks for the visit, yeah, i hope so too..my pleasure.. :D

  10. There's a big difference my dear... Computer Engineering deals with more hardware and some software, and IT is more on programming languages and softwares but not much hardware, though you'll have also logic circuits as one. :D


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