One More Week 'til Summer Ends!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine, as always! You know, I'm a bit happy today! You know why? The title says why! haha..xDD

Well, "one more week 'til summer ends" doesn't apply to all of us here, right? :) I know some of you had started school already, or is going to start school tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that!

Our class resume schedule is on June 16 by the way! :) Oh! That's next Wednesday! OMG! We haven't started labeling our books and notebooks yet! You know why? It's because of procrastination! hahaha.. :D And, we're also very busy doing some, uh, stuff! Yeah, I think you guessed it right! The Internet, the research, the fun, exercise, television, and a lot others! Are you all ready for school? :)

Today, I'm currently watching Ke$ha's music video of Your Love Is My Drug! She really doesn't look drunk in that music video! She's pretty with light makeup! Very pretty! But she still acted like she's drunk at the last part! LOL! :D

The reason why I watched this on YouTube is that I was watching music videos from Channel V, and I loved Ke$ha's music video and wanted to watch it again, so, there! I also saw Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston's music video of Eenie Meenie! Oh my, here I go again, with the Bieber fever! hahaha..xDD

Here's another video of Justin Bieber! hahaha.. :DD

Who among you also have Bieber Fever? LOL! :D

Enough of that! :)

I heard this song at ASAP, on ABS-CBN! Where are you now? :) I also love this song! :D Here's the lyrics video:

For lunch, I ate Crispy Pata! Yum! It has become my favorite! Do you think it's delicious too? haha.. :D

I also had a chat with a blogger friend of mine, Dennis. We talked about getting a new domain, and some other stuffs! Hmm..I got to admit, I am planning to have my own domain, but I think it's expensive (because I don't have the dollars), and a hassle renewing it and all! But as what he said, you can earn a lot more money from having a domain! Well, I'll just see if I could really get one! :) I'll have to find more about the domain thing!

I have good news today! I'm almost going to have Adobe Photoshop already! Thank you Mama for reminding the computer technician! And thank you Papa for agreeing with it! :D My dream software, here I come! :) Thank you God, for making my wishes (material and life wishes) come true! I'm almost now on a step to practicing my dream job, to be a graphic designer or a web developer! This Photoshop is such an important thing for me to have! So, I thank you so much to those who are part of making this wish come true, God, parents, and of course, the computer technician! Yay! I just hope he doesn't forget when he comes back to fix one of our computers! :D

You know, I'm thinking of taking a picture of my school stuff when we're going to work on the labeling! Well, I'm done taking a picture of the books! Next, I'm going to take a picture of notebooks, pencil case, bag, and a lot others! haha.. :))

Well, that's it for now! A short post, don't you think? :) Thanks for reading! :D


  1. Well, getting a new domain takes many steps but they say na mas maganda nga yung may sariling domain. Nung nakikisubdomain naman ako, wala naman pinagkaiba,, so I sticked with my Blogspot! ^_^

    Speaking of Photoshop, better find interesting tutorials para mas gumaling ka! :))

  2. @Sasari: ahh..okay! :) yay! thank you so much! :D

  3. You're welcome. Tapos pag medyo nahihirapan ka na, try mo naman brushes. Download ka ng brushes depending sa version ng Photoshop mo, Andaming nagkalat na ganyan sa Net and beware of viruses ha. so ingats ka sa paghahanap! :))

  4. @Sasari: ahh..okay! thanks again, for the tip! :D i hope i'll get the hang of photoshop! :)

  5. I love ke$ha's your love is my drug. ;)

  6. @Eymi: yeah! it is really a great song! :D

  7. hehehe... but pa kayo may photoshop na :( and i love the SONGS of Justin Bieber, but not Justin Bieber himself.

  8. @Rhea: oh, you don't have photoshop too? (for now?) ahh..okay, hope you'll have one soon! :D ahh..yeah, i love his songs too! :)

  9. I USED to love Ke$ha's your love is my drug. Nasawa lang ako. hahaha. :)

    Anyway, a tip for using photoshop: search google for good tutorials. It'll help you on exploring the software. :D

    Good luck!

  10. ang problema lang in having your own domain, pagnasira daw yung server, masisira din yung site mo .. ewan.. mas convenient kasi sa blogspot eh. Trust me, I've been in that stage before.

    Ang dami nag-sabi sa akin na stick to blogspot nalang kasi mas convenient:D and domains cost too much.. kapag mag-eexpire, irerenew mo na naman.. magbabayad ka na naman..

  11. @ate pearl: yeah! that's what i observed about domains too! :) and, yah, i better stick with blogspot.. :D so, i was write about what i thought about a domain..haha.. :D thanks ate pearl! :)

    by the way, you had a domain too before? :)

  12. adobe photoshop eh? i was an addict before but i got tired of editing but eventually i went back to my photoshop because of inspirations from those tutorial sites. You should try it really soon, nice.

    and btw, our classes will resume tomorrow and the heck!, im not really ready for school. not yet. I haven't got my books and my notebooks are still kept. :(

    i couldn't totally understand why you love school and classes while i dont. I guess thats just how we differ from each other and that's what makes us unique.

    goodluck about your photoshop and IP! :D


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