Independence Day! :)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, as usual, I'm doing fine! Today in the Philippines is the Independence Day! I'm going to tell you about what we did for this day!

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Kuya Renz shared this song for Independence day. I love the song, that's why I decided to share it to you here too! :D

"todo na 'to!
lliparin ang langit na bughaw
pagningningin mga tala at araw
mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan"

To tell you guys, I kind'a missed hearing some Tagalog songs. All I had been hearing now are English (and Korean) songs. Good thing some blogger friends of mine shared Tagalog songs! I really had a great sound trip from those Tagalog songs! Thank you Kuya Renz, and Kuya Julius too, for the song True Love Ko!

By the way, thank you so much to those who greeted my blog a happy birthday yesterday, and complimented my new blog layout too! :D Thank you, thank you! I highly appreciate them!

Well, this was an ordinary day for us. We just did some grocery shopping the whole day, and then here I am, in front of the computer surfing the Internet!

But before I continue my blabs about today, I'm going to share to you this Disaster Movie End Song! It was indeed funny and cool! haha.. :D My sister and brother shared this to me yesterday. I really loved it. Too bad every video of it doesn't approve embedding it! You may just click the link and watch it if you want! :)

Then, back to today, so, first thing in the morning, I woke up early, because I slept early yesterday. Hmm..I don't know why I got bored on the Internet early the night before. Well, as usual when we are going to have some grocery and shopping, we get ready as fast and early as we can. We usually have grocery shopping in the morning, just so you know. Then, I took some vain pictures of myself and my baby brother while waiting for my mother and sister to get ready. Here's one:

After my mother and sister got ready, we kissed Papa goodbye, then we went on going to the highway and waiting for jeepneys to ride. When we arrived, we kept on walking and walking on going to the grocery. It was tiring indeed. When we finally arrived again at the grocery, we went on grocery shopping of course! haha.. :D There were a lot of other people there! Maybe because of the holiday. After grocery shopping, we went to Goldilocks to buy some food for take out. Then after that, we finally went home! I was so relieved by that! Finally, I could rest at home, and eat, then go have a bit of exercise, then go to my laptop and click Mozilla Firefox, then off to surfing the net!

While surfing the net, the first site I visit is this blog, to check for messages and comments! And whew! I was so surprised to see a lot of comments and messages today! I was so happy too when I saw these! I'm so glad that you all took your time greeting my blog a happy birthday and compliment my new layout, and comment on my post of course! Thank you, thank you very, very much! As what I had said, I highly appreciate them! Thanks again! :D

So, the next site I visited was YouTube, to check out the Disaster Movie End Song video again! I really enjoyed watching it! After that, I checked out other videos of the Disaster Movie. Here's another one!

Again, embedding was disabled, so, you may just click the link for the video! I really love the song, the beat, and it has a kind'a funny message! haha..xDD

It says, "We'll all be friends forever, unless a random disaster destroys our city!"

I LOLed when I read the lyric. :D

I really thought it wasn't their own song, but when I searched it on Google, it was indeed their song! I really, really loved it! haha..xDD

Here's the full version by the way, but sorry for the quality:

Another thing! Yay! Finally! It's already...

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Wooh!! School, I'm almost coming for you! haha..xDD My excitement for school came back! Today is June 12, and our classes would be on June 16, 2010, 7:30am! Yipee! LOL! :D I'll wear my best shirts and blouses for the first days of school! And I'll prepare my mind and body for those first days of school too! As what I had said, I'll sleep and wake up early, get ready and do some chores early, stop being lazy and procrastinating, wear my best shirt/blouse, yes, then wait excitedly for the jeepney! father doesn't bring us to school anymore with his car, unless it's raining. He, and my mother, are already training us to be more independent! And I'm kind'a loving it! I could also train myself for preparing to go to Manila and study there at the University of the Philippines! I really hope I could pass, and even more, get to the top 50! Hopefully!

As what I had read about the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test),

U.P. Oblation Scholars are the top fifty qualifiers to the UPCAT. Their scholarships, should they choose to enter UP, provide them with a 100% discount on tuition fees, transportation and book allowances, and monthly stipends.
Among the Oblation Scholars who choose to enroll in UP, several are chosen to give a welcome address during the freshman assembly at the UP Theater.

See? Because of the
"100% discount on tuition fees, transportation and book allowances, and monthly stipends", I really want to be on the Top 50! I want to become a scholar so bad, so that I could help my family save more money!

I really wish to be one of the best! :)

And another thing I had read about:

Eligibility and Application to the UPCAT

Individuals that are considered eligible for the UPCAT should be any one of the following:

1. A senior student of any secondary school that is accredited by the Department of Education;
2. A graduate of any secondary school that is accredited by the Department of Education, or of any secondary school found abroad; or
3. Any individual that has been declared eligible to enter college according to the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) results.

In addition, graduates must not have taken and must not be taking any college subjects. He or she should not plan to take any college subjects before the semester or academic year of the UPCAT.

Anyone who has taken the UPCAT may not take it again.

The deadline for filing of applications for the UPCAT is announced regularly, and is usually in late June.

See that bold statement? "
Anyone who has taken the UPCAT may not take it again." Oh man! That panicked me a little! I SHOULD NOT fail myself on that test! Well, I still have a few more months to go before I would take the UPCAT! Maybe all I can do now is study well, pray to God, keep my hopes up, and aim high!

..and, another thing! Here's another one I've read!

University Predicted Grade

The University Predicted Grade (UPG) is a combined score of an applicant's weighted UPCAT score and the weighted average of his/her grades in high school. It is approximately 40% from his/her grades in high school and 60% from the UPCAT. UPCAT results are ranked according to the examinees' University Predicted Grades.

In order to make the student population of UP more representative of the country's population, socioeconomic and geographic factors are also considered in selecting campus qualifiers. see entry [1]
I'm so glad that my high school grade would count! Yay! 40 percent! That's already a big percentage to add to my UPCAT result! I just hope that I could also have a big result in the UPCAT exam itself too! :D

Me and my family talked about our plans when we grow up, then we talked about our plans in college. This UPCAT was also one thing we talked about. Yep, they hoped that I could pass the exam someday, and get a great job! My father said that finding a job would not be a problem for me because I get along with people well, I'm not bad-tempered to others, and I'm smart! He told me that I should improve my public relations, you know, I should be more like, uh, talkative, approachable, smiling, and all! Those are the only things I lacked in my personality. So, I just hope I could adjust my attitude a bit! :)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! Hope you had gotten this far! :D

EDIT: Ate Janile and Ate Kristina gave me an award! Yay! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy! Here they are! :)
From Ate Janile..
...and from Ate Kristina!

Here's for you! :)
I guess I just have to pass this award to all the people in my blog links! :D Especially Ate Janile and Ate Kristina! I give the award back to you! :) I already passed this award to some co-bloggers and friends in this post: To those friends who haven't claimed the award, please claim it now, and accept it! :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! :D

---Another end of the post! :)


  1. The Oblation scholars are also allowed to take whatever course they want. kahit hindi yun yung sinulat nila sa aplication form. perks. XD

    although they still have to pay the student fee. minimal lang naman, it's only 45.50 sa UPLB, hindi ko lang alam sa ibang campuses.

  2. @aryan: oh, okay! :D wow.. :) thank you so much for telling me about that! :D

  3. salamat sa pagsabi tungkol sa independence day kasi ang mga ibang tao ay nakakalimutan na ang independence day, kaya tayong mga Pilipino, huwag nyong kakalimutan ang independence day dahil ito'y tungkol sa ating bansa :D

  4. @spongebob: you're very welcome! yep! that's true! :| huwag tlga natin kalimutan ang independence day! :D

  5. well it'll be useful if ever maging Oblation scholar ka. haha. and you'll need to maintain a GWA of 2.0. XD

  6. @aryan: oh! wow! haha.. :D thanks for the info! :D seems you know a lot about UP! do you study there? :)

  7. happy independence day to you sis! :D I miss hearing all those Filipino songs too.. O.o look so pretty sis.. :D

    btw, natuwa ako dun sa countdown clock mo till school starts ah.. ang cool!:D

  8. @rhea: thank you sis! :D hihi..^^

    hahah..thanks for complimenting it! :)

  9. you want to study in UP? COOL! ayos yun para hopefully in the future, God's will magiging school mate pa rin kita hehehe :D

    teka, ano bang course ang gusto mo? :D have you thought about it? Your junior year should also be spent in deciding with your college course, saka na yung school pag-4th year hehehe :D

    good luck with that ! Hopefully you'll be in UP.. ang tataas ng grades mo :D how do you ever maintain that? :D

  10. @ate pearl: yep! yay! haha..

    hmm..i think i'm going to take information technology..still not sure.. :| yeah, you're right! :D

    thanks! i hope you'd be in UP too! :) another thanks! hmm..i just study whenever we have exams and quizzes..haha..and i do advance reading! :) i also balance my time! :D

  11. Well, na-cite na naman uli ako! :P You're welcome. Minsan din pala kailangan din natin makinig ng tagalog! LOL! Ako naman puro JAPANESE kaya ayown! :P

    Hmm.. I didn't take the UPCAT, first of all, wala kaming pera (poor lang din kame) tapos ndi rin kaya ng grades ko yung requirement ng UPCAT. I also refused PUP kasi magulo dun! :(

    So always do your best, hanga ako sayo kaya galingan mo para maging proud kami sayo! ^_^

  12. @Sasari: haha..puro english at korean songs are pinapakinggan ko! yep, kailangan natin minsan makinig ng tagalog, it's one way of showing we're proud to be pinoy! :)

    oh, okay.. :| hindi rin kami mayaman eh..pero sa tingin ko ay kaya ng grades ko yung requirements sa UPCAT, that's why i'd give the exam a try! :D

    aww..thank you so much! :)

  13. oh how nice. i know you can do it if you put your mind to it! goodluck dear! :)

  14. Kinakabahan na ako sa UPCAT; I wish I pass this. Isusubmit ko na nga rin iyong aking form this week. :)

    My two choices for UP are Diliman and Los Banos (because of the low cut-off). I'll be taking up Broad Comm and Journalism.

    How about you?

  15. @Candice: wow! that's great! :D hmm.. i would choose UP Diliman and Manila..and i'd be taking, information technology, i think.. :D

  16. yeah, sa UP ako. Los Banos. haha. may IT pala sa UPD? I didn't know. I hope you get in. Don't worro so much, basics lang naman yung nasa exam.

  17. @aryan: wow! you're pretty smart pala! :) oh, i don't know either, bsta, i'll take any computer-related course! :D thank you so much! :)


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