I Will Never Say Never, I Will Fight 'till Forever...

...make it right! Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up, and never say never! :)

Yep! Still addicted to this song! Too bad the video of the song I linked yesterday on my post isn't available anymore. But here's the new link! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5-P9v3F8w&NR=1

I was thinking, is Justin Bieber's voice changing already? It's deeper now as I heard this song of him, and Jaden Smith. Oh well!

This morning, we went to school for my sister's books and our report card! This time, our mother's not with us, because she, and my father agreed, that we should be taught to be independent. We went to school ourselves. Well, we did it! We did the assigned tasks right!

Here's my report card!

The envelope...


Take a closer look...

...and closer to see my grades!

Yep! I took a picture of every detail of my report card, because I'm so happy with my grades, and that I would never see this report card ever again if I won't take a picture of it since we'll return this report card when classes start.

You know what I can say about my grades? I think they're superb! In Filipino, I really thought that my grades would decrease because of my NAT Review Results which are low (for me), but see the result? 99! I love seeing these digits! Some grades decreased and increased, and also maintained! It's OK if some grades decreased, I expected them anyway! LOL! JK! Yeah, I thought they would decrease, but I still hoped for them to at least maintain, or increase. I really got depressed during the 4th Grading because of the NAT Reviews which are very hard and I got low scores that are almost failing, and just near above the passing score. But now, I'm so happy, and thankful that only one point of these subjects decreased! Yay! Thank You so much God! Maybe I made bawi on my exams, that's why I still got high grades!

We weren't able to buy uniforms yet because we really need mother to be with us during that.

On the Internet, I found this channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/adcouncil

They have great videos about awareness!

And oh, while replying tags on my tagboard, when I visited sis Paola's blog, I saw this vid! It really made me teary-eyed when I watch it and hear its music! Care to watch?

I don't know why, but I kept on having teary eyed whenever I watch videos like these and hear music like these. I thank you so much, sis, for sharing this! I was so inspired, and encouraged!

The strong winds, rain, and snow symbolizes our trials in life. We're always tempted to give up with these trials. But like the boy on the video, we're always able to stand back up.

I'm working on my new layout! :D I hope everything goes right!

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That's it for now! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading my post! :D

EDIT: Here's a song I would want to share to you! Hmm...I'm starting to have a "celebrity crush" on Justin Bieber! Waaaa...LOL! Oh this Bieber Fever as others call it! :D

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber too? :)

Well, this is the end of the post! I'll be offline the Internet world after some moments, maybe until 8pm, so that I could study my books! :D


  1. grabe mamaw! as in grabe! 1st time ko makakita gnitong grades! alang line of 8 tpos may 100 pa? grabe hahaha buti nababalance mo!
    saludo me sau sis!
    swerte ng mama mo :) currently listening dun sa utube post mo :)

  2. @Rose: hihi..^^ THANKS! :D a result for all the hardwork i did! :)

  3. @Nice: Congratz Nice! ^^ Private school ka ba? Never experiencing that grades! Super high ha!!

  4. @Jhiegzh: Thanks, Kuya Jhiegzh! :D yep! i'm from a private school! oh..yay!! :)) imma maintain it! :D

  5. wow. galing naman! congratz. 1st ka ba sa class nyo? keep up the good work.

  6. @Jay-Ar: thank you! yep! 1st ako! :D sure! i will! :)

  7. So mayabang ka na nyan? HAHAHAH! JOKE LANG TEH!!! Hahahaha! CONGRATULATIONS! Grabe, nababangisan na ako sayo! ULTIMATE ka na para sakin. GRABE! YOU GOT ALL THOSE NINES!!!!!!!!!! ?!?!??!?!? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ok tama na ang OA moments. hahaha! Galing, pagpatuloy mo yan... nakakainspire tuloy! :))

  8. @Sasari: thanks! :DD LOL! :)) ipagpatuloy ko tlga yan! :)

  9. wow. sis, hanep haah! salud. haha >.< grabe ang grades mo. 93 ang pinaka mababa tama ba ? di ko kasi maklareks. hahah! 1st honorie ka ?? congratss! I wish I could have grade like that, just once and wil be the most happiest girl in town only. hahaha :))) keep it up ^^. my future ka :D

  10. wee! yep! my lowest is 93 but i got it only once! haha.. :)) you can always click the image for a bigger view! :D yes, i'm a first honor.. :D many thanks!! :) yeah..wish you luck on that too! :D haha.. sure! i'll try my best to keep it up! yay! :)

  11. nice you're grades are really wow. do you even know how to have fun? lol. i spent my highschool having fun. lol. di ko snieryoso. and i ddnt regret that until now that i saw your grades. lol. joke.

    anyway. keep up the goodwork! :)


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